Friday, June 21, 2013

lose it:naturally...and a peek!

I'm having fun today with another new design for my Sweet Dreams issue of Elefantz HOME e-zine...

If you have little ones in your life, you'll want to make this.
I'm only half finished with it though. There's another side to make - because, this design is reversible!
More about that next week.

Are you stitching Wonky Houses?
Last week I shared about my Pop and his 'wonky' word for all things slightly abnormal, as well as Block 1 of Wonky Houses.
Today I have Block 2 to share with you!
Four years on, and I still love these designs.
You can download Block 2 for free HERE in my shop

Something I've had on my mind to do for quite a while is make a fresh start with my desire to lose weight, get fit, and live the healthiest life I am able.
Being a designer is a rather sedentary life. I sit a couple of hours every day to stitch my designs; I sit for about 3 or 4 hours every day at the computer just doing the 'business' side of Elefantz; I sit to read, to plan, to eat, to drive, to watch some telly with my husband after dinner...I'm on my bottom a lot!
And it shows on my scales.
But in my heart, I LOVE healthy foods, and I love to be outdoors.

So I've jumped in and made a commitment to myself.
If you're interested in joining along with lose it:naturally or simply encouraging me along the way, visit my other blog HERE.

I'll leave you now to relax with a fresh pot of Earl Grey while I sit down (again!)and plan next week's meals, our shopping list, and what to share on the blog for the rest of the month.
Blossom gave me the teacup and teapot for Mothers Day, and Mr E bought me an entire tin of Earl Grey...

Enjoy your weekend!


margaret said...

nothing nicer than a cup of earl grey, see you drink it black like me. Love the wonky house but did not work out how to download.
I am like you, sitting on my bottom far too much!

Kaylee said...

the teacup and teapot are gorgeous Jenny.

Lida said...

First, success with the weight loss and I hope to join you! *Ü*
But I understand what it means to sit a lot, so I know how difficult it is to lose the overweight! Love the new design although I have no idea what Nod means?
And your tea set is just to sweet for words! Hugs

Anonymous said...

I hear that's an excellent tea. Good luck with your weight loss plan. I'll check out your other blog and progress as you go. I'm really looking forward to that new design you showed at the top! The fabrics are so adorable.

Abby and Stephanie said...

If only tea drinking could make the pounds melt away. I'd be Twiggy!

Derrith said...

So many fun ideas in one post. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Olá, Jenny, seus gráficos de casinha são lindos! Estou copiando e quero bordá - los. Obrigada