Sunday, November 27, 2011

What a week of ups and downs...

Some weeks bring trial, some bring joy, and some give you such a mix of highs and lows that you're not quite sure whether to laugh or cry.
I believe "all things work together for good" and as I cast my mind back over the many and varied trials I've walked through in life I see God's faithful hands always carrying us and I know we'll be okay this time too.
Today I'd like to focus on some lovely things, ok?
On Tuesday I was very blessed to have the company of my wonderful son, Sam, for the entire day! I'd mentioned taking my Lola off for some surgery...
She'd been acting up and not working her usual magic on my sewing, so it was time to visit the sewing machine doctor and have some much needed attention. 
The surgery took place in Townsville, so it was to be a long day out for me while Mr Ell'n Lock took charge of my Lola. 
(I have two Lola's in my life - my sewing machine and my car. Both named after my maternal grandmother because I love her name and my children don't, so with no chance of a grandaughter named Lola in the future I decided to name my car, and later, my sewing machine, by that favoured and loved name!)
Sam jumped at the chance to take a day off work and spend time with his mum - aren't I blessed!!?
We chatted non-stop during the long drive to Townsville, and after dropping off Lola, Sam took me out for a yummy morning tea by the beach at...
Black Forest Cake was my delight...
...and my lad chose the chocolate mud cake.
He handed this over as a token of love for his mum...
Next it was shopping for guy-stuff to kit out his new car, a Subaru Liberty, then he took me for a healthy lunch at Sizzler...
After lunch we picked up Lola, all mended and once again in good spirits, before heading to Maccas for a cold drink and toilet stop before the long drive home. Sam wanted you to see how he filled the back of my car with his new car-enhancement-goodies....
No surprise about what he's been doing this weekend!
Other family news is that Mr E has discovered life working away at the mine is not at all what he expected. We are a very close husband and wife team, and these separations where we are apart more than we are together just don't work. So, he's looking to return to teaching at the start of the Australian school year near the end of January 2012.
We will need God's hand to find a position for him this late in teacher recruiting for 2012 as most positions have been filled by now, but we serve a mighty God and are trusting His providence. There are positions in Rockhampton and Kingaroy that he'll apply for, but hopefully a few more will come available soon.
This will mean leaving town, and relocating a long way from our children and grandsons, and of course that brings a very real sadness, but with another 20 years of working ahead of him, we must go where the work. Thankfully we can do some long rides back here to visit with the children during school holidays, and they can visit us whenever they are able. 
Now, I shan't sob. I want to, but I shan't. I adore my husband, and am sooooooo happy he will be coming back 'home to me', and that is the most wonderful thing for my heart. 
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Make sure you drop by for the free design, won't you!?
Time now to make a lovely morning tea for my man before he drives off to the mine. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, and may I say a very sincere THANK YOU to everyone of you for taking time out to read my ramblings.


  1. Hugs to you Jenny in all the ups and downs that are coming your way.

  2. Oh Jen my lovely.....I'm hoping for a position for Mark nearby.....Kingaroy or Rocky are just too far away for our stitching dates!!!!!
    love, sugary hugs and blessings jenny-girl!
    Wendy :O)

  3. Jenny, I just love reading your blog about your little family and your beautiful crafts! I completely understand how hard it is having your husband work away, mine has done it in the past and it definitely doesnt work for us! I hope that Mr E finds a new job soon, sending all my positive thoughts your way :) xx

  4. Best wishes to you and your family - hope Mr E finds the perfect position nearby.

    Your day out with Sam looks like fun - glad you have Lola back as good as new.

  5. I hope that things work out for you and we serve an awesome God who cares for our needs. Hugs to you and I am looking forward to your next magazine which I love getting.

  6. Your Sam is a sweetie. Good luck to Mr E in finding just the right position for you both. Tracee xx

  7. Jenny, the love you share with your Mr E is awe inspiring and I really believe all things happen for a reason and I am sure things will become clearer for you both.

  8. Oh Jenny, I can relate to living apart from your sweet hubby. My hubby too is my closest friend and when he had to go to Alaska for two years in December of 2001, I had to stay here and carry on raising our two oldest grandsons and taking care of our home here in Utah. But as you said, we serve a Mighty God and He loves us more than we can fathom. I will be keeping you both, along with the rest of your family is my thoughts and prayers for comfort and peace in your hearts as you work your way through these tough decisions ahead of you. Sending big hugs your way...
    **I'm hoping I will be able to re-subscribe to your magazine very soon as I am truly missing the beauty of both the projects and the uplifting messages you share with us.
    God bless and keep sweet friend...

  9. Ah Jenny Sam is such a lovely young man....and so handsome. You know I'm praying for you guys!

  10. Hope it all works out with your hubby's job---God's blessings your way from me!

    The tea room looked to be delightful.

    You and I share the same Janome machine. What was Lola's squabbling about?

  11. Hi Jenny, I am sure that you and your hubby have made a difficult decision. There is nothing more precious than a loving family and I know that you will all be happier when this all works itself out.
    How wonderful to spend time with Sam and to have your machine fixed too.

  12. Thinking about you and praying that Mr. E gets a good job close to home really soon.
    My man is sent all over lately and it is just very unsettling to me when he is gone, so I can understand exactly how you feel.
    Enjoy the ups!!!!

  13. how lovely is Sam taking care of you and boy the back of the car was full,good luck Mr E with finding the right position.

  14. Que maravilloso el compartir tu vida cotidiana con todos nosotros, te felicito por la uniĆ³n y el amor que se lee a travez de tus palabras, y bueno que decir de tus trabajos tan bien presentados y de buen gusto me encantan de verdad, saludos.

  15. Dearest Jenny, You are in God's hands and he has great plans for both you and your hubby. I will be praying for you and your lovely family..... we just have to be patient.... that's the hard part!!
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x
    PS Your son is so beautiful.... he looks like you!!

  16. Jenny it is always a pleasure to read your posts,as they come from a sincere heart. When I scrolled down to comment there was an old post about Blossom going to school in 2009, it was just as lovely I do admire you as a mother and wife , your love for the Lord and His providential care and soverignity in your life.

  17. Wish your DH succes with his search and I hope he will find a position closer to the children and that you will enjoy each others company for a ver long time! Enjoy your lovely Lola, mine is names Ome Jan( Janome scrambeld) it is Dutch for Uncle John! Have a good week,

  18. Hi Jenny I am a reader from the UK. I just wanted to say I love reading your newsletter, you share so much with us about your lovely work and family. I know its easy for me to say, but I am sure things will work out soon for you.
    best wishes Julie.c

  19. Jenny, I so enjoy your blog, and wish you and your husband all the best. I, too am getting ready for a move away from my two sons and their families--800 miles away to our country farm. I understand how torn you are, wanting to go but wanting to stay. I hope it works out for the best.

    BTW, will there be any more "Give Thanks" blocks or is it finished?

  20. Oh Jenny I love hearing about your life. I have a son as well he is my only child. He is in his last year of High School I just hope he will be like your son and jump at the chance to spend time with me. I will pray for a job for Mr. E I know about husbands working away but it works for us.

  21. I am sorry that you are having to make such tough choices. I had to move away from my DD when she was just 17. She had a job and life to live and my husband had to take a new job. I sobbed and cried and cried. It was just awful. Two years later my husband was able to transfer back up to near her. I know how you must feel. It is so hard, isn't it? HUGE HUGS!!

  22. HI Jenny

    What a week for you. It is a great blessing that Mr E is coming home for good. I will pray for you both as you await news of a position. Could he supply teach. If your town is as crazy as Roma he could work almost full time in supply jobs. (Just a thought).

    Glad to see Lola back up and running. Your life seems much smoother when you are able to stitch.

  23. Glad you have Mr E back home but sad that it may involve a move away from your family so soon. Sending positive thoughts that a local position will become available. I find moving house "the pits".
    Lol about Sam...boys and their toys!
    Sending hugs for the people and the pets.

  24. I feel for you and your husband. When you first talked of this arrangement, I thought about me and my husband being apart that much. I would have been miserable every day.
    I am glad you two are looking to modify the arrangement. Nothing is worth the loss of the partnership.
    I will pray that your husband finds a job that is a good fit for your relationship.
    Wishing you both the best...K

  25. What a pity that mine life didn't work out as hoped, but your relationship is what matters most. I hope Mr E finds a good job soon that is not too far away. I'm glad your Lola is all better. She is the same machine as mine. Your day out with Sam looked wonderful. He'll have fun playing with his car. By the way, I named my first car "Lola Corolla". She was wonderful.

  26. Hi Jenny, I hope Mr E manages to find a teaching job okay. I know how hard it is to deal with separation as my husband was in the Navy and I was often on my own away from my family. I'm keeping my fingers crossed something comes along which means you won't be too far away from your family, it's been so nice for you to have everyone near to you.

  27. oh my Jenny, you are on a roller coaster ride! I totally understand Mr. E's decision to come home. My husband used to be gone 2-3 nights a week for 2-3 weeks every month. Then when he was home he was at work very long hours. It took a toll on him in a very negative way. He is now working closer to home, never goes away, and is home every night. Of course with that came a big cut in pay. The Lord knows...

    What a sweet son you have to take you to get Lola fixed and buy you some lunch! By the way, I love the name Lola!

    Praying for Mr. E. to find a job close by so you won't have to move away from your family.


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