Saturday, February 23, 2013

A weekly round-up...

Thanks for all those lovely birthday wishes! I felt every one, and counted myself as incredibly blessed. 
Mr E spoiled me with a huge Jamie Oliver frypan (thank you Myer for having a 40% off sale!). This was the gift I asked for a few months in advance so we had time to save for it...

...but I also got a surprise! A NEW CAMERA!!
 Mr E bought me a cute pink Canon for my birthday 3 years ago, and it's been my use-everyday camera - much loved and appreciated. But since going from pdf patterns to paper I have needed better quality photos - in fact, I had just posted off a huge parcel of projects down to my pattern distributor so Nel could photograph them. Obviously posting my original quilts and projects away is not an easy thing to do as I have heard of designers projects being 'lost' in transit before, but there was no other way to get good professional quality pics on the pattern covers.
My beloved had a plan for future photos and on my birthday he revealed it.  \o/
Love you, precious husband. xxxx
So, let's take some pics with my new camera, ok?

Retro paper-doll fabric I bought at Spotlight for a design whirling in my mind...
More fat quarters I bought on the same day, 'just because'...
A new 'Shabby' design in the making...
A special moment with Blossom. The candle says 'hug me' I did.

'Tis the weekend now, and while Mr E does some bike maintenance, I will be playing in the sewing room.
What will you be doing this weekend?


  1. A very Happy Belated Birthday wish Jenny.. Thinking of you while I have my coffee at the tree.
    What a grat surprise from Mr E.. I am sure you will tkae 100s of lovely photos with your new camera.
    I will also be doing some sewing over the weekend..

  2. sounds like you had a great day and some lovely gifts. How I envy you Australians with spotlight, I spent a fortune in the past when visiting my sister but no more plans to return to Aus. You ask what we are doing this weekend, well I am off to Embroiderers Guild meeting, we have Janet Brown speaking on visual observations featuring maps, sounds quite interesting. Unfortunately snow is forcast again, seems to like coming on Guild days, last month it was 9" deep in the garden.Have a lovely weekend.

  3. What lovely presents. Snowing just a bit but very very cold. So after I take the dog out for her walk I shall sit and sew in the warm.

  4. Happy, happy birthday! What a lovely gift - and one you'll love and use for a long time to come. I wonder if you might answer a question for me. I love the Cottage Garden thread you use but when I try to find it in the U.S. I have no luck. I clicked on the link on their site for shops that carry it but apparently that link is broken and it goes nowhere. blessings, marlene

  5. Oh my goodness! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jenny! That camera is quite lovely and I wish you many great photos and what lovely fabrics! (I never met a fabric I couldn't like : )!
    The best gift of all is a hug from your children - no matter how grown they get!!!!
    Have a lovely weekend. I will be sewing as I am working on at least three projects at once. Ha ha ha...

    really big hugzzzzz(((((((((((Jenny))))))))))))))

  6. great fabric. love the shabby done in red. super gifts for your birthday too.

  7. What a wonderful birthday.....You are blessed my dear sister! I am looking forward to many wonderful pictures. Love from across the pond to the most talented lady I know!

  8. What a lovely birthday you had!

  9. What a bunch of gorgeous gifts and stitching.


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