Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dressing up, and what's to come...

Next time I decide to dress my blog on a Sunday afternoon (that became a late Sunday evening),  please remind me I am nuts.
But dressed it is, and what do your pretty eyes think of it?
As you know, dear Blossom took my sketch for a new logo and brought it perfectly to life, and now I have dabbled with new skills myself and made a cute Ellie grab button that you can easily 'grab' and put on your blog sidebars!
See it over there in the left hand of my blog?
Just cut and paste that code under the sweet Ellie button, and add it to your blog sidebar (using the HTML gadget in your blog layout if you use Blogger)!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my first pattern on Craftsy!
"Partridge & Pears" has been very popular, and I hope you like the extra bits and pieces I've included in the pattern to help you with the different embroidery stitches. 

I know I shared late last year that I really wanted to finish with pdf patterns and start over with paper patterns. It probably seems I have drifted backwards now?
Well, one thing I have learned is that you can simplify life by doing some things the old way, but the reality of technology is that 'it is here', and pretending that it's not doesn't change the obvious.
I have been blessed with meeting blog followers from all over the globe these last few years, and the one resounding thing that comes through your emails is that you love the convenience of pdf patterns.
There are also lovely ladies in some countries who can only purchase overseas patterns via email and pdf.
So I apologise to everyone who felt let down when I crossed over to just paper patterns.
I hope you can once again enjoy the ease of acquiring a new Elefantz design every now and then with the click of keyboard.

Visit my Craftsy Shop HERE.
Over the coming week I will be uploading more patterns.

Someone else who has started a Craftsy Shop is my friend, Stephanie. She is a wonderful designer - but nothing like me! She has no desire to hand embroider, but boy can she bring a quilt to life, and her bags are lovely too.
If you're over Craftsy way, you might like to browse her store. She has also written a thoughtful, and very informative, blog post about her decision to start selling her patterns via pdf, and the reasons behind her pricing.
You can read it HERE.

I'll leave you tonight with a recipe our family often indulge in on cool autumn nights. 
Blackberry Swirls!

I shared it here on my blog years ago, and recently a lovely blog reader emailed to ask for it again, so it seemed a good idea to share it with everyone once more.
Even though it's called "blackberry" swirls, we have used boysenberries, blueberries, raspberries, loganberries...whatever you use this is YUM.
Recipe can be found HERE on my recipes page.


Tomorrow I have some more exciting news to share...and this has something to do with it. 
 ...Shabby Roses Angels...
 Don't forget, tomorrow is Monogram Monday, so your free ~H~ will be ready to download, too.

God bless, and chat soon,



Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Your little Ellie is so cute, I love the flowers, of course!! Change can be difficult! I will go visit your Craftsy Shop!

Colleen's Blog Long Island NY said...

The little Elefantz is so cute. Put it on the sidebar of my blog. Hope Blossom's foot is feeling better.

Jeito Mineiro de Ser said...

Jenny, mais uma vez:Parabéns!
O novo visual ficou muito bonito!
Muito sucesso!
Um abraço!


Pam in IL said...

Your dressed up blog makes me smile. It's so pretty. I love all your designs too and will be making a purchase soon.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I love the elephant! I love your shop and hope to shop there soon.
I have decided to try the rolls. I have frozen blueberries to use and will have to make some syrup. How much do you think is drained off?
love you!

Lida said...

Hi Jenny,
I have put your logo with link on my blog and I hope it will bring you many new customers and admirers! The new pattern looks fab! Hugs

daisydilly (vicki) said...

Love the new blog look ( the old one wasn't bad :). And I do like that you are offering your patterns on PDF. Even though I don't blog much these days I will surely put your button on !!

Melody said...

Good luck with the new changes. Those swirls look delicious.

Unknown said...

Love the new look of your blog.

Marj in Mexico

Susan said...

Jenny, to cut a lot of "could have posted a comment and didn't" stories short - I am very glad you have come back to pdf patterns - certainly easier for most of us and it should keep the price down a bit when you are controlling it yourself.
Your new blog looks pretty - though maybe a slightly darker font would be nice so its easier to read . . . just a thought

Fiona said...

Wishing you all the best with this next step Jenny...

Lesley said...

Congrats on your new look and the publication of your beautiful stitchery pattern. Looks like you have made some significant decisions...all good ones! Love your new logo!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your new pattern and I will get over to Crafty for a look see! Your blog is gorgeous!


maxzoe said...

Jenny, I love the new look for your blog. Craftsy is one of my favorite places to shop for new projects and I love that you can download the pattern right away instead of having to wait for it to be sent. I think you've made a good decision and I'm sure I'll be shopping for your patterns too! Good luck on your new venture!

Cottage Garden Threads said...

Your new look is gorgeous!!!

Robin in New Jersey said...

It is lovely, just like you!

Helen S said...

I think that everything you do is beautiful. Your new 'site' is lovely. So gentle. Hoping you know the Lord's blessings with your new blog.

Jean - Oksewnsew said...

Oh those 'Swirls' are out of this world, ya'all have to try them. I've made them several times with different fruits..YUMMM They don't last long here.. ;o)

margaret said...

Jenny I am sure you will go from strength to strength with your new ventures, will try and get your logo on my blog, fingers crossed, maybe toes too.

Joy Burkhart said...

Hi Jenny!
Love your little Ellie! Have placed her on my 2 blogs. Hope it helps you out. I love your designs and it just amazes me how quickly you can whip one out! We've been going thru a rough patch ourselves. Wish I had your talent to make a little extra cash! Best of luck from Indiana, USA!

Wren said...

Jenny, just wanted to let you know I put your button on my blog. Warmest...