Friday, October 5, 2012

A day with Wendy...and a free design!

Yesterday my mate Wendy and I spent the day wandering through the Townsville Craft & Sewing Show at the Entertainment Centre. 
The day began with Mr E and coffee by the beach, then he left us girls to our own devices (and our credit cards - eek!!) for a day of browsing, laughing and of course, shopping.
I missed the Show the last couple of years, so it was good to get out and see new products being demonstrated, and have the opportunity to pick up some nifty bargains in the process. 
My plan was only to buy what I would use, so if it didn't have a purpose then I couldn't get it. 
Great theory, and actually, I pretty much stayed on course with it - though there were a few tiny impulse purchases!
So I'll share some photos of our day, ok?
Wendy shopping...
 Wendy checking out some lovely art quilts on display...
Wendy hamming it up...
Wendy holding a tiny crochet dress for me to photograph....
Wendy drooling over ribbon...
Wendy and I crowned...
Fun was had ALL day long!
Some things that caught my attention and some serious gasping...
This quilt really caught my eye because it's made up of individual stitcheries, and you know how much I LOVE stitchery! Wendy took my pic with it...
And there was so much more to drool over...
 The dolls below were photographed at the Tropical Topsies Doll Club stand...
I met Jenny King, a crochet designer, who got me so inspired by her work that I came home with a hank of variegated silk to crochet a scarf!
 I figure if I conquer a Queen Anne's Lace scarf (free pattern HERE on Ravelry), then my next project will be this...
So what did I eventually come home with??
These lovelies!
Like I said, it was a great day! Actually, any day spent with my Wendy is a great one. :-)
Last weekend it was my friend Michelle's 50th birthday party, and this is what I made her. A pincushion with a special Scripture verse...
I thought perhaps you may have a friend who'd like to receive a similar gift, so I am sharing the design free from today. 
You can download the "Freedom" pattern HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend! We're getting ready for our favourite race of the year, the Bathurst 1000!!
Hopefully we'll see this guy win again!


  1. Lovely! And thank you for the freebie!
    Love, Andrea.

  2. lovely fun post Jenny ,love all your goodies and what a lovely present for your friend.xx

  3. looks like a great day out, so many lovely things to see.
    The pin cushion is far to nice to stick pins into!

  4. Lovely day out, good result of your shopping and that looks a great guy, so enjoy your weekend,

  5. How lucky are you both to be able to spend fun time together at the show.....

  6. There is nothing nicer than a craft show with a friend. Great day and great photos....We are 'Craig' fans here too!

  7. I saw bins of buttons!!!!!!!!!!! What gorgeous things -- handmade crafts and all of the goodies to create them. That shawl on display is stunning.

  8. This is a lovely post Jenny, what a great day out you had. I like Wendy's bag:)
    You have come home with a very Jenny-looking haul of gorgeous goodies, now I will love to see what you make with it!

  9. You and Wendy had a great day. I love all your treasures. The pincushion for your friend reminded me. I made a little cushion for my friend using my variation on one of your promises and borders patterns. I blogged about it, so have a peek. My stitching is not nearly as neat as yours, but my friend doesnt know that :) xx

  10. Well you and Wendy did have some fun and what lovelies you picked up. I just love the little crochet dress. So glad that you two girls had so much fun.

  11. Looks like a fabulous show and you two really know how to enjoy it. Wonderful Weekend of Joy...

  12. Sounds like your day was special Jen and you got lots of lovelies :) Glad you had a good day :) Hugs Vicki xx

  13. HI JENNY, I really love your stuff. Am making the borders and promises wall hanging for my granddaughter for xmas, but I love it too. I would love to come to Australia, it has always been my dream vacation and the craft show you were at looked great.

    Joanne from Tennessee

  14. Oh my gosh Jenny, what a wonderful day it must have been. I love the treasures you picked up at the craft show and I can't wait to see your crocheting in progress (hoping to anyway, hint, hint) I'm so excited that you are going to crochet! My mom taught me when I was 7 years old, after a great deal of pestering and arguing with her that I WAS old enough and wouldn't lose interest. I had crocheted enough granny squares in just 3 weeks to assemble into a long sleeved sweater for myself. I can still remember that it was a variegated yarn of white, gray, maroon and black. She didn't believe for a minute that I would maintain my enthusiasm, but after I finished the sweater, she was so delighted to have a crocheting buddy in the evenings, that she got me my very own sewing bag and a few new supplies...she had plenty of her own, but she knew it would make me feel special to have my own. By the time I was 10, I was crocheting doilies with mom, while the entire family sat and visited or watched whatever family program was on the old black and white TV. *sigh* Good times, fond memories! My wonderful grandson flew in from Maryland last Sunday and we have been enjoying every moment we can get with him before he fly's bay tomorrow night. He will be here tomorrow, early afternoon, with his girlfriend for a feast of Hungarian Partridge, that my he and my hubby got Thursday while out hunting. Then there will be lots of tears as we say goodbye and send him on his way back to Maryland. Well, I have overstayed my time on this comment sweet friend. But you have been on my mind and heart so I just started writing and it got away from me. Keeping you in my prayers and sending big, big hugs your way...

  15. I'm so glad you two had such a good time, sweetie - and thank you for the darling design!!!

  16. Isn't it a blessing to share a wonderful day with a true friend.

  17. What great photos of your friend-fun! I'm envious. =) Thank you so much for the pincushion design. That is perfect for something I have to make for a Christmas swap, right down to the blue color!

  18. Lowndes at least was on the podium with his team mate. I am a Jamie Whincup fan, Craig Lowndes follows then Shane Van Gisbergan ( not sure of the spelling.)I was screaming the last 7 laps for poor Jamie running low on fuel. Vodophone team really are masters of their sport. Do you like Craig's new look car?

    Looks like you came home with some beautiful things. Lovethe new look blog too.

  19. Hi Ondrea :-)
    Great race indeed!! I'm a Jamie fan too, so was happy with the outcome. Craig's car was 'dressed' as a Brock car to celebrate 50 years of Bathurst. It will be back to normal next race. I watched Brock with my dad when I was growing up so there was a bit of deja vu during the race.