Thursday, June 14, 2012

Since my last post...

Traced up the blocks for Rosalie's "Little Patchwork Village", and began stitching...
Went for an early morning ride with Mr E up to Saunders Beach...
Finished the piecing of my new quilt design, which is now on it's way to Dawn for machine quilting...
...and finished a remake of my blackwork stitchery design from last month, this time using colour and applique.
Finally added the binding to my remake of A Christmas Story, which Dawn machine quilted for me last December. I had to wait until winter to sew it down as tropical heat is not quilt friendly...
Today I was still motivated to finish some quilts, so I went shopping for brown pindot fabric to bind this quilt top I made for Mr E in 2008 (hanging head in shame here)...
This is the photo I took of the completed quilt top in October 2008...
Hopefully by this time tomorrow it will be bound and folded, waiting at the end of the bed for my darling husband to use at last!
Now what have you done this week?? Is your UFO pile shrinking too??


  1. You have been busy - I've done some sewing today - but mainly during the week it's a few hours hand stitching at night time - unfortunately work gets in the way!

  2. I love the designs you made on your quilt, honest. You're very thorough on your work and it gives me a lot of ideas. Don't worry, I wont copy your designs, just the ideas because you've got wonderful mind there. Thanks for sharing, by the way. Stay blessed. :)

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  3. You have been very motivated this week and I bet you will finish your hubbies quilt also. isn´t it a great finish to get done with something you have put off for a long time!

  4. Jenny MrE's quilt is lovely. What a great design. Is it an Elephantz's design?

  5. Wow Jenny you've got a lot done!!! What's your secret? lol! It's all GORGEOUS!!! ... Wishing I had even a 1/4 of your motivation!! ... Hugs!

  6. I love all your designs. That quilt for MR. E. is very nice!

  7. You have been busy.
    No, my UFO pile is not shrinking but it is not getting bigger either, so that is a good thing.

  8. I'm working on the little patchwork village stitcheries too! And UFO pile is shrinking, but very, very slowly! LOL

  9. Jenny,
    I love the new pattern!! What is your secret to being so focused?

  10. Beautiful, I loved!

  11. My Dear, I've just found out about your blog and simply LOVE your work! So delicate, so gorgeous I can't even express in words. Congratulations for being such a talented person!
    Andrea Louise

  12. Hi Jenny, i was so lucky to be able to have a sneak look at your quilt while it was being quilted by Dawn, i cant wait for my magazine this month , it is really lovely.
    best wishes...Heather

  13. Well Jenny, my UFO pile isn't exactly shrinking (yet), but it is being worked on and that is a huge step for me, LOL. Your designs are as beautiful and inspiring as ever! AND, I'm glad you are taking some ME time to work on projects for yourself. I love Rosalie's designs and the one you are working on just happens to be one that I have sitting on the "Want to start" area of my design table along with your design, "A Christmas Story". Seeing the peeks at your new finish on it has me chomping at the bit to get started. I love that you did it in lighter, colors too because I have a wonderful stack of "Nine Dots" by Carrie Nelson and hope to make mine with that if I can find sashing and border fabrics I like . (I think...still auditioning fabrics for it, but "Nine Dots" keeps floating to the top of my faves list, LOL. I'm so glad you got our for a ride! Hubby and I had a lovely ride planned for last Wednesday but took ill and I'm still trying to get back on top so we can go hopefully next week...
    Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and Prayers, Big Hugs...Nancy
    I'm headed back to bed now for a bit but I have been lurking on Elephantz Walk and I'm so moved by your messages!!! I will stop in and comment as soon feel well enough to do so. Big Hugs (again *grin*