Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthdays and other things...

Today is my 53rd birthday. 
There, I said it out loud. 
I was not nervous, nor did I shudder at that number...I simply thought how very blessed I am to have been given 53 years of life and spent the entire day smiling. 
Tomorrow I'll share pics of some lovely gifts I have been given, but today I want to share some photos that were taken last week at Kezzie's.
You see I had an early birthday last Friday with her and my boys back in Charters Towers...
Look at the beautiful cake she baked me!
It was yummy!!
Then she gave me a present. Wow - it is gorgeous!! My girl had painstakingly hand-stitched a cover for an empty lampshade frame she found at a garage sale. There are thousands of tiny stitches all around it holding on lace, braid, crosses, buttons, ribbon and beading!
I have the perfect lamp base for it and will show you a photo of it 'all together' in my next post. 
Isn't my girl talented!!? She has only been learning to hand sew the last couple of months (though she has long been an accomplished cross-stitcher), and is now stitching the blocks from my "Promises & Borders" BOM.
Mr E bought me a lovely pair of gold hoop earrings, and took me out for coffee and cake this morning down by the sea. The rest of the day we spent relaxing at home, and it was perfect.
I'll take photos of my other gifts tomorrow and share in my next post. I'll also share a pic of a very special pair of earrings I won in a recent giveaway! 
Before I go I wanted to share some photos my blogging friends have sent me.
Robin in the USA is a long time friend, and a great encouragement in my spiritual life. She stitched my "Ellie" design into a cushion for her daughter, Rachel. Isn't it pretty!?
Vicki sent me these photos of a quilt and a bag she made by re-purposing jeans...
 These are fabulous, Vicki!!
How are you going with your re-purposing this month? (Don't forget about the giveaway!)
Here is a sneak peek of the second kitchen-themed design for Issue 9 of Elefantz HOME magazine. 
"Eat with gratitude"
Can you guess what it will be used on? Leave a comment if you think you know.
I'll share the finished project photo tomorrow!
Time to get back to my husband and enjoy the last few hours of my big day. 
Be blessed,
PS: the pattern for "Ellie" can be found HERE.


  1. Happy Birthday Jenny, and many more of them......I am guessing "Eat with Gratitude" is part of your kitchen themed project.

  2. A beautiful birthday celebration for a beautiful lady!
    Love the lampshade that Kessie made! Oh my gosh!

  3. Happy Birthday Jenny. I hope you have a wonderful day relaxing. Kezzie did a beautiful job on your lampshade. Yes, she truly is gifted, just like her mother! I am guessing that 'eat with gratitude' will end up on a beautiful apron or tea towel or toaster cover? Perhaps a tea cozy? Whatever it is, I am sure it will be amazing!
    Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x

  4. Eat with gratitude... I'd say a towel or apron! Happy Birthday. So glad you've enjoyed it.

  5. Happy Birthday, Jenny! Enjoy all of your lovely gifts. Your daughter is very talented, just like her mum!

  6. Happy birthday Jenny!!!! have a nice day enjoy the family!!
    kisses for you from Argentina ♥♥

  7. Happy Birthday Jenny.... Kezzie is very talented - the lamp is beautiful and the cake looks scrumptious

  8. Parabéns a você, querida Jenny. Muitos anos de vida.


  9. Happy Birthday and may God bless you.

  10. Jenny! Happy Birthday! What love your family has bestowed on you! You are such a talented group of ladies. Thank you for sharing your talents with all of us. What a blessing and encouragement you are to all who read here.

    Keep the faith, dear one!

  11. Happy Birthday Jenny!!! Looks like you had a fantastic few days .... I wish you many many more!!! Huge hugs!!!

  12. Happy Birthday to you,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday darling Jenny,
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    Yay for celebrating in Charters Towers with your favorite little guys - and WOW is that lampshade gorgeous!!! What a tremendous gift!

    I think your new design will be on placemats....it is lovely!

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNY! I love the pictures of you and the family! Family is always so special! And might I say you don't look 53! You are a fabulous lady I wish you good health and many more happy birthday's! May God Bless you and keep you!

  14. Happy Birthday and many happy returns! You are still young and therefor you can enjoy your boys much more! Your daughter has made you a wonderful gift! I love to see it on the stand! Have a fantastic day and lots of love,

  15. Happy Birthday!
    Life is a gift so
    take care of the present!!!

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  17. Happy Birthday!!! You've caught up to me!!!
    The lampshade is gorgeous--can't wait to see it on the lamp.
    Sounds like a wonderful day.

  18. Happy Birthday. What a wonderful day to have time to spend with family and especially the special time with Mr. E. We February birthday girls must stick together, no wonder I feel a kinship with you.
    I think the "Eat with Gratitude" will be on an apron.

  19. Happy Birthday, Jenny. Remember, it's just a number.....choose one you loved and stick with it. (I recently celebrated the 18th anniversary of my 47th birthday!)

  20. Hi Jenny, happy birthday from Denmark, today the sun came out a little bit, so right now the spring flowers are coming out and we can see a brither time coming.
    best regards Susanne

  21. Happy Birthday Jenny! Love the lampshade - kudos to your talented daughter!!! Must run in the family =^..^=

  22. Have a Blessed Birthday, and remember, age is only a number! Hugs!!


  23. Dear Jenny, Happy Birthday to you!! be creative and joyfull!
    hugs from Russia,

  24. A lovely apron perhaps?
    A very happy birthday to you and may you enjoy many, many more.

  25. Happy Birthday!!! We share the same birthday week and we are 10 years apart. I'm wishing you a very happy and healthy year!

  26. Happy Happy Birthday, Jenny! I turned 60 last year and am proud to have made it his far in life! Every day is a gift from God.

    When I turned 30, I cried all day, but every birthday after, I have looked forward to.

    Thank you for sharing your family with us. God bless you

  27. Any birthday that features a lampshade on your head has to be a good one! Happy birthday! My mom has always said how much she enjoys the years after fifty. The years get better with age!

    Peace and Laughter!

  28. Happy Birthday Jenny. It is my mum in laws birthday today as well. Enjoy! C x

  29. Although it is now Wednesday by you and your birthday is over, hope it was great. It sounds like it was...including the festivities earlier. Love the lampshade.

  30. Happy Birthday, Jenny! You deserve a wonderful birthday and many, many more!!!

  31. Oh, Happy, Happy Birthday to you! You certainly have the right attitude about it--it's a privilege to grow older.

    I think your latest kitchen project looks like a cafe curtain. Very cute and cheery.

    And I love Robin's elephant; I'll bet her daughter did, too.

    Enjoy your day!

  32. Happy Birthday Jenny!
    Love your gifts, very nice.

  33. Happy Birthday Jenny! May you have a blessed and lovely day!

  34. Happy Birthday< Janny!! The grace and peace of Jesus is with you. God continues blessing your life and all you beautiful family.
    A big hug from Brazil.


  35. Happy birthday Jenny. The lamp shade from Kezzie is just gorgeous. My guess is it is for a table cloth.

  36. Happy Birthday Dear Jenny.......hope your day was as special as you are to so many people. I would love for my girls to pour love into a handmade gift for me....maybe one day :) I have the big Five Oh this year (and not the Hawaiian kind) - not quite as well adjusted as you and able to say it yet :) Ohhhhh, and I think your stitchery will be either on an apron or a toaster cover!

  37. So Glad you had a Lovely Day..Your New Lamp Shade is Just Gorgeous..Well Done Kezzie.

  38. Happy birthday, Jenny :o)
    Stay healthy and happy like you are now!
    xxx Doris from Germany

  39. Happy Birthday Jenny! Looks like you had a wonderful time! :0)

  40. Happy Birthday Jen. Love the lampshade. Kezzie did a wonderful job. Very beautiful. Hugs,

  41. What a great way to celebrate your birthday. Family and lovely pressies! The lampshade is wonderful! love it!

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  42. Well, I hope I am not too late on the day, but happy birthday Jenny, all the same. I can already tell it was a wonderful day from all of the photos.

  43. Happy Birthday dear Jenny! Glad you had a nice day! Love the lampshade and cake that your daughter made. God bless you on your special day! Hugs, Karen

  44. Happy birthday Jenny what wonderful pics of you all and boy love that lampshade Kezzie made for you,she is a very clever girl like her mum.xx

  45. Happy Birthday! You are a lovely and talented 53 year old!

  46. Looks like you had a lovely birthday. Wowwee! Your daughter did an amazing job on the lampshade.
    I would guess you are putting the new stitchery on a tea towel or apron?

  47. Happy happy birthday Jenny! And MANY more!

  48. Happy belated birthday! I have a February birthday, mine is Sunday the 26th and we are at the beach for a week of celebrating and relaxation. Hope your upcoming year is filled with blessings.

    I am celebrating 47 years on Sunday!!!

  49. Happy Birthday (a bit belated). 53 is still young. I think "Eat with gratitude" would be great on a table napkin, though I can see it on place mat, a tea towel or even the cook's apron, as well


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