Saturday, January 28, 2012

2nd Show & Tell for January, more of my re-purposing, and what I am stitching....

It's very exciting to see how you make my designs your very own, and I love to share them with all my blog readers, so let's see what we have this time. :-)

Line in Canada made my 'Sunflower, Sunflower' wallhanging and kindly placed herself in the photo. It's always nice to put a face to a name, Line, and I love your version of this design!
Annette made my Sentimental Christmas Trio in pretty pastels...
Esther made my GIVE THANKS hanger and mini quilts for her mother's 70th birthday - what a special gift! 
My dear friend Carrie made all the mini quilts from GIVE THANKS and sent them to her sister each month. Last month she drew up her own Give Thanks mini block and it's so cute!!
Ladies, you have truly blessed me with these photos! Thank you!
A number of you have emailed me about the GIVE THANKS set and how to purchase it. 
If you didn't see them all last year, there are 12 embroidered mini quilts that hang on the Give Thanks wallhanging, plus a bonus Give Thanks block if you wanted to make all the blocks into a quilt.
The pdf pattern is now for sale in my SHOP for $5.
You will find it HERE.
Shirley has finished her first block from my free BOM for 2012, "Promises & Borders". It's wonderful to see the first block stitched by another's hands!
How are you going with this first block? Have you stitched yours yet? Please leave a comment with a link to your blog if you have. :-)
Block 2 will be shared here on my blog on February 3rd. 
Now to show you more of what I have been stitching!
Remember the gorgeous re-purposed Shabby Pillow I made the other day? 
 (you can read about it HERE)
After I finished the pillow I still had some of the re-purposed dress fabric left, and still with that gorgeous lace flounce, so I decided to use it on another project. These pretty leftovers have become a shabby needlebook...
I added sweet mother-of-pearl buttons along the pattern of the lace, and used the ties from the back of the re-purposed dress for a bow closure...
Inside I used the last of the soft doctor's flannel I'd been saving as it's wonderful for needle storage...
...and for that special shabby roses touch I stitched some of my roses in each corner...
Now I have a shabby pillow, a shabby needlecase, and enough fabric left for one more re-purposed project that I'll make up tomorrow (no hints, you'll have to wait till it's done!). 
Total cost was $2 for the dress, and everything else I already had on hand. I tell you, girls, re-purposing is so much fun!
And what else have I been stitching??
Two of my friends are wonderful designers, and as I shared in Issue 7 of Elefantz HOME magazine, this year I want to take time out to enjoy the stress free process of making someone else's designs - something I can relax with and not think about writing a pattern for.
(Pattern writing is my headache, and apparently a majority of other designers feel the same way)
So, I am staying true to that decision and already I have completed the stitched block from one of my friend, Michelle's 'Little Houses' series! 
I am going to make this (and the second Little Houses design of Michelle's) into a cushion for our living room. Such a beautiful sentiment, and those two little black rabbits are a reminder of the two black bunnies the children owned when we lived in Coffs Harbour (1998-2002) known as Blossom and Pumpkin. You can see all Michelle's patterns in her Raspberry Rabbits SHOP, HERE. They are gorgeous!

The other pattern I am making is a sampler my friend Fee had published last year in "Creating Country Threads" magazine. As soon as I saw it I put it aside for one day. Today is the day! I prepared the block last night during the epic Andy Murray and Novak Djokavic tennis match (Mr E is very upset that Andy did not 'step up' this time) and already I've gotten the blanket stitch applique finished during our morning drive back to the old town to visit our children. 
 I have some trim ideas for this and will hopefully finish it tonight. After the 400 klm round trip for a cup of coffee with the family, we're going out for simple dinner at dusk, then home to put the feet up and rest so I can stitch my little heart out. 
What are you making at the moment?
Have a wonderful weekend! 

PS: For all my Elefantz HOME subscribers, the magazine is all done and dusted, proof read and pining to be published! This time tomorrow it will be arriving in your inbox! Yay!!


Anonymous said...

lovely post Jenny,glad you are settling in.xx

Susan said...

All lovely thngs - esp the Give Thanks - love the colours. I'm with Mr E - I really wanted to see Murry win - and really I HATE watching sport - but stayed up for that one. Still trying to figure that out.

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Beautiful show and tells! So glad you enjoyed stitching my pattern. Indeed, it is so much fun to stitch another designers work and not worry about writing how to do it. Relaxing! :)

Anonymous said...

I just love that you are showing people how to re-purpose things. We live in such a throw away society, its wonderful to see you showing people how to be more resourceful, recycle and save money. Who would believe that you could create such absolutely beautiful treasures from re-purposing. I do it with sewing, knitting and beading and really get a buzz out of saving money and creating new things. Keep up the good work and please show us more. Luv it.

hope said...

I have the first block of Promises and Borders done. I am making it as a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law. I think she will love it. Alas, I do not have a blog up yet. Hopefully soon - the itch is getting stronger by the day. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work. Hope

Shelley said...

Love the pin keeper!! and enjoying the free BOM! I've even got my mother on board and so she's having to learn the computer in order to get your pattern too! She said she'd never need to learn the computer ...never say never lol!

Carrie P. said...

Such inspiration from all those who use your patterns. I didn't know you were going to share my block. thanks!
Oh, the needle case is so pretty. Well done.

quiltercaroline said...

I have completed the first block in the promises series - framed it and given it to a friend. Only when I was reading this post did I realise I forgot to take a picture! I enjoyed stitching it and am looking forward to the next one. Glad that things are getting back to normal for you. GB

quiltmania said...

So much beauty! Thanks for sharing it all.

StitchinByTheLake said...

My first block is finished Jenny and I absolutely love it. You can see it here: Sorry - wish I knew how to shorten that! Thanks so much for sharing your patterns with us. blessings, marlene P.S. the word verification I got for this comment is guest - and that's just how I feel, like I'm a guest in your home. Thank you!

Tanya Hughes said...

Hello there Jenny i adore your blog and find your positive outlook so refreshing and inspiring! i love the Sunflower Sunflower wall hanging that the first lady Lane from Canada made...what does it say? and how do i get the pattern? thank you for being so authentic and real and for sharing your life with us. I live in Perth Western Australia and love hearing about your life and family. take care loads of love Tanya Hughes

Marit Johanne said...

I have finished the first block in your BOM. Thank you so much for the idea about making blocks with promises from God's word. I have written the scripture in Norwegian. You can see my block here