Saturday, June 23, 2012

You can vote if you like it!

I haven't entered a quilt of mine in a contest before, but my sweet friend Nancy Jo encouraged me to enter a stitchery quilt in this week's competition over at The Quilting Gallery.

I entered my "Circles of Life" quilt. Do you remember this one?
 Here are some of the blocks....


 You can vote for your favourite stitchery quilt HERE.

Now, before you do, can I ask one thing please?
As much as the girl in me would like to win, I'm pretty sure every other entrant feels the same way. 
SO, please vote from your heart. Vote for the quilt that you really like the best (even if it's not mine).
You have no idea how much you'll be encouraging them, or me.

The pattern for this quilt is still available HERE in my shop, and until the winner of this contest is announced I will have the pattern price reduced from $12.95 to just $8.95!

This morning Mr E and I are off to the Farmers Market. This is the first one in the north of our state and it's right here in our own suburb, so I am thrilled. 
Have a blessed weekend!!


  1. I saw your quilt there this morning and voted for it. I entered one too this time! Thank goodness I could vote for four because you and two other friends of mine also entered! LOL

  2. I voted and voted for terry also and another two.

  3. i am off to vote now Jenny,good luck and have fun at the farmers market.xx

  4. Good luck Jenny. I'm off to vote now!

  5. Votei com o meu coração cheio de emoção,por você. Bençãos.

  6. Your quilt is beautiful.

    Enjoy the farmers market.

  7. No question which is the best quilt! Circles of Life runs rings around the rest LOL!!! Just voted and you are in second place - YAY!!!

  8. I voted for you and you are already in first place! Wish you good luck! Hugs

  9. I just went and had a peek at the quilts, I voted for 3 in the end and I did vote for you as I do like your quilt.... pst you are still in first place!!

  10. Have voted for your Circle of Live quilt Jenny.
    Hope you enjoyed the markets.

  11. What fascinating stories to go along with the quilts! Choosing 4 wasn't all that easy, but yours was definitely included - there wasn't any question about that. Thanks for the chance to help showcase your work and see what others are up to.

  12. I voted for you... You are not only amazingly blessed with talent but a wonderful woman as well! Good luck!!!

  13. Hi Jenny,

    I have voted for your quilt because I really did think it was the best one, it is gorgeous!
    I am sure you will win.
    I have blogged about you again, this time I have showed the Elephantz design that I have stitched, it is not finished off yet, but when I have completed it I will send you a photo!

    Happy stitching!

    Lynn B

  14. I voted for yours Jenny. You were doing really well so fingers crossed. Hugs...

  15. wow, you're nr. 1 at the moment. You got my vote of course :-)), keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Dutch hugs

  16. I love it and will definitely vote for it!

  17. I would have voted for yours anyway. I love that quilt, and yay! Right now you are ahead!


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