Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Family time....

It has been a month since we left Charters Towers for the humid, beach-side city of Townsville. I have discovered that even though my son Sam, and daughter Kezzie, live just two hours west of us, it's not easy to get together any more!
So when Sam said he was coming to visit for the weekend I was over the moon!! My boy was finally going to see where we live, and we could celebrate him getting his drivers license the week before.
Blossom was extra thrilled at her big brother's arrival and it was only minutes before the fun and laughter began...
They spent all Saturday cruising around town in Sam's car, as well as visiting the toy sections of a few department stores. The Nerf Gun (above) was a huge hit in more ways than one! 
On Sunday Mr E and I left home early for a beach-side breakfast with the Ulysses Club...
It was very hot, so we stayed put under the shade most of the time. At 9am we all rode up to the Hervey Range Heritage Tea Rooms for a leisurely coffee and morning tea. I love riding with a large group! We visit the Tea Rooms every few months - you can see photos HERE from one of our previous trips.
After Mr E and I said farewell to our fellow Ulyssians, we rode to the Townsville Showgrounds to meet up with Sam and Blossom, who had taken part in a 300-car police escorted cruise around the city raising awareness of the need for a...
There were many classic cars, vintage cars, motorbikes, and regular rides all gathered at the Showground, so we walked around for an hour checking out as many as we could. Naturally Mr E was drawn to the bikes, while Sam headed round the cars...
Too soon the weekend was over and Sam had to leave. He has been doing up his car the last couple of months, and is so relieved to finally have his license, so we're sure to see him again soon. Yay!!
Blossom has settled into life here fairly well, though she spent most of her first two weeks looking for a new job. Praise God, she started work yesterday at a Pharmacy where she will undergo a 4-year traineeship as a Naturopath!
She is also picking up the needle and thread once more and setting her mind to some designing. In the next issue of Elefantz HOME you will find she is my guest designer, and I know you'll love what she has for you...
I am still working on my three Kitchen-themed designs for this issue, but I think I'll show you one of them to whet your stitching appetite!
My friend Wendy's husband, Joe, has a saying, "Cook with love...", and it's a pretty important component of my time in the kitchen as well. This cafe apron is sure to put a loving smile on your face as you cook, too!
Plenty of pocket space, and  don't you love the buckle!?
You'll love the other two designs I have for this issue, but I'll wait until just before the 29th to show you. 
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Have a wonderful day!


  1. Jenny...I'd like to cancel my subscription for your magazine I love it but just need cutback thanks so much and keep up the great job!!
    Sandy Miller
    Not sure what you need to cancel let me know if you need something else
    p.s. love your new home!!

  2. lovely post Jenny love seeing the kids having fun together.xx

  3. Great to see the kids ! And wonderful that Blossom is taking up the needlework again!Congrats on the new position,Blossom!

  4. Oh Jenny that is just wonderful! I love family time too. They grow up way to fast.

  5. How nice that your son came over this weekend! You enjoyed his visit and now I hope you will meet more often! The new design looks great, hugs

  6. Can't wait for the next Elefantz Home issue. Lovely to see you all having fun and congratulations to Blossom on her new career.

  7. I am sure having both children there was a such a joy.

    I am looking forward to seeing what Blossom has for us!

  8. So glad to see you all together and enjoying the weekend together. Congratulations to Blossom and to your son as well. Glad you are enjoying the bike with Mr E, too!
    Look forward to the next issue of the magazine! I've got lots of ideas to re-purpose some things, but just can't get going. I've been spending some of my time babysitting our granddaughter, so my mind is everywhere, just like Amelia!

  9. Love the pic of Sam and Blossom! And so glad she found work. Your weekend looks so fun! Love that apron, and really looking forward to seeing Blossom's design!!!

  10. Jenny, I'm so excited!!! I sent you an email this morning asking about Blossom's designs...I had not yet read your post so we must be on the same wave length. This was such an uplifting post, of course, they all are, but to see Sam and Blossom having such a good time and pictures of you and hubby's ride was just delightful. I'm really excited about the kitchen theme projects and can hardly wait to see your next issue of Elefantz HOME! Sam's car looks wonderful and I could also spot a vintage car or two that I recognize. Tell Sam that my hubby and I used to drive a 1968 Camaro Rally Sport, white with a black vinyl top and a gorgeous black interior with a four on the floor (of course, LOL). Back when I bought it new, hubby was in Vietnam and it cost me $2,000, can you believe it? Payments were only $65 a month and gas was only $1.00 a gallon or less. Good thing too cause it only got 8 miles to the gallon!!! I sold it to a car dealer to buy a ticket to go live in Hawaii where hubby got stationed when he got home from Vietnam. How I wish I still had that car today!!! Big Hugs all around...

  11. I loved your pics of Townsville, it's over 40 years since I lived at Kissing Point. Godd luck to Blossom with her new career too.

  12. Sounds and looks like a great weekend was had by all :D. I'm sure Blossom will love her new job and her new career as she seems to like helping others and being with people.

  13. Dear Jenny,

    I just wanted to Thank you for your sweet and kind gift. Wow it just made my day. Thank for your prayers...


  14. Oh Jenny I am so glad that you are settled into your new home and the family got together. You look like you are enjoying everything. I am so glad that your hubby is with you as well.

  15. Family is more important for the every one.I also like to spend more time with family.I really wonderful time when i spend time with family.


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