Friday, February 8, 2013

Being true to self...

Remember last week when I showed you my latest stitchery, 'Romeo Roses'?
I had just finished it...

 The pattern should have been written by now, but something stopped me, so I stitched more of my new BOM while I waited for a revelation about my 'pattern writer's block'.
Clear as day, it came to me last night!
The colour of the threads I used just aren't *me*.
Simple, huh?
What to do?
Start again!
I went shopping today and chose some lovely Cottage Garden threads, then retraced the design on hanky linen...
 I'm already smiling. 
Watch this space for a 'true to Jenny' version....
Block 2 of my new BOM, due out after Easter, is coming along nicely. I'm stitching "Tuesdaisy" at the moment.
I've also finished the binding on Shabby Roses 'Angels', but will have to wait for some better light to photograph it. So pretty.
I rose early this morning because I had to be at the airport by 7.30 to pick up a special visitor!
Since the very early days of Elefantz, Vickie has been a blog follower, and over time became a friend.
She had a 3 hour layover in Townsville today between flights, so we came back to my place for coffee, and our first ever face-to-face chat...
She's a gorgeous gal, lots of fun, down to earth, and darn pretty too!
Too soon we had to drive back to the airport for her flight home, but you never know, we may get to do this again one day. I certainly hope so!
You can visit Vickie's blog HERE.
A bit of news I didn't share yesterday was a fall I had in Coles supermarket when Blossom and I were out on Tuesday. I didn't see a green grape loose on the floor and slipped badly on it - imagine me doing the splits and then going down on my knee to stop any further 'splitting'...
I was able to walk again today as the swelling has begun to subside, but the colours certainly aren't fading yet.
What grieved me most was that the staff member Blossom approached after my accident was only interested in getting my name and address, and a statement of what had happened. I showed him my rapidly swelling knee, and was in obvious pain, but he did not offer a chair, nor an ice pack.
How very sad that paperwork was far more important than the person injured. 
The manager has since called to see how I was faring, but an ice pack and a chair at the time would have helped a lot more.
Thank goodness I had Blossom with me - she is a wonderful helper.

Have a lovely weekend! Stitch lots, laugh more, and don't slip on any grapes!


  1. LOVE your romeo roses, dear girl, but I'm really enthralled by your new bom - so stinkin' cute I can't stand it! Great pic of you and Vickie. I can't believe you fell like that and they didn't call the paramedics....holy cow - that's quite the bruise you have girl, yikes! Praying for you!!!

  2. The new colours you have chosen for Romeo Roses are gorgeous Jenny. The red one is lovely but I think it is going to be even lovelier in those new threads. I hope your knee heals quickly and you're not in too much pain. Take care. Hugs, Christine

  3. Gorgeous Romeo Roses!!!
    So sad I can't find your patterns in Portugal...

  4. beautiful Romeo Roses. I do love the threads you are using Jenny.
    sew nice to catch up with your blogging friend..
    Oh that does look sore. Hope your knee gets better soon. It is sad that the staff member was not a liitle more caring...

  5. Jenny, I hope you complained to the manager - that is very poor. Guess you need to rest a bit and sew! Love those new colours...that stitchery will look lovely.

  6. Just stopped in for a quick visit and found that you have hurt yourself !!!!! I hope you feel better soon Jen and that it is just bruising and not something more serious. Xx

  7. Just stopped in for a quick visit and found that you have hurt yourself !!!!! I hope you feel better soon Jen and that it is just bruising and not something more serious. Xx

  8. Hi Jenny, love the stitchery and the lovely threads. Have fun! You and Vicki look so alike you could pass for sisters - lovely to have such a special friend. Hope your knee heels soon - and try shopping at Woolies now - they might be more kind and considerate to you. Take care xox

  9. Such beautiful stitching. Hope the pain and bruising disappear quickly. I had a similar reaction in Coles when a shelf collapsed, showering me with cans.

  10. Ouch! I slipped on ice outside the bank one day, and could have sure used Blossom, as it was a two block limp back to my office!
    Love the new colors you have chosen for Romeo Roses. And am super excited - the minute I saw you had signed with Creative Abundance I clicked the link, got the information, and sometime next week will have Jenny's Shabby Roses for sale in my shop! Lovely, lovely day.

  11. I slipped on a wet spot on the bathroom tile floor and like you, I landed on one knee. I know it may seem counter-intuitive, but what has helped me the most is swimming. I went swimming right after the fall and have continued to swim every couple of days. It has made a tremendous difference.

  12. You snd Vickie look like sisters!!
    Hope your knee continues to heal.

  13. Oh, no! I hope it doesn't hurt for too long, Jenny.

  14. Nice to meet a new friend and I love the embroidery! Hope your knee will be better soon and sometimes you just must ask for things, people don't always know how to react!
    Have a good weekend,

  15. Love the new colors you chose for the embroidery! It is so much fun to meet "cloud" friends in person - so glad you had fun!!! Now, you really need to see an orthopedic doctor for your knee. I did something similar on a wet floor and ended up with knee surgery. Go now and the store's insurance will pay for the check up. Anything else hurt today? One big pain will often mask other injuries. I'm surprised the store didn't call an ambulance and have you checked out at the hospital! Sure hope you didn't tear anything in your knee!!!

  16. I love the new colours you have chosen for Romeo Roses.
    Hope your knee is better soon it looks very painful

  17. I really am enjoying your blog and your beautiful designs! Can you tell me what hanky linen would be. The threads you have laid out are gorgeous! I hope your knee is feeling bett.

  18. OH, your knee looks so painful. Yes, that is very sad that they didn't seem to care to much about your well being.
    Can't wait to see the new colors on your stitchery.
    How nice to spend some time with your new friend.

  19. So sorry about your fall. Looks like it was nasty. Here is to a speedy recovery. Love your embroidery! Gorgeous and peaceful! Love the threads you used as well. Thank you for sharing and for the link to Vickie's blog.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  20. Hope the knee gets better soon. Love the new colours.

  21. So sorry, take care of yourself. Your work is so pretty!


  22. Very sorry you were not treated better.
    Here in the states it is drilled into us to get the information within 15 minutes of the "incident"/injury. The employees can be terminated if they do not comply.
    What should happen first is insuring the injured person is tended to, a chair, an ice pack, and once the pain starts to ease then take the necessary information.

    On a nicer note...
    I am looking forward to your ABC sampler, they are such fun.

  23. ouch that knee looks sore, good excuse to sit with it up and do more stitching, not that you need any excuse!
    The new colours for the Romeo Roses are lovely, seem to say romantic to me.

  24. Jenny - I love your 'new' roses. Karen is right about what could happen to the employee - as much as we would love to come to your aid and offer you comfort, we are not allowed to. I used to work at Wal-mart and knew an employee who was terminated for that reason. It's even worse if an employee should happen to get hurt. And I know that from experience. Sad but true.
    I know how much this hurts. Praying you heal quickly.

  25. I,too, did the grape thing. It was rather like a song & dance routine as I regained my balance. Then, you wonder who saw you!

  26. Sorry about your knee. If you were at my house, we would give you Arnica Montana (homeopathic), and put Lavender theraputic essential oil on your knee. Plus ice, warm baths, and gentle movement. Please get well soon!

  27. Oh Jen..the new colours are just 'you' that's for sure...can't wait to see the new version! Hope that knee's getting better too.....and so glad to see you fitted in a turbo visit with Vickie!!! Bloggy friends are such special ones! Can't wait to see your daisy-a-days!! Like Allie, I think they're too stinkin cute...just like you!
    xox love ya
    Wendy :O)

  28. I can't believe no one helped you after such a nasty fall. Is that the only store in your area that they can risk losing a customer?

    In contrast, my father had a nasty fall a couple of years ago in a store (the floor was wet from melted snow) and he was embarrassed by the amount of attention the employees gave him!

    Peace and Laughter, Heal Quickly!

  29. Was treasured minutes we was lovely to meet the family...seriously time just flew..I am so thankful you came and took me to your home-I can now say yep you are a 3D friend now...upgraded from a WWW friend hehehe...Grrr to the store paperwork paperwork pssst..human comes before paperwork....Shabby Roses Angels is GORGEOUS....cheers Vickie

  30. Always fun to meet with friends that love stitching too.
    I'm so glad you're doing better Jenny. I know that had to hurt so bad.

  31. Hope you are starting to heal now. I love the colors on the first stitchery, but, I can understand when you say that they just aren't 'you'. I have to make 2 quilt blocks in colors that I just don't like, for a 'box' exchange with my guild. I've put it off because I just don't like those colors. Oh well. Heal quickly!


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