Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mid-week this 'n' that...

My husband calls Wednesday's 'hump day'. 
Half way into the working week, and closer to the weekend than it was was on Monday or Tuesday.
He likes 'hump day', but not as much as he likes Friday at 4pm. 
I spent my hump day fine-tuning the last pages of Elefantz Home's next issue, in time to be published this Friday. 
Do you like the cover?
 It has a real 50's kitschy feel to it, and I'm lovin' the red and blue. 

Red has become one of my favourite colours over the last year, and that was something Blossom found amazing. I was always so pastel pink - very predictable - but now she's never quite sure if I'll go for pastels or red. Nice to keep the teens guessing, sometimes
Yesterday she had an optometrist appointment, and afterwards we did a bit of window shopping. I spotted this cute little purse for $4.98, and lovin' red and white spots as I do, I bought it. But there was another reason behind my purchase.
You see, it looked so 'unfinished'. 
Like they'd forgotten to add something. 
I collect vintage buttons, and in my mind's eye I was sure I had the perfect one to give my little purse some personality!
Now, is this not the bees knees of little red and white spotty vintage styled coin purses?

Now that this issue has been 'put to bed', I want to spend some time working on other things, just for fun! 
I saw this gorgeous Angel pincushion on Kerryanne's blog a couple of weeks ago and knew it was something I'd love to make.
So, I purchased her e-pattern, printed it up, and patiently waited for the mailman to deliver the sweet little Tilda wings I ordered from Kerryanne as well.
Yesterday they arrived, and they are so much lovelier than I imagined...
This will be made over the next few days, and I'll even use some of my Tilda fabric stash purchased in 2010.
If you'd like to purchase the pattern too, just visit Kerryanne HERE at her Shabby Art Boutique blog. It's a pdf and will be emailed to you.

Enjoy your hump day, and the rest of the week. 
I hope you find time to sit back and be quiet for a while...I love my quiet times. It's when the nicest ideas begin to bloom.



Lida said...

Here the hump day is used to recover from a very fantastic Queens/Kings day and I am almost shocked how fast the week has gone! Your new issue looks fantastic and the pincushion will be a fantastic project to make the days while the sun is shining and Spring finally has arrived!
Have a great hump day with lots of inspiration, hugs

Carrie P. said...

the button is the perfect finishing touch for your little purse.
The pin cushion is so sweet!

CalamityJr said...

I'm always my most tired on Wednesdays so my term for today is slump day! Can't wait to see your angel grow her wings

Noela said...

Looking forward to your next issue. I love red in my quilting too. Hugs.....

Anonymous said...

I do love the cover, and I love that purse! That button is just the perfect addition to it. I laughed about keeping Blossom guessing.

Love that pincushion - thanks for the link! I look forward to seeing your version of it.

Annerose said...

Auch was süß, da macht es richtig Spaß zu nähen bei dem schönen Nadelkissen.
Liebe Grüße Annerose

Anonymous said...

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Susan said...

That pincushion is very sweet and so is the purse - it doesn't take a lot to dress it up does it - just some inagination!