Friday, April 26, 2013

Projects for Elefantz HOME, and a free design to bless you...

There are some lovely things in the next issue of Elefantz HOME E-zine to tempt you!

Firstly, I will be starting a brand new Block of the Month - 
"Shabby Roses Beauty"
In this issue we'll begin with the large centre block...
This BOM will run over 6 issues, and uses just three fabrics!
Do you like keeping all your needles, scissors and pins in one place?
"Shabby Roses Needles 'n' Pins" is perfect for you!
It even hangs prettily in your sewing room, so you're not searching through drawers and cupboards looking for your sewing notions...
In the last issue I walked you through making a 9-patch block, and how you could use that principle to make a Churn Dash block, which we later added in the Garden Gate cushion cover.
This month I'll walk you through a 4-patch Windmill block, which we'll take from this...
...and turn into this, by splitting the block, adding borders, some stitchery, and binding!
We'll make some very simple egg cosies with leftover fabrics, and voila!, you have the 
"Split Windmill Breakfast set"!
 As well, in this coming issue, I have a hand drawn 'Jenny of Elefantz' shabby roses recipe card for you to print out and share...

I also have an interview with Mary Jibson from the Fresh Hope organisation about teaching mothers who are undergoing drug and alcohol rehabilitation to use their creativity in craft.
It's so inspiring! You'll be amazed at what these ladies can make, plus we'll find out how you can help them in an upcoming raffle for a quilt I helped design.

If you aren't a subscriber to Elefantz HOME E-zine yet,  you can do so very easily but clicking that little Paypal button below.

It's just $5 AUD (around $5 US) per month, and you can cancel at any time if you find it's not quite your cup of tea. 
You can also purchase the magazine as a single issue in my Craftsy Shop HERE. A new issue is published on the 1st Friday of every month.

This issue will be available on May 3rd.

Now...I have a free gift for you!

As you know, I love our Lord with all my heart, and bringing His Word to life with needle and thread is a privilege I do not take for granted. 
This design came about because we've personally had a very difficult last six months, and those close to us have felt quite useless at times because there was nothing they could do for us but pray. And my, how we covet their heartfelt prayers. They are a most precious gift!
It got me thinking about other circumstances, where a friend is in distress and facing trauma, and there is nothing you can 'hands-on' do to make life easier for them.
You can pray, you can encourage, you can be there to listen...but you want to DO something tangible.
Everyone needs a blessing.
This design is a tangible way you can gift your loved ones with a blessing...
"Lord Bless You"
 It can stitch up in a day or two, and has a simple binding border.
The pattern has lots of photos and step by step instructions for the stitching and the finishing.


You can download this free pattern  HERE in my Craftsy Shop.

And friends....God Bless *YOU*.



  1. The upcoming patterns in the ezine look great.
    Thank you for that lovely and inspiring stitchery Jenny.

  2. can`t wait doe the ezine, lots of lovely things once again, thanks Jenny

  3. Ooooh! That BOM looks beautiful. And I have already downloaded the lovely free pattern. Can't print it as hubby has been pottering adjusting the printer and scanner today so need to ask him to help me when he gets home. Thinking of you.

    Love Karen and Hannah

    I love the new block, and will try again to buy a new issue but there are still difficulties with the payment on line systems over here!
    Have a good day with love and your loved ones, hugs

  5. Thank you, such a beautiful and generous gift!!

  6. Thank you so very much for this great gift.

  7. You are very giving with your free designs. I just love the red gingham. Super sweet.

  8. This is a beautiful design Jenny - Thank you ! I look forward to making it for my sis and bro-in-law who lost their precious 24 yr old son this past Christmas. Sharon in Iowa

  9. Thank you for such a beautiful stitchery. As a child this was my favorite blessing that our pastor used to close Sunday service. I still remember that feeling of peace that would come over me when he blessed the congregation. Your version is beautiful. Thank you again and blessings to you and yours.

  10. Lovely new project, and thanks for sharing the blessings pattern!

  11. precioso!!!gracias por el patrĂ³n, bsts

  12. Thanks for the preview of the coming issue, and for the free design. You are very generous!

  13. Oh Jenny, what a gift you have. All the projects are so lovely and also so inspirational. I love them all. Thank you so, sew, much for sharing your beautiful gift with us, I can't wait to see them. And thank you so very much for the free design...another beautiful inspirational project! Thank you again and again for sharing yourself with us. Big Hugs and God Bless...
    **I'm hoping to read more about Nana soon... :o)

  14. Thank you so very much for the pattern - I often make "mug rug" type mini-quilts for the gift basket door prizes our ladies' group at church have at our monthly teas - and this design is PERFECT! The Lord bless YOU!


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