Monday, February 25, 2013

Monogram Mondays ~ D ~....

Let's give ~D~ a welcome this week!

My words for D are for daring, delicious, daisies, and devotion.
What are yours?
Download ~D~ HERE.

Today was our sewing get-together for the Four Mad Maids, but dear Wendy had obligations elsewhere and could not make it. Boy, was she missed!
But Michelle, Angela and I had a replacement fourth at our table - Blossom! She sat and stitched with us, and that was lovely because she rarely stitches anymore.
Michelle and Angela brought me some beautiful birthday gifts, and I made gluten free lemon curd cupcakes for morning tea...
 Michelle gave me some wonderful books that I will begin reading tonight...
...and Angela brought me a new pear to add to my collection! A green one this time...
I was blessed.

Another new colour was added to Romeo Roses yesterday.
Butter Bean....
I'll be uses this thread for the stem stitch borders. 
Don't you LOVE the names Cottage Garden give their threads?!
Sweet Melon...Latte...Butter Bean...Sweet Gum...mmmmm...
My plan is to finish Romeo Roses tonight and frame it tomorrow. I'm really excited about this design!

Over the weekend I spent time making gifts for my young grandsons.
A craft apron for Deegan, and a new cushion for Calab. 
I think they'll be happy, as every stitch was made with LOVE. I miss them so much since they moved away. 
One of the things I thank the Lord for is the ability to make gifts for my loved ones.
I also thank the Lord for the thoughtful gifts my loved ones give me. You see, I have a real love of nature and trees (especially trees!), and I quite often snap a whole heap of photos of unusual trees for no reason other than they give me pleasure.
This birthday my sweet Blossom gave me my own tree...
Again, I give thanks for my blessings.

Mr E is away working for the next few days, so I have someone else 'guarding' me at the moment. 
While I catch up on 'stitchy things' in my sewing room, little Bob-the-Dog sits faithfully across the doorway...

Have a wonderful week, won't you?


  1. Love your tree necklace Jenny. Thank you for the D. Hugs.....

  2. Thanks for another wondeful letter.The gluten free lemon curd cupcakes look yummy . Happy Belated Birthday.!!

  3. Lots of pretties. I often select paint color by it's name alone. :o) I've always felt a kinship with the Lorax, who speaks for the trees.

  4. Good Morning, I wish I could have been at your tea and sharing sewing time with friends. I love the letters each week, thank you. I have 2 little doxies that hang out with me in my sewing room or whatever room I go to. ;) Have a great week also. Sandi

  5. Thanks for the D! I love that the new color is called Butterbean. My dog's name is butterbean and he has a lot of that color in his fur! :)) I love the tree necklace too....and your new green pear is pretty. Looks like a good time!

  6. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong as I am unable to download the "D". I have been able to do the other letters but this is not showing up once I hit the download button. The only thing that comes up is the sampler showing the other letters. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Nola

  7. How quickly does each Monday come around! Your tree necklace is lovely Jenny. In fact, all your gifts are lovely. Looks like Bob The Dog is doing a good job there!

  8. What a lovely dog! He is a good guard! Lovely letter and what a beautifl tree did Blossom give to you, she really knows what het mother loves! Have a good week, hugs

  9. Those monograms are so beautiful Jenny as is your stitching.
    So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Didn't know you collected pears. I have a bunch of them too! :)

  10. As I am away from my machine, I am gradually picking up hand embroidery - a blessing in disguise. Thank you Jenny for the beautiful letters. It is an inspiration to read your blog.

  11. The Roses, Roses is beautiful, and so is that tree you received. Thank you so much for D!


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