Monday, December 19, 2011

A matter of checking facts...

I have a heavy heart as I write this blog post.
Events over the last 20 or so hours have hit hard, and the resultant fallout for a number of people cannot be dismissed.
The other day I shared a photo on my blog of a design to be featured in the upcoming issue of my magazine. The project was a beautifully embroidered needlebook by my guest designer, Annie. The embroidered and appliqu├ęd Prim design on the cover is delightful, a true reflection of Annie’s talent. I personally had never seen the actual needlebook before and assumed it was Annie’s own, however, after re-reading the pdf pattern she sent me for proof reading, I saw she had written at the beginning:
“I hope you enjoy the little needle keeper I have designed-it is taken from a vintage needlebook that a friend of mine owns. I think you'll find that the construction is very easy.”
I was remiss in mentioning on my blog that the embroidered design is Annie’s original work, but the needlebook itself was a copy of an original vintage version Annie had seen at her Guild.
Inflammatory comments were left on my blog post yesterday, also on Annie’s, and then apparently all over Facebook, as the finger was pointed first at me and then Annie for theft of the basic needlebook design.
As mentioned previously, until Annie’s pattern arrived in an email I had never seen a needlebook design such as this.
I wonder at why these accusations were made through our blogs and not through an email to first of all ascertain the facts before casting stones and slandering both of us.
The Bible is very clear that we take our complaint to the source before going any further, however, I have no idea if either of the ladies involved is Christian, so that may well be a moot point with them – but not with Annie or I.
 Annie is quite distressed and apologetic to me for not checking on the internet first for a similar needlebook design and thus avoiding the complications we have now. A few friends and myself have been looking over the web ourselves and discovered a number of tutorials for the very same needlebook, even a pattern for sale on Etsy.
 The question arises though, is the tutorial (or pattern) that predates all others, the original design? Or is there in fact a vintage needlebook the same that exists somewhere and would clear up this mess?
 Annie drew up her design from an old needlebook she saw. How old? We don’t know – perhaps it was well used and looked older than it was, or perhaps it genuinely is a very old design.
 For now, I am withdrawing the needlebook pattern from the magazine, but will still feature Annie’s delightful embroidery and applique design – you could use it on any number of projects, or google that folding needlebook yourself for a tutorial on how to make it.
 When I have ascertained the original designer I will let you know. There is one that could be her, but I want to be sure this time and have solid facts before I go any further.
 Please do not add fuel to this story. It could all have easily been avoided if I had mentioned in my blog post that Annie copied the design from a needlebook she’d seen at Guild, and focused on the fact that the lovely embroidery was all her own work. 
 I write this before God and in all good conscience, and pray that the matter can now be put to rest until the facts are revealed in their entirety.



  1. Do not be so hard on yourself Jenny! We all make mistakes and those that are so quick to throw stones often make more than others!
    I for one am totally certain that this was a total misunderstanding and know that you would NEVER have posted anything which was iffy or doubtful. Take it as a learning experience and know that this too shall pass! You are wonderful!

  2. My heart is heavy for BOTH of you, Jenny....whoever slandered and accused you should not have done so. There are other ways of making your point. I hope this is cleared up with a minimum of fuss, hon. I'm sending you both big hugs and lots of prayers!

  3. Oh Jenny - I can hear how distressed you are but your followers all know this was just a mistke and would not think you were trying to claim anything as your oen if it wasnt. Please put it behind you - we can all learn somethuing every day - and tht was your "Llearn" for the day.

  4. and I see all your comments are now being approved first - cant say I blame you. Sending big hugs

  5. I have found out the hard way that some people truly believe they were put on this earth to make other people's lives miserable!
    I'm so sorry this happened, and I know you write this blog from the heart and have a lot of integrity.
    I could go on and on, but just know I love your blog, and your posts.
    Ugh! Some people just need to get a life!

  6. There but for the grace of God go...most of us. Jenny, you have inspired me and made me so very happy, just to know you and Blossom are THERE makes my heart lighter.

    Remember, more people love you then you realize. Now, welcome the hugs from around this crazy world, smile and forgive those with the stones.

    You have never left my thoughts and prayers since the day I found your camel embroidery.

    Love and hugs this season to celebrate our sweet savior's birth.

    I wish I could have a cuppa with ya'll~~Merry Christmas!

    Your imperfect friend from Texas

  7. Jenny, I am so saddened that you have been so upset by these things.
    For what it is worth, I firmly remember the first time I read about the needlebook design that Annie was contributing to your magazine, you included Annie's statement that "-it is taken from a vintage needlebook that a friend of mine owns. I think you'll find that the construction is very easy.” ... I fully understood that to mean that the stitchery design was hers, but the needlebook style design was not. Really my sweet friend, I know you would not knowingly hurt nor mislead anyone about anything. It is just a sad misunderstanding and those making accusations should contact you and Annie privately to resolve things. Please don't beat yourself up over this. You and Annie will both be in my thoughts and prayers. Big Hugs my friend...

  8. Oh dear... I can understand your distress... we all make mistakes and it is a shame that people have been hard on you... and it seems they are a bit misdirected..... it will blow over ... as you said your conscience is clear and I think that is a great assessment ... thinking of you

  9. I do not think you should blame yourself. She did not do this on purpose. And we all know there are a lot of "similar patterns" all over the world, so there is always possible that you can design one that has been designed before.
    Hugs from me. and Merry Christmas

  10. God Bless. I know your intentions were honorable. Hope you have a peaceful holiday after all this.

  11. Dearest Jenny, Please don't be so hard on yourself. I am sure it was an innocent misunderstanding. I am sure you would never intentionally do any wrong. Some people can jump to harsh words to easily when they are hiding on the Internet. Just know you didn't mean to do any harm and continue to be the best you you can be as always.

  12. Please do not let this worry you Jenny as it is a learning curve which gets thrown at us at different times in our life.
    These other people will also have been thrown learning curves in how to better handle these situations and they now have to live with their actions.
    You are a good christian woman of upstanding values,and this will all work out for the best,take care Jenny.xx

  13. Dear Jenny, you've got all my confidence and friendship !
    Please don't feel sad and don't let this touch you too much.
    I just wrote an email to you, my sweet...
    BIG (((((HUG))))) to you (and to Annie).

  14. Unfortunately successful women can be targeted by the less successful. You may have caused a fuss but don't be discouraged.

  15. What a mess, I am sure it has stressed you. We know your heart as does God.

  16. Jenny, I would never believe that you would purposely do something that was not right. Some people make contention wherever they go, and there is nothing you can do to stop them. You didn't do this on purpose. Please be kind to yourself.
    Heavenly Father certainly understands that we all make mistakes, and He won't hold this one against you. He sent His Son to atone for our sins and shortcomings. Just lay this one at His feet, and let Him give you some peace.

  17. Jenny,like all who have commented so far,we know it was an honest mistake but how very stressful for you! I love your work & something like this happening doesnt change my view of you. So keep smiling Jenny,you have many supporters.

  18. Dearest Jenny, I am so sad for both you and Annie. This is a complete misunderstanding but has been turned and twisted to make both of you look bad. God know who you are and where your heart is and that is what matters. Annie's statement was quite clear but unfortunately has been misunderstood. Please don't be hard on yourselves. This matter will close and your hearts will be healed. I pray that you will both have peace about this very soon.
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus

  19. We're all human, we all make mistakes. And some people have nothing better to do with their time than to find fault with others and broadcast, in the hope that it will draw attention away from all their own faults.

  20. Hi Jenny, people who know you know it was a mistake and they are the people who matter. The person who has never made a mistake hasn't been born yet!! Hugs

  21. Goodness Jenny, please do not fret over this. You made a mistake. You have done all you can to correct it.
    Job done.

    There are people who like to publicly humiliate others - they deserve our pity.

    Keep well, and have a lovely Christmas. Dian xx

  22. you should not blame yourself - keep smiling - it will all blow over...

  23. Dear Jenny,

    Those whom makes no mistakes may throw the first stone, but no one I know did not make mistakes, we are all people in the eye of God and therefore we make mistakes, you were honest en truthfull so don't be sad, but be sure that you did what you thought was right! Warm hugs,

  24. Do not worry about it.
    You did nothing deliberately, we know of your integrity. God knows better.
    God bless u.

  25. Don't worry about it too much Jenny....seriously, how many designs of needlecases are there? Most of us who try to create something ourselves get our ideas from other peoples patterns that we like....I haven't even met you yet I know you have an honest heart that all of us would be proud to own. Just remember, all that matter don't mind and all that mind don't matter! Can't wait for your newsletter xoxoxox

  26. Don't be too hard on yourself, Jenny. Everyone makes mistakes.

  27. Jenny, my heart aches for you. Some folks are so uncharitable and downright mean. Don't take it to heart - you meant well. To those who were cruel I say "shame on you" - get a life. Put this behind you, Jenny, and carry on ... lots of us think you're an honest person and very special. Cheer up.

  28. I am sad that this has happend in the way it did, you should have been contacted by email so then it could have been looked into in the best way. Please don't stress over this, you have many friends here.
    best wishes Julie.C

  29. Those of us who who know you and know your heart, know that you would never "steal" anything.

    Shame on those who did not contact you first to let you know of the error!

    Praying for calm and peace for you and Annie today.

  30. I was sad to read this post, not because of the simple mistake made, but because of the cruelty of others. I think this is a very unfortunate circumstance and people are taking things too far! I'm sorry that you are having to deal with people who are being ugly. Hugs to you and Annie!

  31. I'm so sorry this happened. I can imagine how sad and hurt you both must feel. You are right, when there is a question about something you go to the source, in private. With the increase in technology (blogs, IM, texting) I think we've lost a lot of the courtesies most of us were brought up with.

    You know you did not intentionally do anything wrong, and God knows it too. That is where it truly counts.

  32. Jenny-friend,

    Sending hugs your way. It's going to be okay....


  33. dear jenny,
    the above posts have said everything that i wanted to, i will just wish you the best of holiday seasons..and thank you so much for sharing your life with us...


  34. I am sorry for you that this little mistake has hit you so hard. The web-world is wonderful , but can also be very, very bad. It looks like some people are just waiting to find something they can attack others with. I hope you can feel all the support you get from your friends in blogland. Try to put this behind you. We love you!

  35. People can be so cruel. We know that you would never do anything like that intentionally. Please don't let it worry you. I'm glad you are still going to share Annie's embroidery design.

  36. I am so sorry this happened to you and Annie, Jenny. I have the utmost faith in your honesty and admire your humility and courage. I will continue to read your blog posts with joy and enthusiasm!

    Annie's stitchery design is just lovely!

  37. No one is perfect and because of this we all make mistakes, I know that you would not intentionally mislead people. Hugs to you.

  38. Dear Jenny, It makes me sad, that some people can be so horrid, over an honest mistake. We all make mistakes. Those of us who read your blog regulary, know you wouldn`t intentional do that.Some people need to get a life, and think about goodness instead of nastiness. Hugs to you. Angela.

  39. I'm so sorry this has caused you distress. It's a pity some people cannot think to have a quiet word first.

    I hope you see from the many comments you have that many, many more people know and trust you have always tried to do the right thing. We all make mistakes. You would think *everyone* realises that. There will always be someone waiting to pounce. Sadly that is the way of the world.

    So many of us love you and trust you completely. Please don't let this get you down. You are a truly special woman. God Bless!

  40. what a shame the women involved couldn't have approached you in a nice way to make their point. I think you have always been a wonderful member of the stitching community and have no doubt it was all an error.
    Do not listen to those who have nothing better to do with their time than to be vicious and hateful.
    Ignore them and have a lovely christmas with your beautiful family.

  41. Jenny, I have had a pattern for this style of needlecase for over 2 years but unfortunately I don't have a record of the original site it came from. I have found it on another site and the blog poster mentioned that she'd found it in a published book so the copyright seems very unclear at the moment!
    Will see if I can locate this reference again.

  42. Simple mistake and not a big deal as far as I am concerned. A simple note to you would have been enough to get it corrected. People need to lighten up and save their indignation for things that matter. You explained the situation beautifully and no harm was done. My goodness, when I read the first few lines I thought someone had died! Keep smiling Jenny...

  43. You have taken the high road. Hold your head up!
    You are a caring is obvious from all the notes to you that you are respected.
    You have done your homework on this & deserve a break from all the hassle.....get the dog to give you a kiss...nothing quite like it!

  44. Hugs to both you and Annie. I pray that you both find some comfort during this trying time. People can be so cruel and thoughtless.

  45. dear jenny,
    i just had to add a comment re: the needlebook...after reading the "final word" post i looked at that needlebook and realized that i had purchased one of them several years ago at a quilt show in burton, geauga county,ohio...the lady told me i could copy and make my own as it was a charity project for her quilt group....i did make several as gifts for the ladies of my quilt group....

  46. Seriously, needlecase designs are a dime a dozen. It's the cover that makes any of these unique. Whoever this was should have said privately that 'maybe' there was a problem and you might want to check it out before publication to avoid a copyright problem. Some people just need to be mean and should be ignored. You did nothing wrong! Throw the nasty over your shoulder and hold tight to all the love coming at you.


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