Thursday, March 21, 2013

A bit of this 'n' that...

Do you like hugs?
Well, please take this {{{{{hug}}}} from me today and know how much I appreciate every one of you.
Some difficult decisions have been made in the last 48 hours, but we (Mr E and I) believe they are the right ones for us, and for Elefantz. But more about that tomorrow.

Our Blossom-girl has been away for almost three weeks, house-sitting for her boss's family while they were away on a cruise. 
Yesterday was her first day back at home, and I was back to taxi duty getting her to work. Mr E was just about to pick her up at the end of the day when he received a call to 'come quickly'. Look what a rollover at work has done to her ankle....
 It's sore, bruised and swollen, so today Bob-the-dog is watching over her while she works on something computery/technical for Elefantz. She has to be back at work on Saturday, so would you please pray for her full recovery? xxx
Meanwhile Princess Sophie is standing guard at the door to keep visitors away and the house quiet and restful. 
You wouldn't believe we're in the middle of high winds and torrential rain due to an ex-tropical cyclone would you? My birthday camera caught the pic as though it were sunny and dry. Go figure. ;-)
 Last year I took a drawing my grandson Calab had done for me when he was just 7, and turned it into an appliqued and stitched block.
(Calab on the day he drew it in 2008)
Cal's Cow as he drew it in July 2008...
Cal's Cow as I stitched it in November 2012...
Well, it has sat like that for four months, and yesterday I knew what I was going to do with it!
~Cal's Cow Cushion~
I love it!
The pattern will be available later this year in Creating Country Threads magazine, and then it's coming back home to stay with me. A daily reminder, displayed on my bed, of the talented grandson I love.
Actually, he drew me another cow that day...about time it came to life in fabric too, don't you agree?
After all, one can never have too many cows!
~ DAISY DAYS ~ update!!

I have heard so much excitement about my upcoming Daisy Days BOM over the last month!
Block 5 is now finished, and it's just as lovely as the first four...


This block is a tribute to friendship, and especially my friend Fee (Fiona). At the end of a busy week it's so nice to catch up with a good friend for coffee, but Fee and I have never met face to face as she lives at the bottom of Australia and I live at the top! 
(But we sure make use of the very long telephone line, don't we Fee?)
One day it's going to happen, though. The list in this block tells me so. It's my hope noted in needle and thread.

I will have news about how you can join up for this block of the month next week. Exciting!! \o/

OOPS: Nearly forgot to tell you about Fee's new blog! 
Check out Shabby, Frugal & Free HERE.

The stone fruit season is at it's end now that autumn  is upon us, so I am making use of as much of it as I can before they all disappear from the markets.
Last night we had a peach pudding, and it all began by poaching halves peaches (and some nectarines) in sugar, water, and vanilla bean pods...
 I then used eggs, butter, sugar and self-raising flour for a simple sponge mix to pour over the top.
Half an hour later we had a luscious dessert, served with vanilla bean ice-cream.
The original recipe came from an early Jamie Oliver cook book, 'The Return of the Naked Chef' and has always been an autumnal favourite for us...

Have a super lovely day, and thank you for your prayers and warm wishes for us. 
They helped us make a decision, but as I said at the beginning, more about that tomorrow. 
Lova ya's!!


Terry said...

So sorry about Blossom! I hope she heals up quickly! And I have to tell you I LOVE that cow! It's adorable! :0)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Sorry about Blossom's ankle. No fun (ask me how many times I've done that). Love Cal's cow pillow.

Larissa said...

Ooh! So sorry for Blossom - sore, swollen ankles are no fun!!! At least we live in an age where we have technology to keep us occupied at times like these *wink* ... Or she could work on her next design, lol! Loved her earlier ones!! ... The new FRIDAISY design is gorgeous - these are definitely on my must-do!! Looking forward to seeing the last two, and then getting my hands on my own copies of the pattern!! Luv that you included a date with Fee on there - she is an absolute doll!! Would have coffee with her any day!! ... Thanks for teh pudding recipe share! Sounds yummy! Might have to see what the peach & nectarines are like at the grocer today! Certainly would make a yummy dessert!
... And finally, will continue to pray for you in your decisions and path. I'm intrigued to find out your plans! Hugs!! xx

Larissa said...

Oh! And Cal's cow cushion looks fabulous!! What a great way to 'frame' this gorgeous piece!!!

Maria said...

Sending lots of healing hugz for Blossom's ankle to heal very quickly..
Good luck with your plans Jenny and Mr E.
Loving the beautiful stitchery you have designed.
I do love Cal's Cow made into a gorgeous Cushion.
my DD also turns her lids drawings into stitcheries.Her DS does wierd robuts and here is a little girl DG did. Such fabulous memories..

Fee said...

I love that block - It's my favourite of course LOL. We will get to meet one day - Hopefully soon.

Hugs & Kisses,

Fee xxx

Victoria said...

Cal must be over the moon that "he" is to be featured in a magazine. You are just the perfect Grandma to do this.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Praying for a speedy recovery.

margaret said...

Blossom you are on my prayer list, rest the ankle and all will be well and back at work in no time at all.The cow cushion is full of character and your coffee with Fiona is very pretty.

Rian said...

All the best to your daughter, I hope she feels better soon.

I like your cow. Great drawing and what a idea to re-make it with fabrics. Have to remember that!

Greetings from a cold holland where we love to see and feel the sun and spring.

Lida said...

Hallo Jenny,
Hope the decision will give you peace of mind, but I see that your hands were busy as always! Love the cow and wish you lots of succes with the new block and all the rest your creative mind will bring us, hugs

Pippas quilts said...

So pleased only sprained and swollen could have been a lot worse. Clever Calab, so lovely to have a cushion with such a fabulous design. Love the daisy days. Prayers for you all take care.xx

Shawkl said...

Sending well wishes for Blossom! Such a lovely post (other than the news of the hurt ankle of course). The daisy patterns are just too cute!

Carrie P. said...

ouch! poor Blossom! heal quickly!
Love the cow. He will love that pillow.
And your new block is so cute. Love it too.

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Nossa, quantas novidades!
Desejo, de coração, a recuperação rápida da menina!
Amei o desenho da vaquinha transformado em bordado e em almofada!Muito bom mesmo!Cal é muito talentoso como a vovó!
Estou com água na boca...sobremesa deliciosa!
Um abraço! Felicidades!

Bea HA said...

Cuídate mucho Nena!

Me encanta todo lo que bordas ; ))

Alice said...

Oh my! So much going on. My prayers are certainly out there for Blossom's quick recovery. How cute are Bob-the-Dog and Sophie. Such good little caregivers. Hope you do not have any damage from the storms. It is cold, windy and rainy here right now for the first of spring. Thanks for the hug.

jugglingpaynes said...

Ouch, your poor girl! May she recover quickly.

Caleb's cow is adorable. I love what you did with it!

Peace and Laughter, Prayers for Healing,

Beth said...

Sending gentle thoughts your way for you, Mr. E., Blossom, and Elefantz.

I'm still healing from an ankle broken in November, so am glad to know that your Blossom's will likely mend much more quickly. 'Tis hard to be patient, though.

Take good care of each other.

xxx Beth

sandi s said...

Tell your precious daughter I wish her a speedy recovery! I love what you did with your grandson's picture! It is adorable. I look forward to your new news. The daisy designs are so cute. I really enjoy reading your posts. Have a wonderful day.

Karen said...

ouch! for Blossom. Poor thing. Hope it heals quickly. Praying Favour over your life. the favour of the Lord in all you do. Love Karen and Hannah

Colleen's Blog Long Island NY said...

I hope Blossoms ankle is doing okay and that she gets well quick. Have a lovely autumn. We are just into spring in the USA but no one has told mother nature and it still feels like winter. It is snowing here right now. Love the red polka dot fabric on the cute pillow. I think your grandson takes after you with his artistic ability.

Dawn said...

Love Love Love Hugs x x ... Praying for Blossom x x ...gorgeous cow...clever Cal x x ...Adorable Daisydays x x x
Love Ya x x x

FlourishingPalms said...

It's lovely to see all the prettiness you've been up to. That cow is a precious, very special memory. So sorry about Blossom's ankle. Do heal quickly, as you young people often do!