Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Garden delights!

Just two sleeps and Issue 4 of Elefantz HOME will be tapping on the door of inboxes across the world!
You still have until midnight the 28th September to take advantage of the bonus issue offer. 
Read HERE to find out how you can receive a bonus back issue just for subscribing before midnight on  the 28th!

This morning I finished this issue's Affirmations design and I couldn't wait to show you.
~Bloom In Your Own Pot~
Isn't it a sweet one?
All the articles are written, the patterns are finished, and those extra touches have been added.
Five proof-readers are checking to see if it's ready for publishing.
Think I'll go and chill out with Mr E and a little stitchery or two.
Have a special night too, won't you?


  1. they look great Jenny

  2. I adore the Bloom - so gorgeous! It's such a thrill to see any new designs from you, sweetheart. And a bigger thrill to make them!

  3. Hi Yenny!!! nice work, i like so much !!
    have a nice day today
    kisses ♥

  4. Looking good Jenny!! I know this issue will be just as good as all previous issues ... Looking forward to it!!!

  5. Just adorable. You are so great at being able to think out of the box!! You come up with some amazing designs.

  6. Yenny hi!

    I like me so much!

    Muak ; }

  7. I do love the way you ahev done your "Bloom . ." project. thanks Jenny

  8. Issue 4 receveid just in time to continue your lovely BOM Circles of life !!! I love it !!! you can see my three first blocks on my blog http://patchworksetbroderiesdecaco.blogs.marieclaireidees.com
    Catherine from France


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