Monday, March 18, 2013

Monogram Monday ~G~ and the story of the Ugly Duckling.

This week's letter in Monogram Monday?
Gee, it's a G...

Groovy, gorgeous, green?
What are your G words? Perhaps your name begins with G!

My Sampler is coming along nicely. How is yours?
I'm challenging myself each week to use the monogram in another project, as well as the Sampler. Hidden amongst my stash of op-shop treasures was a very fine cotton handkerchief, but one corner had been inscribed with black texta initials which really marred what was once a delicate lace bordered hanky.
However, as there were still three serviceable corners left, I had taken pity on it and brought it home in the hope of one day turning an ugly duckling into a swan.

Ugly Ducking....
Transformation almost complete...
Big reveal tomorrow. 
I wonder what it will become??

~G~ can be downloaded HERE.


  1. Whatever it's going to be....I can tell that it's going to be Gorgeous :)

  2. Thannks for "G". Can't wait to see what your hanky piece will become. :).

  3. What a Golden opportunity! I'm digging out my hankies today!

  4. I love the hanky tucked into a block. Great idea!!


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