Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just before Easter...

It's Easter this weekend, a time when we remember and celebrate the greatest love story ever lived. The day before is my preparation time for our meals on Good Friday.
Do you eat fish on Good Friday?
Sometimes we do, and other times we just eat fruit and veg for the day.
Today I cut up fresh pumpkin and sweet potato...
...into little cubes, and tossed them in olive oil, sea salt, and freshly grated garlic cloves. 
Then I scattered them across a baking tray...
...before roasting for about 30 minutes until they began to brown and caramelise.
When cold, I popped them in a container and stored in the fridge. We'll have these in a rocket, haloumi and tomato salad tomorrow.

I also made my favourite green bean dish! Just blanch the beans in boiling water for about 90 seconds, then drain. Whilst still hot, toss the beans in a mix of sesame oil and tamari. Dry roast some flaked almonds and scatter across the top. YUM.
 I bought some Crimson Snapper fillets to accompany the salads.
The kitchen is certainly a favourite place for me to be these days. As the tropical summer has passed, there is a slight cooling in the air before sunrise, and also at dusk. Perfect for inspiring my other creative pastime.
(although midday temps are still around 31C - 90F!)

I bought some gifts for my grandsons, and Kezzie, from Little Eco last week, and they arrived in yesterday's post. 

Kezzie loves her garden, and is teaching 5yo Deegan about growing vegetables, herbs and flowers.
Little Eco had Heirloom seeds on sale, so I bought a few packs for her, and some for me. Also on sale were lovely colour pencil sets and wooden puzzles, so there is a useful Easter parcel heading their way today. Much more fun that chocolate eggs!
I also found a book for littlies about gardening, so popped that in for Deegan as well.
I'm so proud of Kezzie! She's a wonderful mum, always doing hands-on activities with her boys. 

Before I posted the parcel, Blossom decided she'd make sure the puzzles for 12yo Calab were mature enough. Ha! It took her 5 minutes just to open the bags!
But then she got started...and a fair while later...she was successful.

Tomorrow I'll plant out my seeds in large pots (not allowed to dig up a garden in this rental house), and also some garlic cloves. 

My winter in the garden is like most people's summer. 
Tropics. Awful in summer, glorious in winter.

Since Easter 2009 I have shared a Resurrection stitchery on my blog.
It's the same one every year, because it says it all for me.

Just alternate click on the photo above and save to your computer.

"He is not here; He has risen, just as he said!"
Matthew 28:6

God bless you this Easter.



Pam said...

Happy Easter Jenny x

Kristen King said...

I made your Easter embroidery last year while my husband was in surgery. I was looking at it last night and remembering just how very blessed I am. Thank you for this and Happy Easter to you!

Pippas quilts said...

Happy Easter have a lovely weekend. The temperature got up to 2Degrees today, very cold.

Kigwit said...

Thank you so much for your witness Jenny. I saved your cross pattern so I can make it. I'm going to try to stitch it on Sunday. I really appreciate you sharing your faith so openly. I'm clicking over more often as I find you so inspiring and positive! Please keep doing what you are doing.

We fast on Good Friday so it's basically a cup of tea and maybe toast for me, but that roasted squash looks really good!

Grandma Shell said...

Not acquainted with what the other ingredients are that you put with the sweet potatoes and pumpkin but can I come live at your house through your winter? LOL Your menus sound delicious!

Happened to scroll down and see Blossom again. She is really a beautiful young lady. And you can tell her some old granny from America said so LOL

Wish blogs had voice capability! I LOVE Austrailian accents and the different terms we each use for the same things! Like you say wadding, and we say batting for instance.

Have a great day cooking and a blessed Easter.

daisydilly (vicki) said...

Have a blessed Easter with your family

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for reposting that Easter embroidery. I somehow missed it every year! But not this time. Your vegetable dishes look so good, I can only imagine they are super yummy. You are a wonderful stitcher and designer and can cook beautiful food as well! Blessed Easter wishes for you and your family.

Deborah said...

Happy Easter!

little acorns said...

. . . "celebrate the greatest love story ever lived. . ." I love that - it's a perfect description of the love of Jesus that we celebrate this weekend (. . . & every day!) Wishing a blessed Easter for you & your family. xoxo, Bren

Wendyb said...

and to you darling Girl! We had the fish that hubby caught for Good Friday.....never meat in our house on Good Friday! So proud of Kezzie........and Bloss...she's so clever!!!!!
Love to the fam!
sugary Easter hugs hunnybun
Wendy :O) xoxox

Corina said...

Thank you very much for the stitchery pattern. I did not use the exact pattern, but it did inspire me to make a mini quilt, while meditating. (If you want to see, it's on my blog.)

Unknown said...

Such a lovely personality and generous nature. I keep up with your post as I really enjoy your projects.