Friday, December 16, 2011

Before I close the shop....and what's coming up!

Before I close my Etsy Shop on December 31st, I have a final offer for you, my blog followers!
Today I have listed the Issue 5 and 6 Elefantz HOME magazine bundle for $10.
There are TEN new Elefantz designs in these two issues, a value of $40 in pdf patterns if purchased separately.
There are a limited number available, so head on over HERE to purchase before they run out.
Today I'm going to show you what I have for you in Issue 7!
I think you're going to love this issue!! It's bright and cheerful, and filled with wonderful projects to start in 2012, beginning with my new Affirmation design...
I've made this quilted SMILE affirmation as part of a bigger project. With 2012 knocking on your door you are sure to want to start every day with this message, and what better way than on a calendar hanger?
All the instructions are in the magazine, and you'll whip it up in no time!
In this issue I also talk about communication, and what better way to keep in touch with a loved one than by writing a letter, the old fashioned way. This design is a cover for an A4 sized writing pad. You'll be itching to write when you have this on your desk!
Perhaps this would be a lovely gift for someone who needs a nudge to write to you?
It would even be perfect for a cover on your shopping list pad, or a sketch pad!
In Issue 7 I'll also share the very last block from the "Circles of Life" quilt, "Circles of Trust", as well as the quilt assembly instructions...
You'll also be blessed this issue with a gorgeous project from my guest designer, Annie from Annie Beez Folk Art
She had designed the cutest stitchery which I am itching to make myself!
If you're not a subscriber yet, but would like to be one, just click on the Paypal subscribe button in my left side bar. 
It's $4 per month, with a minimum of three new Elefantz designs in every issue, and the occasional guest designer to bless you too!
I have just recovered from a three-day migraine, so will make the most of a clear head and finish some Christmas gifts today. How are you going with your Christmas sewing? Are you like me and overestimated the time it was going to take?


Anonymous said...

Jenny hope you are feeling better soon and that you get to finish your xmas projects

Abby and Stephanie said...

Glad you're feeling better. No stitching at my house. If it isn't done by now it isn't getting done. I look forward to a New Year. For now I'll enjoy family and the busy-ness of the season.

Allie said...

I LOVE your new designs - yes, starting each day with that fabulous design would sure put a smile on my face! The journal cover is gorgeous too! Oh Jenny-girl what a whiz you are. I'm so glad you're feeling better - I hope you're able to get your stitching done!

Fiona said...

lots of lovely new designs.. hope you feel stronger soon... I know migraines can knock it out of you... I have just made 4 of the Christmas tea wallet/cards from your last emag... they are lovely and going to my family overseas. Thanks for the lovely pattern

Lida said...

Lovely designs and what fresh colors! Hope the migraine is gone completely and you can finish your presents and yes I am always running out of time too! Greetings

Annie Bee said...

Now I am getting impatient as all those projects sound wonderful.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I cannot wait to get it!!

Vickie said...

blast them migranes, they cause too much pain and make you loose many precious hours of crafting time...liking the preview pics much,cheers Vickie

Jodi said...

I had drastically underestimated the time I would need and seem to have left myself with an enormous uphill run to Christmas with such a lot to get done. Thankfully a couple of weeks back I started to realise this and took a couple of hand made projects off the agenda for this Christmas (still not 100% confident I will get there though) Maybe if I replace food and water with Coffee and give up sleep for a few days : )
And yes I know that if I am so busy I shouldn't be reading my blogs but my 16 month old is awake and I can't stitch with her trying to help.
Happy stitching and Merry Christmas.