Friday, November 12, 2010

16th Friday Show and Tell...with lots of daisies!

How exciting it has been this week to see completed Daisy-Do quilts dropping into my email box!
How are you going with yours?
Fiona was thinking outside the box with hers and used some fun and funky, chunky beads for the flower centres, and what gorgeous fabric she chose!! So lovely and bright!
Jytte in Denmark has made her Daisy-Do more subdued, with a Makower Zen Flowers print and DMC 4210 thread. As soon as I saw her photo I felt that this was a very calming place to hang it! She couldn't find mother-of-pearl buttons so she used little beads instead...
Amanda in the UK chose Kaffe Fassett blues for her version of Daisy-Do. It reminds me of some wonderful bohemian inspired fabrics I bought ages ago - carefree and filled with wanderlust. Beautiful!!
Now, if you're looking for inspiration you should visit Carla Louise! She's always making up wonderful projects! I love this little cosmetic purse of hers - she used the design from my 'Fresh As A Daisy" bag (a free download on our Gum Tree Designers blog in September) and stitched it to the front of her purse. Love the beaded zipper pull too!
It's been a busy couple of days here after Sam's 18th. 
On my boy's birthday I was contacted with the exciting news that I will have a project published in he Spring issue of STITCH magazine in the United States! But, then another email arrived and I will also have a quilt design featured as Homespun's web bonus for their Garden Issue next August! (I also have gorgeous projects being published in the March and April 2011 issues of Homespun too!!) 
How exciting is that! :-)
You will also find my designs regularly published in Creating Country Threads, Patchwork & Stitching, and Handmade magazines here in Australia. 
If you are not in Australia but want to order Creating Country Threads magazines you can purchase them through the Fat Quarter Shop HERE
To order Australian Homespun magazine you can order through HERE
For Australians who want to order the US magazine Stitch, go HERE.

Well, its bucketing down rain here in the tropics, so I'd best be off and enjoy a nice relaxing soy decaff cappuccino. I have a new toy, you see. :-)


Unknown said...

What a Lovely Post..All those Gorgeous projects..Love all the different Fabrics being used...Well Big Congrats to You Miss Jenny on all your Published Projects coming up..You Have Been Busy...have a good weekend...

Penny said...

I'm ashamed to report that I have been a bit slow stitching up my Daisies. But those beautiful finishes just gave a a nudge!

Cattinka said...

Congratulations to all the publications in the magazine, you are doing very well with your designs. It is fun to see other ladies making your projects, you should be very proud, and now, have fun with your new toy.

Fee said...

Oh man ... so unfair so show that you beaut coffee machine ... when I live sooooo far away! Better start saving my pennies for a holiday with you.

Well done on the publishing front! You are such a clever chicky!

Love n hugs,
Fee x

Rumi said...

Amazing how different each of those daisy projects are but each one a beauty!
Very exciting about all your magazine entries. Congrats!

Bec said...

So lovely to see the different Daisy Do's! They are all beautiful! Very exciting news about being published in Threads magazine!

RobynLouise said...

Lovely daisy do's from everyone. Congrats on all those projects being published and fancy you having a new toy that has nothing to do with sewing... or maybe it does in a roundabout way :P!

Allie said...

Look at those beautiful Daisy-Do's....they all look so different, and each one so beautiful!! I love Carla's little bag too.

Not even two years since you started designing....MY GOODNESS you talented woman. You are a bright and shining star!

Soy - um - you enjoy that. I know it probably doesn't trigger your migraines, so it's safe to drink, but you can keep it. It sounds like an acquired taste!

Robin in New Jersey said...

You sure do have some creative followers! Very nice work ladies!

Congrats on being published again!

Carrie P. said...

They are all great. I am drawn to the blue one. You are so generous to share your talents.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations on all your future publications. That's wonderful news. :o)

All the Daisies look so lovely no matter what colour they are done in. You'll be pleased to know that I have continued to do some work on mine this past week. I am enjoying it so much.

Please accept my belated happy birthday wishes for your lovely son.

Jean - Oksewnsew said...

Jenny, get you some Wheat Germ Oil from a Health Store - It is by far the best thing there is for burns! Just rub it on immediately and it will be gone in no time..It really does work.

I love the Fairy Doll - how about a tutorial on it, or the pattern? Just asking..I am in awe at all your designs.. Have a good weekend..