Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fly Free....

What I love about designing the Affirmations projects is that once I have the theme in mind, I simply make it all up as I go along...and then I tweak. 
(It's a good thing I do step by step photos for the patterns in the magazine isn't it!?)
All afternoon I sat and played, tweaked and stitched, photographed and examined 'Fly Free' - until it was finished and I knew it was exactly what I wanted for you. 
~Fly Free~
A vintage button, some wings from a scrapbooking kit, a lace butterfly I tea-dyed, assorted pearl and glass beads, an olive tassel, a crimson rose and a crystal teardrop....
Vintage lace, age-stained silk ribbon and a tiny tea-dyed doily flower...
'Fly Free' is available in Issue 3 of Elefantz HOME magazine.
Do you like to tea-dye things? I find so many to tea-dye and I love doing it because of how the tea subdues the original colours, and gives that lovely soft air of yesteryear to a project.
These were white yesterday. Now they are beautifully aged in shades of muted gold...
The sun shone gloriously on these larger doily flowers, drying outside after a dip in the tea-dye bowl this morning...
I'm going to tea dye fabrics next time.
Tomorrow is Blossom's day off work so we're off to Townsville for a girl's day out. Bloss is after some comfortable work shoes, and I am going to scour the op-shops for treasures of the lace and button kind. 
Naturally we'll find a lovely beach side cafe for coffee and lunch. ;-)
Fortunately after a long day in Townsville, and the 260 klm round trip in the car, I am free from dinner duty. Kezzie's furniture arrived yesterday and she's invited us all over for dinner. She assures me she makes a spectacular meatloaf, and I love meatloaf. 
I offered to bring dessert so tonight I baked two delicious Strawberry Shortcakes. They taste even better the next day - perfect for tomorrow's family dinner date.
I shared this recipe once before. You'll find it HERE
Have a wonderful few days until we chat again. I'll be sure to take photos of my big day and night tomorrow for you!


  1. Beautiful Jenny. I love how you have so subtly done the bird cage. Strawberry Shortcake, YUM! Tracee xx

  2. Maravilloso trabajo de bordado y aplicación!!!
    Y rica comida!!

  3. Simply lovely new design.
    Enjoy your time with Blossom and dinner tonight. Sound yummy1

  4. Hi Jenny - what a beautiful pattern - have a lovely time tonight. xx

  5. A simply stunning design. The title Fly free is very pertinent to me as it has been a theme that keeps coming back to me since a church away day in June. I am looking forward to making my own version. Thank you.

  6. umm wait for me I'm comign for desert....oh your key and padlock are so cute...have a great day in Townsville,cheers Vickie

  7. I LOVE IT - it's so, so beautiful! I too love tea-dyed, it's such a soft and lovely look. I hope you have a wonderful time with Blossom, then with the whole family for dinner!

  8. It is absolutely Gorgeous Jenny!!! Once again you have aimed high .... and blown that out of the water!!! I could look at it all day!
    And that strawberry shortcake look almost as good - YUM!

  9. Yes have to agree , you have done a whiz bang good work here. My Miss Molly Moo is just looking so good, she will be a table topper extraordinaire.


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