Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Up the mountain with Blossom...

One of our favourite places for some peaceful stress-free downtime is 'up the mountain'.
Hervey's Range is about half an hour from our house, with a glorious drive or ride around the mountain face to arrive here...
(Isn't Blossom all grown up now!? Gee, and I still think of her as my baby...)
I know I share about this place a few times every year, but indulge me today. It's the first time we've been up there in many months, but the tropical wind was cooler today, so perfect for our get-away. And the coffee is good too. 
 This is the oldest known building in North Queensland and used to be the overnight stop-over for Cobb & Co horse driven coaches en route to the goldfields.
There is a room in the house that we always claim as 'ours', and  thank the Lord no-one has ever been in there when we arrive to set up our laptops, sketch books, inspirational books, and cameras, or we'd be rather miffed. 
 There is an old copper in the corner, and windows that open out onto lush green grounds to welcome the mountain breezes...
 We arrive early and order breakfast before setting out our books and things...
We always begin with baked beans for a hearty start, and a couple of hours later we break for morning tea and a pot of Earl Grey tea...
Blossom likes to play around...
...and today we even spent some fun time passing letters back and forth like schoolkids who have to be quiet and not talk.
Back to being inspired, and planning ideas for future issues of Elefantz HOME magazine... well as writing my opening letter.
By midday it was time to pack up...
...walk out through the verandah...
...and say goodbye.

Back again next month to write the magazine. Can you imagine a nicer place to write? I can't.

PS: The business is for sale - house, land and all! Anyone have a spare million??



  1. So sorry that I cannot buy it! What a beautiful house! I understand that that place gives you and her lots of inspiration! I wish you a fantastic new season with this wonderful magazine, greetings

  2. can see you had a wonderful day out, likewise sorry not in a position to buy! Have grabbed your button successfully and signed up for the magazine, many thanks.

  3. I hope the business finds new owners. What a great place to "getaway" and create.

  4. What a lovely source of inspiration. I hope the future owners see what you do and don't change a thing!

  5. What a lovely place to visit and sit and write. I did see the "For Sale" sign and thought maybe you would buy it......

  6. Wouldn't it be grand to buy such a place. It looks peaceful even in the pictures!! Hoping to be able to pick up the magazine soon

  7. What a lovely place to spend some time. I am a tea drinker and like to find places to get a cup. I signed up for your magazine and really looking forward to getting it. Have a great day!

  8. What a beautiful spot! We are having a perfect day here in the TX "breeze"! Ideal temperature. Love the new look of your blog...what a darling little Ellie. Blossom, you certainly have inherited your mom's artistic ability! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  9. What a fun day! And it sounds like you really enjoyed it. I love days like that.

  10. Gawjus spot Jen, wouldn't it be lovely if the new owners kept it just this way too, fingers crossed that they do. Now if I had a spare million .................
    Love n hugs,
    Joy :o) xxxx

  11. It looks lovely up there. Hopefully it will stay the same if it sells...not for me ...way too hot

  12. Wonderful! Gosh, Blossom is all grown up! Yes, I know the feeling...time seems to be passing faster and faster!

    big hugzzzz


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