Wednesday, February 1, 2012

"Blessings" finished...

I showed you the other day the beginning of my version of a design by my friend Fee.
 Fee's "Blessings Sampler" was featured in an issue of Creating Country Threads early last year (Volume 12.3), and it caught my eye immediately as a project to make myself.
I have been resting the last few days (I am listening to my doctor and Mr E) and was able to complete my version! When I showed Fee she was so excited about my use of shabby pink and blue colours....
I did some simple hand quilting around the borders, and added more pretty mother-of-pearl buttons from my never-diminished stash for the flower centres...
I am hanging this down the side of our feature bookcase, in view of my stitching chair, so I can always remember to thank God for Fee's friendship. 
Only two days left before I share the 2nd block in my "Promises & Borders" BOM. Here's a tiny sneak peek...
I'm also playing with a new design for the next issue of my magazine. Each issue will have a theme from now on and Issue 9's will be based in the kitchen. I'll be filling the magazine with projects for your own kitchen or to use as housewarming gifts, or perhaps a kitchen tea wedding shower!
Hope you love them as much I do. Every time we move house (19 times in 20 years now!), the first room I want to make homely is the kitchen.
What about you? Which room do you choose first to make homely when you move?
Blossom and I are stitching this afternoon. She has drawn up a new design of her's so cute!
Have a blessed day,


  1. Love your version of Fee"s Blessings Sampler
    She is a wonderful designer and a lovely lady
    Good girl for sitting back and taking the doctors advice
    Hope you are feeling ok

  2. Que lindos diseños, siempre sorprenden tus terminados, se ven tan elegantes y de muy buen gusto. Saludos.

  3. Lovely wall hanging - oops bookcase hanging! 19 times in 20 years - gosh - that IS a lot.

  4. Very excited about next block for "Promises & Borders" BOM. Ordered some beautiful fabric from Pickledish last night, just got to wait now so can buy matching materials, then can start.

  5. Hi Jenny, I love your sampler. I think your colour way is better than Fee's but don't tell her I said so. Vicki

  6. Doing nothing, feeling sick, so I stay in bed and envy your stitches! It looks fantastic in your colors! Greetings

  7. Ciao cara Jenny, spero che la tua salute migliori e che tu stia bene.
    Non mi è ancora arrivato il magazine, spero che arrivi presto.
    Un grande ed affettuoso abbraccio.

  8. Lovely interpretation of Fee's design, hon! Your sneak peek looks wonderful. I'm glad you're taking it easy! I usually do the kitchen second, the sewing room comes first, lol...

  9. I think stitching pretty things is a great way to relax. I love kitchen-y things and love to cook/bake.

  10. That Blessings sampler is darling in the of my favorite colors. Have fun stitching with Blossom.

  11. So many beautiful things on show today, Jenny. I love them all.

  12. Your sampler is simply beautiful. I love it. Hope you are feeling a bit better today. Marion x

  13. Your sample is lovely. I think the room that I decorate when I move is the kitchen also. I love surround myself with hand made things.

  14. That is a lovely wall hanging. I always get my kitchen in order 1st, as well. Secondly is my bed so I can fall into bed exhausted ;) Glad you're all moved in and taking it easy.

  15. Take good care of yourself jenny. you are in my prayers


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