Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two finishes...

Finish 1:

I completed my first of twelve mini quilts from Sarah Fielke's book, "Quilting from Little Things"! This 12" square quilt comprises all 1" squares and cross-cut triangles. I hand quilted with Perle #12 threads, and have the needle-pricks on my fingertip to prove it. ;-)
As I progress through all twelve of Sarah's mini-quilts I will learn new skills and lessons. From quilt 1, the lessons learned are - patience, wear a thimble when quilting, don't think that because something is small it is quick to make.
The next mini-quilt in Sarah's book is this one, and it will be my June challenge to self....
Finish 2:

The second finish today is that of my creative space. Yesterday I completed the other side of our verandah area, normally referred to as my office. Our bedroom opens up through French doors into this area...
 I am feeling organised.
I love that feeling.
Now to create!
Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Well Jenny,
    I decided to purchase Sarah's book; unfortunately, it may take 2 months to reach me...A London publisher mails the book out. However, I WILL be following along with you when I get the book.... I really love your mini quilt! What a little beauty.


  2. Get to creatin' then cuz you are the best!

  3. Love that mini-quilt - so pretty, girl! Good for you on learning new things! Your office space looks lovely, so girly, so organized - wish I was sitting there chatting with you over a cuppa!

  4. I've made several mini quilts myself and agree with Sarah that they can be as much or more work than a large quilt. Yours is very pretty.

    And thanks for the peep into your home. Your spaces look comfortable and welcoming... almost, but not nearly, as good as coming for a real visit myself.

  5. A lovely way to learn new techniques.. .and such fun too...
    Now I realise I need to do a clean up too!!

  6. your new works and space look really great

  7. Gorgeous job on the mini quilt...and "your space", wow Jen it looks so good..

  8. Hi Jenny, I just love mini quilts and that one you shared today is particularly lovely. Here's a wee hint for you that the girls in the shop have started doing... when had quilting and/or doing stitchery try using a very fine tapestry needle. Since we have been using one our fingers aren't pricked yet everything works just the same.
    Your 'office' looks so organised and puts my wee cave to shame.
    have a great weekend

  9. You did a great job, your first dollyquilt is very pritty. Yesterday my book arrived and so I can start with the first one! It is such a wonderful book. Your working space looks fine.

  10. It is a great feeling to be well organised. I love all your work but especially the first mini quilt. It is so beautiful.

  11. Woohoo Jen it all looks fabulous!!!! Good for you!!! I do wish my creative space was so tidy and organised - sadly it's nothing like yours, it's utterly chaotic LOL.
    Congrats on a job well done .... and also for your mini quilt - it looks gawjus :o).
    Joy :o)

  12. I have that same book on it's way from the Book Depository...looking forward to getting my hands on it..
    Love the design in the Mini Quilt one thing about Sarah she comes up with Great Designs big or small...

  13. looking good jenny,bet oyu feel better now knowing you ahve cleaned up the whole sewing & office area.
    I too have looked at that book..but I have so much on the go at the moment..cheers Vcikie

  14. Your mini quilt is wonderful! I love the quilting. Your creative space looks so nice.

  15. Hello Jenny,
    Thank you to show us the pictures of your home. I love your workspace, when I do a clean up it isn't for long because after a few weeks it ends like before :-)
    Beautiful project you are making, i think even that little quilts are more complicated than big once.
    I am following your adventure.

  16. Your office space looks good, and I love to see the Tilda up on your shelf!

  17. Love your creating space/s Jen. Wish I had time to do that here ... one of these days!
    Happy (belated) birthday to Blossom. May is a BIG birthday month in our family with 2 of the 3 kids, my nephew, my Dad, my brother and Mother's Day thrown in as well.
    Glad we're nearly to June!
    Love n hugs,
    Fee x

  18. Truly Jenny, You ARE an inspiration,gorgeous workspace gorgeous quilts, I'll be back.....hugs

  19. Your creative space looks cosy and very inspiring. Well done on finishing the first mini quilt, I have my fabric cut out and ready to sew together once I have finished up a quilt I'm making for my Dad.

  20. Jenny'S blog is a source of inspiration For me. It has a stamp for thee to honor in my blog, hugs liege.


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