Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Simple living....

Usually when I purchase a craft or home-making book I take my time browsing through. I love to savour the delights found on each page, and ponder the life lessons a particular book may reveal.
Not so with my latest book!
DOWN TO EARTH by Rhonda Hetzel
I found Rhonda's blog, "Down To Earth", last year, and have been reading over a few years worth of simple living posts since then. Just last month this wonderful book of hers was published here in Australia, and on Monday it arrived at my door.
I really wasn't sure what to expect inside, but hoped it would be a concise tome of her simple living ideas and advice. It is more than that. 
Within the first 43 pages I had numerous 'light bulb' moments of revelation, and one very important confirmation of a thought I had shared with Blossom only a day earlier.
This book is going to take a bit of my time in the coming weeks, and I am ready with a journal to take notes along the way. Rhonda is a 'commonsense' woman, and they are the best type to glean from.
I purchased mine from Fishpond Australia.
One of the things Rhonda encourages is making do, and using what you have to produce meals. I took that to heart today.
Having been blessed with a bargain on organic chicken 'lovely legs' (skinned, fat removed chicken legs) I did a search at for a recipe and thought 'Easy Lemon Chicken Tagine' sounded good. 
 One of the ingredients was Moroccan Spice, and just as I was about to grab my car keys and head out to the supermarket to buy some I stopped in my tracks and thought, "what would Rhonda do?". I'm pretty sure she'd look for a recipe to make Moroccan Spice herself!
So that is what I did. A quick google, and I had it!
All the individual spices to make the Moroccan blend were in my spice racks!
The chicken is now bubbling away in a cast iron pot on my stove, and smells amazing!
Mr E has just left to pick up Blossom from work, so a tasty dinner will be on the table as soon as they walk in the door. Yay!
(I also baked a Chocolate Apple Cake for dessert...are you drooling yet??)
In the sewing room I am playing with a new design. Oopsie Daisies again, but little ones this time. 
What book, or author, has inspired you lately?


DIAN said...

This book looks really interesting.

At the the moment my almost 15 year old granddaughter is staying with us. She is recovering from shingles and is not allowed to go to school until the pain is under control.

Her cheerful and helpful attitude always inspires me.

Anonymous said...

I just can not imagine with strong your blog greatly that warned me. God bless you “Courage is grace under pressure.” - Ernest Hemingway

Anonymous said...

Jenny what a lovely post,i think i can smell your chicken from here its sounds so yummy.xx

Jeanette said...

Great book isn't Jenny? You're lucky you got yours from Fishpond. I pre-ordered mine from there & then was told by them that it wasn't going to be printed until June which i knew was wrong. So i cancelled the order & went to Booktopia & had the book the day it was released. 2nd time Fishpond has done that to me & i've had to go elsewhere. Hugs,

Lida said...

No author, but some blogfriends that uses small things to make there house look great and homely! That what inspires me these days, using all those already haves to make my house a home. It is so fantastic how they bring Spring colors in! I hope I can find this book overhere! Greetings

Deb said...

The book that has inspired me the most in the last year is One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I am actively striving to live a life of thankfulness.

Anonymous said...

Like you, I would run out to get what is needed. Since we moved to a smaller town, though we can walk to most places, I am really trying to use what we have and substitute if need be. Sometimes an interesting but tasty meal is the result. Yours sounds delicious.

blessings, jilly

MissesStitches said...

I really believe in the idea of making do. So often we can substitute something else, and maybe come up with a great new idea!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Looks like a wonderful book. Simple living is the best kind of living. Love the sneaky peeks of your new designs.

Liz said...

I received my copy of Rhonda's book this week too from FishPond. I have been following Rhonda for a few years and was one of the first blogs I came across when I started blogging. She is an amazing, inspiring woman. I can't put the book down either. The chicken dish sounds yummy.