Thursday, June 20, 2013

Angels and Dreams...

 "Sweet Dreams" is the theme for all my designs in the July 5th issue of Elefantz HOME e-zine.
Yesterday I showed you "Owlish Dreams", the next block in my Shabby Roses Beauty BOM, but today I have another dreamy design finished.
The "dream a little dream" cushion...
 I've used my Tanya Whelan "Delilah" stash for the rose borders, and made sure to cut five kits for those subscribers who would like to make their pillow the same - details on that in tomorrow's newsletter. 
I even found some spotty buttons for the back!
 Also in yesterday's post I showed you my progress making Kerryanne's sweet "Pincushion Angel" (see the post below this one).
At the time I had to take a break half-way through to get my housework done - and honestly, it was a joy!
I have held off buying a steam mop for years because I just didn't think it would be very good.
It's the new love of my life...
Honest, my floors shone like polished stone. I have officially warned Blossom and Mr E to keep their hands off my new BFF. Swoon.
Okay, back to the Pincushion Angel...
Well, I thought after the housework was done that I'd only need another hour to finish it. Wrong again!
It was sooooooooo fiddly. Those wee little arms were sooooooo tiny.
BUT, when it was all together, and looking so beautiful, I felt it was well worth the effort.
 I made my angel a bit differently to Kerryanne's original (you can see hers here). Because I'd used Tilda fabrics I wanted to add a sweet Scandinavian look, so I plaited wool for her hair, and left a long braid over her shoulder...
Isn't she gorgeous!?
This morning she went to live next to my sewing chair, where she'll lovingly hold my pins, needles and scissors...

Taking two days 'just for me' this week has been revitalising to my spirit and soul.
I know I cannot do this very often, but the lesson for me is that I'm important too.
I love my family, and they truly do get the best of me, but when I am worn out and exhausted, I simply don't have 'the best' to give anymore.
Are you in need of some time to refresh your heart and mind?
Schedule it in. 
You'll be a better wife, mumma, friend, and woman, if you do.

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I'd hate for you to miss out on the happenings in Elefantz Land.


  1. Can't depend on any of those, so that's why I subscribe by mail through Feedburner! I LOVE your angel. Her braided hair is the nicest touch, and she's so beautiful. The dream pillow is great. I see you do something besides backstitch now and then. =) The little stars are so perfect for an accent.

  2. I've been following your blog with Feedly and I love it! I love your angel too...she's beautiful! :0)

  3. So much gorgeousness in one place. I love all that you make. happy creating.

  4. Lol! I just read all my blogs either through an RSS feed (usually ones that are connected to a specific web address), or on Blogger (most of them live here), so no worries about losing anything :)

    Your Tilda doll is gorgeous - and so is the cushion!! Might I ask, what is the cloud looking thing with fins on the top right of the cushion? ... Glad you liked your steamer. We've gotten one in the past (though it was a freebee when we bought our vaccum cleaner), and we weren't terribly impressed with it. Might have to try something a little more heavy duty ;) Enjoy her while the happiness lasts!!

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  8. I had never used a feed reader before all the talk about Google reader going away and how upset everyone was. I had always either bookmarked the blogs I wanted to follow or I subscribed via e-mail if they offered that option. But then I started reading about people who had been using Google reader switching to Bloglovin. So I checked it out and I really like it. I've deleted all my bookmarked blogs and added them to my Bloglovin feed.

    I love the "dream" pillow and the angel you made is just so pretty... definitely worth the extra time she took to make.

  9. Ангел с перышками - прелесть!!!! Подушечка нежная.

  10. Love your angel pincushion. So sweet. Your love affair with your steam mop will be short lived. Your next toy will be with the Hoover Floormate, at which time you will wonder how you ever thought for a minute that your floors were getting clean without soap. (Been there, done that :) )

  11. Definitely time to Breathe hunny!!! One of life's great necessities.....and joys!!!
    lovin this're incredible!
    big sugary sweet hugs for ya gorgeous

  12. Hallo Jenny,
    What a lovely pillow! And the embroidery is beautiful as always!
    I told you that the steam mop is fantastic and it will make your live a lot easier! Have fun with it! The lovely pin doll is a beauty and she will sheer you up when ever you are down! So sweet!

  13. The angel is beautiful, and I would never stick a pin in it. I heard some people do. Wonder what you will do on your next days off.

  14. YOur angel is so pretty - I think I would hesitate before "pinning" her!

  15. Such a beautiful angel and as always your designs are delightful.

  16. Such a delicate and gorgeous angel. Loving the green and white polka dot button on your spotted pillow. :o)

  17. I have made one of your designs as pillows for my girls. (The little elephant, Ellie? and the LOVE pillow.) I needed one more for my youngest daughter who just turned 14. DREAM is perfect for her!

  18. Your angel is absolutely beautiful. As all the other posts have said - you do beautiful work and for me are such a source of motivation to keep on keepin' on :)

  19. Oh wie schön das Kissen und das Püppchen, das hast du gut gemacht.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  20. Que lindo cojin se ve tan delicado con cada uno de esos detalles :)
    Ten lindo dia
    Un abrazo

  21. I need to know more about your new BFF!!! I have been holding off because I just knew they couldn't be all that great, but your floors are AWESOME!!! I almost needed sunglasses to look at that one pic where the sun is glaring off your polished floor!!!

    Your angels are so sweet - love them!!

  22. I love your angel, she is precious. I love hearing what you said about your new steam mop, I was just gifted one from my daughter. I really look forward to using it. Hugs.

  23. That green polka-dotted fabric is just great...& then you found those buttons!!!

  24. The "Dream" cushion is gorgeous and I love the colours you chose. The Angel Pin cushion is just gorgeous too, I couldn't stick pins in her though :-)

  25. I tried my DD's steam floor cleaner and fell in LOVE too! I actually cleaned the mop head, and re did the floor the next day! Dang it though she wanted it back!!!!

    It's a shark, and I'm looking for one on sale, or a Bed Bath % coupn off!

    BTW, as always I love your designs!

  26. Seu anjo ficou maravilhoso, eu amei! Beijos


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