Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All those recipes you have asked for...

Here are the recipes you have asked for! Let me know how you like them once you have tried them for yourself. 

Zucchini Slice can be downloaded HERE.
Apple Gingerbread can be downloaded HERE.
Sticky Date Puddings can be downloaded HERE

I'll be baking with bananas is another week or two. Sam used his Elven 'Lord of the Rings' sword to cut down this bunch of bananas at the weekend. This is the bunch that has been hanging right across our front door...
 The next step was to cut down the banana tree as once the banana bunch gets heavy the whole tree bends over.
Mr E stepped in with the hand saw as Sam had a hard time avoiding the other new banana trees...
Fancy a bunch of bananas?
We even have a new bunch about to appear near the back decking...
I'll leave you with a photo of Princess Sophie taking her morning water...
This may be Blossom's cup, but you know Sophie is vying for the title. ;-)
Does your cat drink from a cup too? 


  1. OK- I got the zucchini slice recipe but have a question about the amount of zucchini. Is the 375 grams of zucchini a measure of volume or weight? I'm not completely metric deprived but close ;0} Thanx for posting it!

  2. Bobbie, it is weight. I found about 4 small zucchini or 2 large were about the right amount. :-)

  3. OMG the price of bananas here in melbourne..... need a second mortgage and we eat alot of nanas! $12.95 kilo! enjoy your lovely bunch.... i do have some frozen ones in the freezer!!!

  4. I am going to try your Zucchini slice this weekend

  5. Thanks for the receipes, looking forward to trying them. Interesting to see the banana plants, unfortunately we cannot eat bananas as they make us very unwell which is a shame as they are a good meal in a skin. One of our cats dips her paw into her drink, licking her paw rather than lapping, she will even dip into tall glasses which is a bit naughty lol

  6. Yum thanks for sharing your recipes Jenny, I love stitcky date! I do make zucchini slice it is quick and easy.

  7. Thank you for the recipes. I will be trying them for sure, they look really good! My cat exclusively drinks from MY cup. She has a perfectly good cat bowl and a bowl I brought her from Morocco....However Madame refuses to drink out of anything else then my cup. And this from a creature that drinks from every and all little collections of water she finds outside!

  8. Nice pictures. Love the bananas

  9. Yum! I know I'll never make them [as I'm a terrible cook and hate it] but they're lovely to look at. How fun to see all those bananas right in your backyard - too bad you can't sell the excess! Love the pics of the guys going at it, I'm a little jealous of Sam's sword.

    DARLING pic of Sophie. When we first got Hermoine, we learned [too slowly] not to leave a glass of water about. In the middle of the night, every night, we were awakened by the tinkle of glass hitting the floor. She didn't drink out of the glasses, she just liked to see the water move in them. She would push them with her paw closer and closer to the edge of the table until they went boom. I think she also liked the reaction she got from us - it got us out of bed to keep her amused and not bored. She finally learned to sleep when we do!

  10. Thanks for all of the yummy recipes. I wish it were a little cooler here, because I do have the baking bug bad.
    Sophie is such a sweetie--all of mine drink out of cups, especially with a couple of ice cubes in them.
    So spoiled!!

  11. Hey Jenny, you could make a fortune on the open market with those bananas!
    Caught my little cat, Jemima, drinking from the ironing water container as I ironed on Sunday. How pathetic do they make us look, as though we don't provide proper water for them!

  12. Drool, bananas...
    I love bananas. It seems so long since I have had one. Last week they were $16.95kg here in Newcastle. I would do almost anything for a banana right now. what a blessing to have your very own growing :-)

  13. Miss Maddy cat likes to perch herself beside the bathroom basin and drink from the tap when I rinse my teeth in the morning! It's a bit difficult to remember to have a camera in there and someone else to take the photo because as soon as I move away she jumps down!

  14. Yummy! Got all the recipes! So cool that those bananas grow right outside your door. Made me laugh about the Lord of the Rings sword! I love those movies!
    xx, shell

  15. Oh Hot Sticky Date Pudding. I was sure hoping you were going to post this, soon...My mouth has been watering ever since you posted a picture a bit back. Thanks. Yes, Tweetie & Tigger will drink out a cup or glass! They will hit my glass of milk before I can get the lid on the bottle! But ya know, "I ain't dead yet"..hahaha Gotta love those fur babies..

  16. Thanks Jenny (aka Biker Sistah)! for the zuchinni recipe...our garden is producing more than we can eat right now! Running out of recipes for the yummy veg! I've been trying to comment (12 trys so far) on your "Believe" give-a-way, but it won't go through :0(...help! Continued success Jenny! Sandy

  17. Wow... it looks yummie...
    I think I'm going to try the Zucchini slice in holidays.

    Thanks for this receipes!

  18. thank you for sharing your recipes... off to make the apple crumble.... will have to wait to use any banana recipes as the local supermarket is selling them at a large price..... how nice to have them at your front door

  19. Thank you for the recipes Jen, I will be trying them all!! :-)

    Those bananas look so exotic!

    My dog drinks out of my glass of water if I leave it within reach, but I've never known a cat do drink from a cup! Bit posh is Miss Sophie!!! he he

    Hugs! Vikki xoxoxoxo

  20. You are just so cruel to me! I think I gain ten pounds more every time I read your blog.

    How fun to have bananas growing right outside your door!

    We have clover grass. Not much excitement there.

  21. Thanks for the great recipes! I can't wait to try these out! :0)


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