Sunday, September 4, 2011

A simple Father's Day...

Today is Father's Day.
Mr E was quite chuffed with his haul from the kids because they were all new bike parts for his blue bike, the CBR1100 Blackbird. He spent the morning putting on a new windshield and then whisked me away to Mingela for lunch, with Kezzie and her family following behind in their car.
As I shared last week, we are off the road at the moment with the red bike, the ST1300, so we took the blue bike instead, and it was wonderful! It's his solo bike and not as easy to ride with a pillion as you need to basically pull the bike apart to adjust the suspension, but he wanted us to have a ride together today and declared it was 'all worth it'. Gosh, I love my man!!
I must show you the card that our grandson, Calab, made for Mr E today. He wrote "Happy Pop Day"! Isn't that lovely?
After a big lunch at Mingela, our usual Sunday night dinner is tea'n'toast, but tonight I baked a batch of Buttermilk Raisin Scones to have with hot cups of tea. There is a lovely cool wind blowing at the moment and if you stand outside you actually feel a chill in the air - a perfect Spring night for tea and scones.
We had them with butter and my homemade Apple & Strawberry Jam. 
Have you noticed that homemade strawberry jam is really red in comparison to store bought? I don't use too much sugar in my jams as I like them to have a bit of 'tang'...
The house is quiet now. Blossom is watching the first Harry Potter movie for the 101st time; Sam is at Kezzie's, and Mr E is looking over ebay for more bike bits and pieces. 
I am about to make up a menu plan for the next couple of weeks using these cookbooks from my large cookbook shelf...
I'm especially loving 'Gran's Kitchen' as it takes me right back to growing up with my own nana. 
 This recipe will be made within days...
What is your favourite cookbook? Why?
In my hands this weekend has been a new Shabby Roses design...
 Still a lot to do, but it's going to be a pretty one
I hope your weekend was lovely. 


  1. always lots of inspiration.... i have a variety of cookbooks... my favourites are those tatty pages of recipes from friends abd family.... and I also like Donna Hay recipes.. easy and tasty..
    PS.. My word verification is 'ovenines'... thinking baking???

  2. I think tea and scones are perfect for any meal. Your jam certainly is much prettier than store bought. Sounds like Mr. E had the perfect Father's Day.

  3. I prefer asian cookbooks or granny's books.

    The scones looks delicious. ;)

  4. My favourite cookcook is that messy file folder full of recipes I have cut out of magazines or that someone once wrote out to share with me. Tell me I am not the only one with this stack of recipes that work!

  5. my goodness - I wish that I had your energy - well mayhap I soon shall when I.m recovered from my surgery. I can't even go riding with 'tP' (we've a Harley Davidson Classic Elite) a HUGE bummer as I'm afraid by the time the doc will let me it will be very cold. We don't have much cold weather riding gear, something we need to remedy, I think.
    Your sconces & jam look GOOD! I, too, use much less sugar to make my jams - we like to taste the fruit. We had a banner year with strawberries, so jam is in the future.

    Oh yes, LOL, the favorite cookbooks in my collection are the old ones whose recipes I can tweak a bit to make them a tad more healthy, but retain the goodness.

  6. What a lovely day you've had. We had a nice simple Fathers Day here too. Both our dads came out for a simple BBQ lunch under the gum trees. Like most, I seem to go back to my folder of recipes that have come from all sorts of places. I must say that my Commonsense from school is still always there for reference of the basics, plus my Womens Weekly cookbooks are always reliable.

  7. Such a happy day. I love the card. I have two breakfast cook books that I love to look through. Occasionally I go crazy and cook up a resort style breakfast.

  8. Looks like a perfect day for Mr. E and the entire family. The jam looks simply yummy!
    xx, shell


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