Saturday, March 26, 2011

Show & Tell - in fabric and food!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me links and photos for Show and Tell! You inspire me with every one of your stitched projects! :-)
Let's start with Carla Louise today. She has made a pretty mug rug from one of my 2009 free designs....
You can find this design HERE.
Celia has been busy stitching the verse blocks from Give Thanks...
Check out Celia's blog - she makes quite a range of beautiful projects!
Pepe is an Italian blogger who has published the measurements for my Give Thanks BOM in Italian for those in Italy who are not familiar with English measurement.
Isn't she wonderful!? Thank you Pepe! :-)
Now to some Show & Tell of a different kind.
This week in Home Ec the students in Grade 10 had a term assessment. They were divided into small groups and had to make a 2-course meal with an International theme.
It was SO hot in the Home Ec block that day and we had all the ovens and cooktops going, no air con and no ceiling fans...but the students were fantastic! They had to decorate their tables to blend in with the nationality of their menus. We had Thai, Russian, Spanish, Mexican and Greek...and all very yummy meals indeed!

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I *love* being a teacher's aide. :-)
The group with the Russian menu made the most delectable treats for dessert - Pryaniki. Oh my, they are divine! The next day at home I made them myself.
They are a type of stuffed gingerbread, soft and chewy and you can't stop at one! 
Once the spiced dough mix is made you roll out little balls and stuff it with thick jam. I used a jar of New Zealand Boysenberry jam that was to die for...
Bake for just 10 minutes and try hard not to eat them immediately or you'll burn your lips! (Don't ask how I know that...)
I made the mistake of offering one to Blossom when she came home from school and ever since the pile has gotten smaller and smaller. She's hooked. So am I. :-)
You can find the recipe HERE.
Fortunately I baked a Coconut Jam Slice for the boys to feast on. Fair's fair. ;-)
It's a favourite recipe from the Commonsense Cookbook. In fact, this is the first thing I learned to cook in Home Ec when I was a mere 11 years old! 
I wonder if you used this book at school too?
Have a lovely weekend!


Maria said...

Lovely show and tell. How nice of Pepe to translate your design.
The students sure made yummy looking food and great table settings too.
OHHH!! Those treats look delicious !! must try them.

No , we used "The Golden Wattle" Cook Book. Guess that is because we'er West Aussies!!

Shakerwood said...

Our youth group at church (many, many, many moons ago) did that same sort of thing with the different international menues. We had the church members visit each of the "countries" and the different foods from around the world. I believe I was in the Greek kitchen. Brings back good memories.

Pepe said...

Thanks to toy, Jenny! :)

Allie said...

Very pretty projects - I love the edge treatment Celia did! Oh Jenny all that cooking and no a/c, no fans, egads. The meals look fabulous though - wish I could come take your class! We didn't have cooking in my school. I took sewing though, and flunked! Hysterical that I love it so much now. The tables also look so beautiful, especially that last one!

Christine M said...

Home Ec was my favourite subject at school. We used The Australian Women's Weekly cook book. I still have it and used it occasionally. I still use AWW cook books but have quite a large collection of the ones you can still buy today.

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Yes, we used "The Commonsense Cookery Book" too, although it had a much simpler cover back then.

snowyulia said...

I'm very pleased to see pryaniki cooked in Australia (I live in Russia)! We love them, too:)

Janice said...

The girls look to be having a great time cooking up their feasts and the tables look fabulous. Yes, we used the good old Commonsense Cookbook and I still use it.