Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family time...

Last night Kezzie, Bert and the boys came for dinner before collecting family and friends from the airport for the big day on Saturday.
I am making some of the desserts for the wedding reception and as I needed some guinea pigs to try out one of my ideas, our dinner last night was the perfect practice!
Blueberry Lemon Shortcake
The family shouted a resounding YES to adding this onto the wedding reception menu. \o/
I'm also making a Cherry & Orange Shortcake.
Here's the crew last night, having heaps of fun...
 Bert's beard is coming off after the wedding because he has a very important interview with the recruitment board at the air force (and he'd love your prayers of support - thanks!)...
My lovely friend Vickie from Humpty Doo sent a gift to Kezzie, and she loved it. Sweet wedding bells...she said these will hang from her bed always. Thanks, Vic. :-)
Grandson Calab stayed overnight with us while everyone else went to the airport and on to the caravan park with wedding guests (they had to pick up more guests from the airport today and are now off in the church bus back home to Charters Towers to prepare for Saturday's wedding ceremony). 
It's been a long time since Calab and I have spent time 'just the two of us', so this morning we left Mr E to his work and headed off to the Tumbetin Tearooms and Palmetum. I'll let the photo diary below tell the rest of the story...
Calab was a wonderful guide through the maze of the rainforest tracks and bridges, and spent a lot of time identifying the birdlife from the pamphlet we had with us.
After two hours of walking we decided it was time to head home so he could have lunch with Pop before Kezzie arrived to take him home again.
This was a memory making day. Lovely. Will do it again. :-)


  1. Great post Jen. Love the photo's of your family & the gardens with Calab. Hugs,

  2. What a lovely morning seeing through the eyes of our grandchildren is such a bonus. Have a wonderful weekend I am sure it will be fabulous. xx

  3. So great to see your family and friends and all the beautiful pictures.

  4. Looks like you two had a fab morning together Jen, Love the look of the cakes - Yummo !! Have a wonderful weekend - BUT don't forget to breathe xxx Hugs Fee xxxx

  5. Looks like Calab inherited the artistic gene! Looking forward to wedding photos; enjoy all the extra family time.

  6. Well it looks like Caleb is a budding artist as well. Such a frenzied but special time. Looking forward to wedding photos.

  7. dang. I was hoping for the blueberry lemon shortcake recipe.

  8. What lovely memories for both of you! Congrats to the new bride and groom, and can't wait to see and hear about the wedding day! Hugs!!

  9. Best wishes to the Bride and Groom for their special day..
    Good luck Bert with your very important interview..
    What a wonderful day you spent with Caleb. He does have that artistic flare..

  10. Jenny I hope you and your family have a great wedding day, I can hardly wait for some pictures.

  11. Looks like you had a wonderful day with Caleb! Your tasty creations look so yummy! I wish I could have had something that yummy at my wedding, instead of yucky store bought cake! Your family is so lucky to have a Mum that loves as much as you!

  12. Hope you all have a wonderful day on Saturday.

    Love Jill

  13. Lovely post Jenny. Congratulations to Kezzie and Bert. Have a wonderful day. I know you will!


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