Friday, May 27, 2011

Blossom turns 17, and time for a creative space...

Sweet Blossom had a birthday yesterday, her 17th.
We began the day with her traditional breakfast of home-made cinnamon scrolls at 6.30am...
...followed by the opening of the gifts. This year Mr E wrapped them in boxes filled with balloons!
The first box was huge and after hunting through the balloons Blossom found a DVD course on SLR photography, and inside one of the balloons was an 8GB SD card from her older brother.
In the middle size box were more balloons, with a box of chocolates at the bottom...
...and finally the small box, without balloons, that held her extra special gift!
We gave her the day off school, so no surprises what she did all day. I'll share some gorgeous shots she took of the two of us when she sends them over to my computer. :-)
I was so inspired by Lisa's blog post about her creative studio that once Blossom dissapeared with her camera for the day, I got to work putting my own creative space in order.
I am a soul who needs structure and organisation so I can see what I have, and be reminded about it! I was like a kid in a candy store yesterday discovering 'lost' fabrics, notions, trims etc, all put somewhere 'safe' but then misplaced.
I made use of what I had for storage, but did spend $24 on pretty boxes at the local '$2 shop'. My books of French General and Cath Kidston labels also helped with keeping track of what was to be housed in the boxes.

Now to tackle the other side of this front verandah area (my office)...more of that tomorrow.
Have you set up a creative space?


  1. Happy Birthday to Blossom. It just seems like the time is passing so quickly. They grow so fast. Love your creative space :-)

  2. Sending lots of birthday wishes to Blossom!! How wonderful to package her gifts up with balloons. She looks delighted with her camera - what a terrific gift!

    Your craft space is looking really organised Jenny - love those labels.

  3. Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl !!

    Love your creative space.... Mine is about to move again....

    Hopefully I can make a start on it this weekend.

    Hugs - Fee XX

  4. I know Blossom loved her new toy and there will be lots of great pictures to come

    As for my creative space (I call it The Room), I'm working on it now. I took everything out and started over at arranging things.

    Have a great day.


  5. What a fun way to give dear Blossom her gifties!!! Happy Birthday sweety from Auntie Ethel xxxxx *mwah* xxx!!!
    Jen I'd just love to get into my cave and give it a good clean up - alas, I don't see it happening too soon lol.
    Joy :o) xx

  6. Happy Birthday Blossum. I hope you had a lovely day. Going by the photos, it looks as if you did!

  7. Lovely Post, Jenny - can't help but think of the times Ed and I visited my birthplace together!
    Love - Lurline♥

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  9. Happy Birthday to Blossom! And good job with tidying up your studio. I need to do that too!

  10. Happy Birthday to Blossom, hope her 18th year is her best ever.

  11. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday Beautiful Blossom,
    Happy Birthday to you!

    May you continue to grow in grace and beauty, and the knowledge of your Savior - you truly are far above rubies!

    Oh Jenny doesn't it seem like just yesterday you were spoon-feeding her? Sigh. I love what you've done with your studio, dear girl, it does help to have everything organized and where you can get at it. But it LOOKS good too, and that's equally as important!

  12. For sure I have set up my space and I blogged about it on Thursday. I store my fabric in a rather unusual way...

  13. Happy Birthday Blossom.What fun opening all your boxes. Love your lovely new camera.
    Your creative space looks wonderful.
    The boxes from the $2 shop are just great to store things in. Especialy UFO's.

  14. Happy birthday to Blossom. I've just tidied my workspace, (had visitors :-) ) and your post made me think about labels! I'm going to get some pretty ones asap!

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Blossom! Oh you lucky girl, you, that Sony camera is to die for and you'll enjoy hours of picture taking!!!

    Your studio looks very bright and the colorful stacks of fabs, Jenny....


  16. Happy (belated) birthday Blossom!!! Oh to be 17 again... :-)

    Gosh I bet Blossom is having SO much fun with that camera - can't wait to see some of her shots!

    Your creative space is looking wonderful Jen, very fresh and inviting! Mine is almost there... just one more corner to turn upside down and I'm done! Will share soon!

    Have a fantastic weekend!!! Big hugs for Blossom!!!!
    Hugs for you too! Vikki xoxoxo

  17. Happy belated Birthday to Blossom! What an exciting gift! I have lots of space to spread out but no 'one room' to set up a creative space. Yours looks delicious!!

  18. What a special gift for your daughter. Belated birthday wishes. Love an organized space and I also work best in one. My space currently needs some TLC. :o)

  19. Happy birthday, Blossom! You really scored! I covet that Sony camera. Can't wait to see pictures from it.

    Jenny, your sewing area is charming. Everything is in your color scheme. Heavens, don't ever change to liking retro or brights! You'll have to start over! I also like how much light you have. Do think of me sewing in a basement with one little window. Every precious bit of light I have is artificial. Now you can truly appreciate what a lovely set-up you have. Enjoy!

  20. Jenny, how can blossom be 17? I remember her being 16 about 2 weeks ago. Where does the time go?

  21. Happy Birthday Blossom! You have the most wonderful parents in the world!! How fun! Wishing you many wonderful photo adventures!
    Your creative space is wondeful Jenny! I do love an organized space as well.
    Have a fun weekend!
    xx, shell

  22. Happy birthday for to Blossom, the gift are wonderfoul!!!
    kissses for you and you daughter!! enjoy

  23. Happy Birthday to Blossom!

    Ohhh, I love your beautiful creative space redo! Very, very nice!


  24. Happy Birthday to blossom, looks like she had a fabulous time!

    I love your sewing space, it is so neat and pretty. Mine is a work in progress at the moment, one day it will be finished!

  25. Happy birthday to your sweet almost grown-up girl :)
    And I just love your organized craft room! Looks great!

    Best wishes,

  26. Happy Birthday Blossom I hope you enjoyed every minute, I love the camera and shall expect to see some wonderful photo's. Your Sewing space looks great Jenny, mine needs doing really badly, I forget what I have bought so I will have to have a go soon. Take Care Love Jillx

  27. Happy Birthday, Blossom! Can hardly wait to see what wonderful things you can do with that beautiful camera.
    Jen, I love what you've done to the place. It's great being able to see and enjoy all the great things we have to create with. Have a great weekend everyone!

  28. Oh I love those pretty boxes for storage - mine are so-so-so boring. You have given me inspiration to get more lovely storage bins & boxes.

  29. Happy Belated Birthday wishes Blossom :)!
    If you can drop into your local public library you'll probably finds lots of instructional books you can borrow to try out new things with your camera.
    Jenny, lovely creative storage spaces!


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