Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Free design for ~Re-Purposing in 2012"...

Have you been looking at your old clothes or fabric items with new eyes?
You saw what I made HERE using a $2 dress (scroll down through the re-purposing posts), and I hope it inspired you to start some re-purposing of your own. 
Today I am sharing a simple design of mine to thank all of my 1700+ followers and blog readers, but also to challenge you during February!
Using fabric I cut from two old shirts, and the coat hanger ribbon ties from a t-shirt, I stitched up this simple wall-hanging from a design I sketched earlier in the year.
~Someday Roses~
I am sharing the design for you to stitch up and make your own re-purposed ~Someday Roses~ project!
Download the design HERE.
What will you make with ~Someday Roses~? 
Send me a photo or link to your blog post when you have used the design in a re-purposed project and you will go in the draw to win this book by Sandi Henderson...
I'll accept entries until February 29th, so start designing! I will randomly draw a winner on March 1st. If you use the design twice you get two entries! Perhaps you can get a head start on Christmas gifts?
Remember, you must use the design in a project made from re-purposed fabrics to be eligible to enter the challenge!

The free design will only be available for download until February 28th.

Have fun!!


  1. Jenny, Thank you so much for this wonderful design. Really lovely and I can't wait to get started on it. So many projects, so little time *wink*. Big Hugs...

  2. so pretty Jenny.... thanks... I must go and have a raid at the op shop...

  3. Thank you for another gorgeous design Jenny!! These beauties just keep popping up. I will have to get scissors to those baby jeans I have saved up.... for that special project... and this is it!

  4. I will try to use it on a T-shirt I made last year, hope I will make it work, greetings

  5. Thank you so much Jenny. Your designs are always so beautiful. You really keep me busy.

  6. How darling is that!!! Very sweet - thank you darling girl!!

  7. Lovely - thank you! I don't know if I will get to this project b4 the end of the month, but I will try.

  8. Jenny, this is oh sew pretty and very simple. Thank you for being so generous. Your deadlines are just what I need to be productive. I am going to try and get one of these finished!!

  9. Thank you so much for this very pretty pattern. It is so cute!
    I will keep you in my prayers that between you and your doctors you can get your health back.

  10. I think I need to put on my thinking hat.....thanks so much...I love repurposing fabrics....

  11. Oh boy, this fits right in with my effort to make a gift or two each month to tuck away. Thanks for these great designs you share so freely!!

  12. Hi Jenny, I'm giving you an award on my blog...please forgive me if you don't accept them, dear girl!

  13. Thank you so very much, Jenny!! And what a clever and imaginative challenge! Perhaps a walk to the thrift store should be added to my list today!

  14. Another beautiful design ~ thanks so much for sharing.
    Hope you and the family are doing well in your new home.
    Happy Stitching!

  15. It's so cute! Thanks for share.

  16. This type of fabric designs are look really wonderful and amazing.All deigns are look so fabulous.Thanx to share with us this different designs.

  17. I didn't nick your design, though it is lovely in your beautiful style!, but you have inspired me to keep thinking about repurposing...hence my new scarf backed with part of an old interview suit skirt (that I outgrew 6-1/2 years & 2 or 3 times that many pounds ago - yikes!) [pics are at ]
    Thanks for the good reminder and inspiration!

  18. I will try to use it on a T-shirt I made last year, hope I will make it work, greetings


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