Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday mornin' and the start of a new week....

It's only three more days until a new school year begins for Mr E so we have been working hard today, side-by-side, doing a deep clean of the house and yard. The kitchen is sparkling, the vacuuming under, over and into all the furniture is finished, and all the woodwork has been polished. The yard is freshly mown, and all my tablerunners, doilies and 'house pretties' are flapping in the breeze on the clothesline.
Miss Sophie was quite fascinated with the vacuum cleaner, until we turned it on! :-)
I did a complete overhaul of the pantry and began to compile a menu plan using all the things that already reside in that pantry. 
I love an organised pantry...
I finished another two shelves after I took this photo and now I know what I have to work with. When things are jumbled behind each other I tend to forget I have them. 
We're a bit tuckered out now, so we'll leave the rest of the house till tomorrow. Bit by bit this place will be glistening come Wednesday night, and on Thursday we can start a fresh school year for Mr E, and a fresh designing year for me. 
We both love January because it means two weeks of amazing tennis. Every night we sit glued to the telly watching the Australian Open - and as always my stitching is on my knee.
I finished the ~rest~ block in my remake of Shabby Roses...
...and I started a new Oopsie Daisies design...
...and wrote the patterns for these 3 new designs...
You will find all 3 designs published later through the year in Creating Country Threads magazine here in Australia. 
The postman brought me a very late Christmas present from my sweet friend Darcey, in Canada... well as some earrings I ordered before Christmas - before I had any idea I'd be getting a cat!
So now I have something new to read, some gorgeous Robyn Pandolph charm squares to play with (thanks Darc!), and some funky cat earrings to wear. It's been a good day. :-)
Don't forget there are still two days left if you want to bid on my original handmade Shabby Roses quilts!
Just leave your bid in a comment with a way to contact you (or email me). 
Tomorrow I will be doing a short tutorial on making the mini-quilts for Give Thanks, as per a request. That means I'll have to share another block with you....and it's not even February! How blessed are you?! LOL!!


Melody said...

That's three more magazines I'll have to buy. I love these new designs. You are so clever, creative and generous.
Thank you.

Allie said...

I can just see Sophie leaping into the air when the vacuum turns on, lol! Your pantry looks so organized my dear, it's almost my turn to do that. Your re-make of Shabby Roses is gorgeous! And your new designs are too - oh Jenny you just astound me!
Lovely mail you got, dear one, those earrings are too cute! I got my Give Thanks put together today, and have started stitching - I decided to put it all together before stitching. Oh how I love it!

Susan said...

I'm looking forward to the "cup of kindness" - I did promise I wouldnt buy magazines this year , , but maybe I will have to break the rule. Both our dog and cat keep well clear of the vacuum cleaner. Bit too noisy. Mr E is lucky to have those few extra days - our schools here started today. (Then again maybe he would rather be at school and not cleaning out the pantry!)[he he] I did somehting different with my Give Thanks hanging #1 - so as soon as I can I will share it with you (and all) and see what you think

Debbie said...

Hi Jenny,
Your pantry looks good, I may need to borrow you to come and organize mine. I have been trying to get mine done for a while now, then the floods came and we had a differnt kinda clean up!
Your new kitten looks so playful, i bet you had fun trying to vacume.

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, Gosh you did work hard your pantry shelves look so neat. I too love the Tennis and I have it on at the moment Rafa is playing Cilic, I am really happy because Murray won his match, unfortunately it was on at 2-o-clock this morning when I was sleeping.I love the earings and what a nice surprise to get your book and stuff from your friend I know it was a bit late but that makes it more precious.
Love Jillx

Hanne said...

Whaw, you have sow many nice project going on. I love your stitchery:-)
Have a nice day..

Joy said...

**Sigh** ... I remember when my pantry was all pretty and organised like that - it didn't last long though lol. Perhaps it's time for me to attack it again ;o).
Do love your little Sophie ... she reminds me a lot of my Sophie cat, she used to be very curious too ;o).
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Vickie said...

Way to go girl..what a lovely neat pantry-how i wish we had a pantry so much easier to access stuffs.Your designs are just gorgeous..and that kitty is so cute,cheers Vickie

Sewjournal said...

Great earrings. Are they Laurel Burch?

Abby and Stephanie said...

Love the cup of kindness and well as all the pretty things you make. Now if the organization and cleaning fairy would make a stop at my house I'd appreciate it.

Maria said...

#What a lot of lovelies to look forward to.

You have been busy getting ready for the new year. Great organised pantry. Maybe I should do my.

Enjoy the tennis.

KaHolly said...

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, why am I not surprised that you would go into such detail organizing your pantry?? I should actually take your lead - what a wonderful idea! Am loving your new designs. I've been out of the loop for over a week, camping in an internetless environment, so have some catching up to do! ~karen

Carrie P. said...

It is so nice when my house is organized and clean. I know you are feeling pretty good about your house too.
Some really great new patterns you have created.
Look forward to the tutorial and the new block.

Jean - Oksewnsew said...

Today must have been cleaning day, I've done the same thing, from bedrms, baths and sorting ft qtrs! So set down here for a rest. I love to watch my kitties when I get the vac out - it's like 'OHHHH, there's that sucking thing again', and under the couch they go.. Give Ms Kitty a big squeeze for me. It's your Springtime isn't it? Are the rains over for a bit? We sure cud use some, it's a drought here this winter.

I really like the Teacup of Kindness, is that available now? Get some rest, tomorrow is another day.. ((Hugs)))