Monday, March 5, 2012

A Sunday ride...

On Sunday morning Mr E left home early to meet up with some fellow Townsville Ulyssians for a ride to Lucinda for lunch. We stopped at the Frosty Mango, just south of Ingham for coffee along the way, then met up with some Ingham members who joined us for the remainder of the ride.
Lucinda is a very small beach side community, with a 5 klm conveyor that carries sugar cane from the shore (the conveyor begins on the right of the photo below)....
...5 kilometres out to sea where it is loaded onto ships.
It goes as far as my eyes could see!
Now that beach looks lovely doesn't it? It was such a hot and humid day yesterday, and a dip in rhe ocean would have been lovely, BUT - we live up in the tropics, and over summer you do NOT go swimming at the beach. The waters are filled with deadly jellyfish and crocodiles. 
One of our Ulysses members told us how was out fishing in his boat a month ago right here at Lucinda, and he spotted a croc in the water, about 300 metres from the shoreline - but there were some very stupid people jumping from the conveyor belt into the water below.
Yesterday we saw two young women ignoring the many large signs forbidding swimming in the water and lolling about in the waves. 
Why do people always assume it won't happen to them??
ANYHOW, we left Lucinda and headed back to Ingham for afternoon tea at Ray and Julie's before riding home again. It was a great day because these people are fun to be around. 
Later that night Blossom, Mr E and I went to a different church with a couple of Christian friends from the Ulysses, and what a blessed night it was!! About 25 people were baptised, and their testimonies were life changing. Blossom re-committed her life to Jesus, and we stayed afterwards for a pizza party the church put on for everyone. What a truly wonderful Sunday we had. :-)
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Lida said...

Her spring is arriving altho the sun is not to be seen yet! But the first flowers are there to be enjoyed! You had a really good weekend, wish you a good week too! Hugs

Allie said...

Wow that is some conveyor carrying that sugarcane! Amazing. The beach looks lovely - but not being able to swim in summer, yikes!!! That's what I love about my Great Lakes, nothing in them at all to hurt you. Of course, you don't want to go in January, lol...

Praising with Blossom!!!!

Graciela said...

Thanks Jenny!!!! have a nice day today
kisses for you ♥

Kate said...

I enjoyed your post and thanks for the freebie.

Deborah Jennings said...

What beautiful scenery you got to see. You are so lucky to be able to see such sites. And to think, after seeing this, some people still don't believe that God is real and alive and well!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Jenny and Blossom~~sending a ton of love and lots of hugs to you both today. Praising the Lord for your church service, baptism testimonies and new hearts. May God be praised!

Victoria said...

Really looking forward to your tutorial!!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

What a wonderful day you had! Light and love to you all.

Patty C. said...

Thanks for the freebie ;)