Friday, November 18, 2011

Finally that birthday dinner, gum trees, and a special offer...

Only one week late, but all of us were well last night and able to belatedly celebrate Sam's 19th.
The camera photos were fuzzy, and I blame the dreadful down-lights, but I still wanted to share them with you...
Sam - with a rare non-silly face...
Sam (with a silly face) and Bloss...
Kezzie and Bert...
...and Cal. :-)
A lovely family night! I am blessed.
Jennifer commented on THIS post, and asked what kind of tree I had photographed. They are Australian Eucalypt Gum Trees. Aren't they lovely?!
Yesterday Mr E and I went for a ride west to Pentland, and I photographed another one for you.
They are also known as Ghost Gums because they shed their bark to reveal the creamy white trunk underneath. When you drive at dusk past hundreds of these trees they do indeed look like ghosts against the skyline.
I was once asked what I would miss if I left Australia, and the first thing that came to  mind was the Ghost Gums. They are everywhere, and such a pivotal part of the Australian landscape.
Today I am offering you the chance to purchase a triple Sampler pack of PDF patterns!
Shabby Rose House; Rose Cottage; and Little Houses.
All three patterns as a single purchase bundle in my Etsy Shop for $6.50!
You'll find them HERE.

The large appliqued Rose House Sampler is not a quick project, but each part is so pretty and will hold your attention and keep stitchy fingers happy!
Finished, it measures 30 x 32 inches.

The smaller stitched Rose House Sampler uses a variety of embroidery stitches, and is pretty as a peach! Finished, it measures 12.5 x 16.5 inches

The Litte House Sampler is stitched in two shades of blue for upper and lower case, and will fit inside a frame with aperture of 9.5 x 12.5 inches

Time to get back to my husband! Wonder where he wants to go today?


Graciela said...

Lovely family Jenny!!!!
kisses ♥♥

Marsha B said...

Happy Birthday to Sam! Looks like Cal takes after his uncle with the silly faces. Sounds like it was a wonderful family meal. Enjoy your day with Mr. E! Hope you get to ride.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday to Sam! You have a lovely family, and I can understand why you would miss the ghost gum trees.

Allie said...

What wonderful family pics, Jenny! Such a gorgeous family you have. Happy Birthday Sam, you handsome lad! I hardly ever get pics of my own Sam with a non-silly face, I can so relate.

Those Ghost Gums are amazing. Really beautiful. Love your package you put together, such great designs! Hope you got to do some riding with your sweet hubby!

Jennifer J said...

Thanks, Jenny, for answering my question. The gum trees are beautiful, and it was fun to learn some new facts, and to see my name in a blog!
Sam is adorable!! I've got a couple of daughters just the right age for him - just that problem of 7000+ miles between us!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Sam,special family time

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Happy! Happy! Birthday! You have such a great family Jenny!