Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Give Thanks" BOM - 2 new blocks for April!

 " To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven: "
As you probably know (because I have waxed lyrical about it a lot lately!) it is autumn here in Australia and as it is my favourite of all seasons it was an obvious choice as the theme for my next thankful verse...

Crisp autumn nights, summer crops harvested, and leaves changing from bright green to hues of golden orange, red and brown...beautiful indeed.
You can download 'Give Thanks for Autumn' HERE.
(or HERE if you have trouble with Scribd)
For some of my many blogging friends and followers, it is Spring in their hemisphere, so how could I think only of myself and leave you out? I couldn't! 
You have your own season to celebrate!
Download 'Give Thanks for Spring' HERE.
(or HERE if you have trouble with Scribd)
Are you up to date with the verse blocks?
I wonder what my next one will be?


  1. Thank you Jenny for these two pattern for 'Give Thanks' BOM. How thoughtful of you to make one for spring also. Lovely.
    I have sewed the first 4 verse and will send you a picture soon.

  2. Thanks for your kindness to think us (followers who live another side of our amazing world) Lovely and must-to-do patterns again :O)

  3. Hi Jenny, has scribid changed the way the do things? I can't find anywhere that lest me download or print without it asking me to sign in or up to Facebook. I've never had to have an account with scribid either to use it services & that is the other thing it's asking me to do. Love the gorgeous patterns & do hope i can get them somehow. Hugs,

  4. Hi Jennie. i love your designs but I'm not able to download this time.
    Has anything changed?
    i hope you can help me because I've made all the give thanks patterns allready

  5. Thanks Jenny. Love the BOMs :)

  6. Looks like Scribd did change a little. I like the new look and still easy to use. I love the stylized tree for autumn! Of course, it's spring here--but a little too early for tulips in my neck of the woods. Just seeing the early daffodils.

  7. Thank you so much for thinking of us on the other side of the world as we head into a much anticipated spring! I'm truly enjoying making this and even though I started late, I'll have a picture to send you soon.

  8. I just got the first patterns traced onto fabric this week - so I have some catching up to do. Thanks for sharing such fun patterns!

  9. Thank you so much Jenny. I love the new verses. This is such a fun and meaningful project with your inspiration taken from Bible verses. So special. Hugs...

  10. Just yesterday I printed all of the patterns to finally catch up and you up and throw me two more!! I love them, but now I really need to get to work!!!!

  11. Too cute. Love them both.
    thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  12. How beautiful! Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons. And since I'm in the US, I'm enjoying one while you're enjoying the other! Must get busy with Spring, and hope it makes the real Sring get here faster.

  13. I have been printing them out and one day I will start. Just have to many irons in the fire. So I will continue with the things I love BOM along with all the other projects and once I get done with something I will start!

  14. Hi Jenny, thank you for the lovely new patterns, I also had to Laugh at Blossom with all her shopping, 'Oh to be young' I too love spending time with my lovely daughter it's lovely when they grow up and become your friend.
    Love Jillx

  15. :DDD ¡¡ thanks for the spring jenny !... time,, time,,, I need some time,, for show you ,, Give Thenks",, in Spanish

    ... I stich " Doy Gracias ".. now, I need to sew the block... Kissesss :DD Ale

  16. Love them both darlin' girl, thank you!!!

  17. Thank you for the 2 blocks, and for remembering us in the other half of the world. They blocks are beautiful. Spring is really coming here, but there is still lots of snow. Husband and I watched 6 deer in the field across the road last night, looking for grass spots to graze on. It was amazing to watch the group as their leader tried to bring them across the road safely, driving the little ones back if they got too close to the road, all the time watching for traffic. I'll be looking for them in our backyard today, sometime around lunch.

  18. I was just getting caught up on the three sets I do of each design....& here is another. How timely! Since it is Spring (YAH!!!) here I will do that one & save the other for later.
    The ones I send in the mail are being enjoyed all thanks to you.


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