Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One creative space, ready for use!

I am ready to begin creating in 2013!
New rule : 15 minute clean up every night. If I obey myself the room will always be this peaceful. ;-)
**Need to make a new machine table cover, and a cover for my chair.**
 *dream* was a Christmas gift from my adopted little sis, Vikki.
*My daughter Kezzie hand stitched that lampshade for my birthday last year.*
 The stack of small plastic containers hold all my projects-on-the-go. 
(How do you store yours?)
Don't you love the fabric I've used to cover my cutting table?

 I bought 4 metres at Spotlight last year, and have used 2.5 metres on the table. The remaining fabric will become an apron and perhaps a pillow...?
I know it's easy for me to start designing this year with my creative space all fresh and tidy. Having everything organised really frees up my brain space! 

~ decluttering and donating ~

Many of you have shared in your comments recently, and also HERE on my Facebook page, that your craft rooms are messy and in need of a good clean out. Can I encourage you to stop sewing for a few days and just dive into that room and give it a good going over? 
As I was unpacking the boxes in my sewing room yesterday I filled three huge plastic tubs with fabric and sewing notions to give away. 
There were fabrics I'd had for ages that I was sure I would never use, and heaps of extra bits and pieces that were lovely, but which I'd bought on impulse and knew I probably would never play with.
When Blossom and I drove to the Endeavour Foundation this morning to donate those big three tubs of goodies, I felt a huge weight lift off my heart!
Hanging on to stuff that won't be used is a sure way to accumulate more clutter in your sewing area than anything else. 
Do you have more sewing bits and pieces than you need? An overflowing pile of craft magazines perhaps? Why not grab some empty tubs (Rubbermaids in the US?), and start working your way through your stash. Make a clear decision to only keep what you know you love, and will definitely use. 
You may find that sewing space suddenly a lot roomier.
Let me know if you're going to take this challenge by leaving your comment below. You will be a great encouragement to others! :-)


  1. Hi Jenny,
    I am actually in the process of sorting and organising and decluttering my creative supplies in preparation for a more creative and productive year. I am so glad you have finished & it was worth the effort. It gives me hope that I can do it too.
    Wish me luck

  2. Yep - me too Jenny - I have at last pulled all of my magazines out of the boxes that have piled up in my little splinter of a room I laughingly call my sewing room... While I haven't given any away as yet I have at least got them all onto a bookcase where I can go through them at my leisure deciding which ones are to go... This year I want to be productive... For the first time since we moved here 18 months ago I feel like it is home... Like you we live in a rental and I know this won't be our last stop but for a long time I grieved our last house which I was very attached to having been there ten years...Silly I know but I finally thought that I had to make the most of where we are as it is a beautiful old house with its little quirkiness.. I know we were provided for with this house as it is just what we needed... Sorry I am raving... But like you I was so relieved at seeing the top of my table its white top uninterrupted by anything... Its clearing helped my mind to clear also...I am trying not to buy anything I don't directly need right now!!!!Hopefully it will be one resolution which lasts.... Take care...

  3. I'm also "in the process" as they say. I use part of my Saturdays to do this as I watch my grandchildren weekdays. However, I have noticed a difference right off the bat. I've also noticed that just keeping the floor picked up and vacuumed does wonders too!

  4. Your sewing space is looks fresh and colorful and delightful...a perfect room to create in! My projects in progress are always put in clear totes ready for action! Enjoy your new home!

  5. I don't have a sewing room as such - just a little corner! Magazines are the one thing I find multiply very quickly - I am going through each title, keeping only the ones I really want and passing the others onto a friend. Slow job but I am determined. Good luck in your new home Jenny xox

  6. Your new sewing space looks great Jenny and good luck at keeping it sew....
    I have also been going through my HUGE pile of mags and donated them to our local op shop (oppisite our favorite cafe). Monies they raise goes back into our commuity in many different ways...
    I also make many Charity Quilts to use up my stash...

  7. I;m working on unclodering my sewingroom. Yesterday I gave my dear friend some fabric to make a raffle quilt for the animal shelter ;-)

    Have a great day

  8. I have been working on my room also. I usually go through it at this time each year, and work out what I can give away. Most fabrics I keep and it is surprising what is being used up for charity quilts etc. I have more magazines to sort through yet.
    I store most of my projects in plastic containers similar to yours.

  9. a lovely lil get away at home.. so many precious things I drool over in there.. :D I love your room

  10. So happy for you to have a special place to create. The new year always brings great resolve about making my space tidy and keeping it that way. I struggle with culling fabrics as I agonize over the plans I had for whatever purchase I made. But as I did with my clothes closet, I find that standing tough and tossing things I am no longer in love with, I do feel a weight removed. I will continue as the process is cathartic.

  11. Jenny I'm glad you got your sewing room just right so quickly. I find it hard to get rid of my stuff - even stuff I have had for years and haven't touched..its a bad habit

  12. I don't have that big a stash of fabric and the bits and pieces leftover from projects I usually give to the Princess.....I have been sorting through clutter as I move my spaces and as soon as I get the big pieces of furniture moved will be tidy once again. I finished two boxes of paper and have a couple more to go through before I'm finished, then I'm rearranging the closet to make it more efficient.
    Mama Bear

  13. Been there; done that! You are so right about the less cluttery, more productive feeling it gives. Here's the stash I have left after a big purge:

  14. Oh Jenny, I just moved my sewing room 6 weeks ago and did some serious decluttering as I did it. I organize my stash and also set a rule for myself that everything will be back in it's place before I close the door on it for the night and so far I have managed to stick with it. I can't believe the difference it makes when I open the door and everything is neat as a pin and projects I'm working on waiting in an organized manner for me to get back to it. All I have to do is turn on my iron, lamps, sewing machine and I'm ready to go. It is wonderful and really does create more sewing time. That few minutes each night makes the most wonderful difference in our creativity too. I was honestly finding my sewing room to be almost more stressful for me when it was unorganized. I really don't know how it ended up that way because I have always been a little bit OCD about my sewing area, but it really got away from me at some point. Like you I would urge everyone to try it and see what a difference it makes. Great post sweet friend, and your sewing room is truly lovely. Big Hugs...

  15. Your space looks great. I like that new rule of cleaning up each night. I am doing the same thing slow but sure. That is one reason I am working on only UFOs this year so I can live more simple.

  16. I've just resorted my stash. As I would cut out a project I was just putting the fabrics back into one big box. Everything is now in their proper boxes in their colour ranges. This year I am going to endeavour to put the fabrics back properly after cutting each time rather than spend a couple of hours sorting! So far I have cut out three projects since the sorting and have put it all back! I love the fabric you have used for your table. It's gorgeous.

  17. Ahhhhhh - what a lovely space you have, Jenny!!! I think your 15 minute rule is a great one. My sewing room is in my bedroom, and I usually throw the stuff on the tables onto the bed after I make it - then when I want to go to bed, it all gets thrown up on the tables again. Today I took some time to put things away, thanks to you, and now the only thing on my bed is my bible! Thank you for the inspiration!

  18. Such a gorgeous big space. I do hope you get to stay here for a while.

  19. Love your nice clean space. I'm doing the same thing. may I make a suggestion? I bought some bed risers for less than $20 and hiked my cutting table up on those puppies and Voila! I'm not breaking my back to cut my fabric!! It's cutting board/countertop height. Try it!!
    Gmama Jane

  20. what a spotless tidy room, fingers crossed you will stick to your 15 min tidy up a day. Magazines I am loath to part with, I have all the Inspirations and Stitch(Embroiderers Guild) ones and lots and lots of cross stitch and embroidery another Aussie one, maybe I can go through those as I no longer get them stopped about 5 years ago. Books also take up tons of room, Have a bookcase like yours full of embroidery and quilting books that spill onto another bookcase where the non stitching books are, have passed some on in the past but have lived to regret it so they will have to stay and maybe even added to!!

  21. Every spring my guild uses a program meeting to have a fabric sale. Everyone goes through there stash and pulls out whatever they no longer have a use for, fabric, trims, thread, kits, etc. We sit up tables and let everyone in. Most everything is sold at $2 a pound. Books and patterns are sold at $.25 to $2 or so and all the leftovers are given to a local thrift store (op shop?) We also bundle up some things and have a raffle to help raise funds for our annual quilt show. It's my turn to run things so I plan to go through my stuff and donate big. I just hope I don't buy as much as I give away.

  22. Hey jenny. Ive been wanting to pass some of my stass onto a good home for a while now.
    Anyone on the Central Coast NSW Australia want some?

  23. Such a lovely craft room!
    I like to spend some time cleaning and rearranging my room (but it's small and it helps me to discover new fabrics ;) )


  24. What a beautiful room Jenny! I always like to keep my room cleaned up after a project....seems to keep me creative!

  25. Hi Jenny, love your new room. sometimes I think I should move just to force me to go thru all my craft items and do a clear out. I started last year and got some industrial type shelves that nearly cover 1 wall of my 2.7m x x3m room. Those shelves are full, as is the wardrobe in the room, the bookcase I put in and on the large desk I sew on. I also have a smaller bookcase in the back room that is mostly full of my craft magazines and under it, in the cupboard there are more books/mags. I think if truth be told I probably have moe craft supplies in my bedroom wardrobe too...... I have already given away 2 large bags of fabric to a friend's quilt group and 3 bags to a local kindergarten.....


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