Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rain, food, drawing, stitching....

The tropical wet season is here!
It has arrived with a vengeance as the effects of Cyclone Oswald are felt travelling south from the Gulf. The highway north of us is closed due to flooding, as are many of our city's roads. It will get worse before it gets any better.
Our house is set high, so the water flows down the driveway, but not before a few inches sits across the back yard.  In a rare few minutes between the heavy downpours I went outside for a look around.

 I finally got to wear the gum boots I bought 6 months ago!

Whilst I was outside, some friends made their way inside for cover. This green tree frog was as big as Mr E's hand!

Blossom counted eleven much smaller green tree frogs around the kitchen while she was making a cuppa! 
She has become rather good at catching, then re-locating them outside, away from Princess Sophie. But they are territorial and so return visits to the kitchen are common. 
Although there's plenty about this torrential rain that's not very good (towns under flood alert), one good thing is the slight drop in daytime temperature. It's still about 30C (86F) but with the rain it feels quite pleasant inside. 
Pleasant enough for a slow cooked meal from Jamie Oliver's book, "Jamie Does...". 

 I chose to make a Moroccan inspired recipe, "Simple Lamb Tangia" - lamb cuts, preserved lemons, a garlic bulb, onions, saffron, olives, onion, carrots, potato, and water. Cooked over 4 hours on a low oven, it melted off the bone - delicious! We had bought some freshly baked Turkish bread that morning which soaked up the sauce...mmmm....

Summer here in Australia heralds the best of stone fruits and blueberries, so a huge bowl of fresh fruit salad for the family to snack on is prepared every second day. It takes me about 20 minutes to make, and puts a smile on every one's face. It's so much healthier that most snack foods they would choose if left to their own devices. ;-)

In the sewing room I have spent many an hour hidden away working on the sketches for a new BOM I have had in my mind for about a year. All 8 blocks are now drawn up, and the quilt is planned on graph paper. Another day of fine tuning it all, and then I can begin choosing threads, and preparing the linen for stitching...

BUT, I have to finish my latest single stitchery, 'Romeo Roses" first! Here is one small section...

Another couple of days and it will be ready to show you. Can't wait to frame it!

Before Christmas when Blossom and I were trawling the TYPO store, I came across a satchel in a variety of gorgeous colours - Aqua, Orange, Lime, Yellow, and Red....

After two separate visits to the shop I couldn't get it out of my mind, so I had to buy one! You see, I often go out with sketch book, pencils, journals, and notebooks filled with ideas that pop into my head. Normally I'd carry them around in a calico bag, but they fit perfectly in my new satchel...

Now when I go out with my 'stuff,' to spend time in a quiet place where copious amounts of coffee and cake are served (a place where I can collate my ideas and thoughts about future designs), I feel very professional carrying my very own red satchel. Kinda like going off to 'grown-up' school. ;-)
And you know, that's important to me.
You see, this year I am taking Elefantz from a beloved home-hobby-business, into a slightly spiffier professional direction. It's one of my adventures for 2013, and the red satchel holds significance in helping to bring that adventure mindset to life.
But more about that another day. Tee hee...


What have you bought yourself recently that lifted your spirits, or helped you step into a fresh mindset?


Wherever you are, enjoy the rest of your week, and thank you for visiting with me here today. You make me smile all over. :-)


  1. Oh Jen....what big visitors you're getting....we had to 'relocate' one from the toilet near my craft room today!!! *eeerch*!
    Glad your gumboots are getting a workout...they are sooo pretty! And that speedy red satchel.....just perfect for your new adventure!!!...but then, I'm biased....I do love a racy red 'anything'!!!! LOL
    bit dry sugary hugs
    Wendy :O) xoxoxox

  2. Oh wow... I love reading about life in other areas than my own. Tree frogs in the kitchen...I would be screaming. LOL I love Jamie Oliver, used to watch him as The Naked Chef, but haven't seen him in a long time. Enjoy your red purse..I'm carrying a pretty boring pewter colored one right now. :)

  3. Look after our frogs Upmarket Progressive Girlfriend - want your satchel, lol!
    Hugs - Lurline.

  4. I love your red satchel! Isn't it great when you find something that makes you feel happy every time you use it? Romeo Roses looks amazing!

  5. I hope you stay safe from the storm. Marina commented how we usually only worry about ants and the occasional mouse (which always comes to a bad end in a house full of cats.) We've had toads in our yard, but they tend to stay out there!

    If anything larger comes in, is it time to look for higher ground? :o)

    Stitching is beautiful. The rose really pop!

    Peace and Laughter!

  6. Love the gumboots and satchel. Not so fond of the treefrogs in the kitchen though. I'd be screaming for my boys to come and catch them as I'm not a big fan of anything like frogs, lizards or snakes.

  7. Parabéns pelapostagem.Sempre boas novas,obrigada.Sua bolsa é linda e útil,compre mais das outras cores...Espante estes sapos feios daí,urrrgggg.
    Beijos e Bençãos.

  8. Having now been through our first "wet season" last summer here in Florida, I think I have an inkling of the weather you've been dealing with. Those tree frogs are something, though! Worse than having mice, it sounds like. Your fruit salad has me smacking my lips. I KNOW first-hand, how wonderful mangoes are in Australia. None available here in the US (which come from Mexico) can begin to compare. Oh, what I wouldn't give to enjoy one of those big, juicy fruits! Your modified business adventure sounds intriguing. I hope it is everything you've prayed for.

  9. Wow what a lot of visitors from the animal kind! But I think they love your house as much as you~! Enjoy the green the rain brings and wow I love that bowl of fruit!
    P.S. love the red satchel!

  10. WOW, I'll not complain about the occasional friendly housefly. I can't imagine frogs, BIG frogs in my house! Here in Green Bay Wisconsin it was +1 degrees F this morning and felt almost balmy after several days of below zero readings. Sadly, no fresh fruit.

  11. I'm glad you are getting a bit of a reprieve from the heat, but I don't envy you the humidity you will now be experiencing. You'll look very spiffy getting around with your new satchel. On Saturday I was in the Reject Shop and they had gorgeous magazine holders, stationery trays and storage boxes in two sizes covered with a soft pink fabric for $3 each - I bought all they had. I can't wait to start using them.

  12. Ei, Jenny!
    Sapos também aparecem aqui, na nossa casa, mas, temos que leva-los para outros lugares que julgamos bons para eles pois, nosso boxer (Quiron) late sem parar para eles - acreditamos que ele quer que eles pulem para a diversão dele.
    Lindo bordado!

  13. Love your new red satchel. I'm sure it will be put to good use. You have been very busy. Look forward to seeing your new design when it is ready. Hope your feet are not too wet. Funny how the green frogs keep coming inside. Guess they know a good home when they see one. Hugs....

  14. Your new red satchel is so lovely! I have a big pink leather carry all type bag that I had to have a couple years back and loved to carry. Now it is tucked away for the days when I am no longer carrying milk cups and crackers in my purse! Looking forward to seeing where your adventure takes you!

  15. Gotta love those gum boots! You sure are going to need them, yummy food and a very ahdny dandy stachel - I love them, cant justify one ...yet.
    Absolutely nothing nice to say about having green frogs inside - at least they aren't toads!

  16. I wouldn't mind having dreary weather with boots like those!!! Love your amazing embroidery.

  17. I see satchels are very much in fashion again, I had one for school back in the older days!What wonderful visitors, can =imagine however the cat would have great fun chasing them not so sure she would catch many, hopefully not.
    No purchases for me recently apart from some fat quarters which were to good a buy to resist also ordered The quilters recipe book as I have it from the library and it looks too good not to own one, managed to get an x library one for a good price off amazon so waiting for that to arrive.

  18. The frogs are everywhere at the moment! I've been fishing them out of the pool several times a day. Love your new typo buy!! It would have to be one of my favourite stores. I have bought some new pets recently which make me smile every few minutes!!

  19. Oh Jenny, I fully understand and love the significance of your new (gorgeous) red satchel. It is a good feeling to have the things we need to be organized and professional isn't it? Also, though I don't eat lamb, your recipe had my mouth watering...looks absolutely delicious. My parents had lamb once a week when I was growing up but I never did care for it, but hubby loves it. Big Hugs....

  20. hooray for Adventures! sweet little frogs too :)

  21. Who wouldn't feel like a pro toting that great bag! And the colour!! Guess I better put that on my list of "treats".

  22. I love your boots! I just bought a pair with polka dots...the frog is just too cute...and I am in love with the red satchel...looking forward to seeing the new stitchery.

  23. I am your newest follower. Love your blog!