Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blossom in pink...

She has grown up.
Okay, I knew this day was coming, but it always seemed 'a way in the distance...'
Blossom bought her first car today.
And it's pink.
Please say hello to 'Crystal Montgomery' (because all cars have a name!)...
Now, is that a happy smile on my girl!?
Even Bob-the-dog is grinning from ear to ear!
It even has crystals all around the rear-view mirror...
But best of all?
It's all Blossom's and it's all pink.
I have been chauffeured around all day, and *loved* it.
I think my smile is almost as wide as Blossom's.

Once home again, I had a parcel waiting for me!
Michelle Ridgeway was my guest in the current issue of Elefantz HOME e-zine, and the parcel bore her name as the sender.
You see, in Australia every year two of our states, New South Wales and Queensland, go head to head in rugby league football for the "State of Origin" trophy. They play three games, each two weeks apart, and the teams are made up of players from their 'state of origin' - either New South Wales or Queensland.
New South Wales are known as the BLUES, and Queensland is known as the MAROONS.

Now, Michelle is a Maroon, and I am a Blue, so we had a wager on who would win the first of the three games this month. The loser was to post the winner a block of Cadbury Chocolate. 
Can you guess who won that first game?
The BLUES! \o/
So my parcel contained...
But cheeky Michelle had wrapped the chocolate in maroon ribbons! 
I'll forgive her though, because also in the parcel was one of her gorgeous patterns that I bought last week...
...and these beautiful fabrics as a gift.
Thanks Michelle. xxx
I wonder who'll be posting the chocolate away after game 2?????
I think after a couple of big days with Blossom I need to get back to work.
It was fun while it lasted, but now it's time to earn a living again.
(it sure helps that I have some chocolate!)

Before I go, I have a frequently requested pattern as a freebie in my Free Friday Newsletter tomorrow.
If you haven't signed up for it you can do so HERE.



  1. Красивый цвет автомобиля.

  2. well done Blossom..gorgeous economical looking is just the best,cheers Vickie

  3. Lovely Car and I love her smile! And that package is really fantastic! Success with nr.2! Hugs

  4. chocolate is nice....but I love that fabric! Go the blues!!

  5. Cute car Blossom. I am so glad you can spend some quality time with your girl.

  6. Love the car, a perfect colour :)

    Bee happy x

  7. I bet she finds more places for crystals??
    Too cute and will be one of her favorite memories forever!
    Who can forget their first car?
    And Mom, now she can run the errands for you. Run up to the grocery and bring home this and that.

  8. Ok, I'm officially jealous of Blossom's car - that has to be the cutest car EVER!!!! And it's PINK!!! Yep, I'm jealous! Congratulations to her on her first car, excellent choice!!

    And congrats Jenny on winning the first round, lol...enjoy your chocolate and stitching!

  9. Love Blossom's car. I have never seen crystals on a car, Great idea. We name our cars too. She can be the family driver now.

  10. O primeiro carro é inesquecível! Um carro cor de rosa com stras no retrovisor é incrível!
    Parabéns Blossom pelo Cristal Montgomery!
    Um abraço!


  11. Oh my gosh Blossom!!! Congratulations on your absolutely gorgeous new car. I love it! Jenny, Congrats to you on your chocolate win, even if it did have Maroon ribbons on it, LOL. The fabrics are gorgeous too, they look like one of my favorite collections Durham Anew and the pattern in adorable. Did you notice Jenny, how much the design on the sweet card looks like the print on your blogs new frock? :o) ... Be sure to let us know who wins the next game. Big Hugs...

  12. Jenny,
    Your daughter has certainly blossomed into a lovely young lady. Getting your first car is such an exciting milestone - but somebody made a mistake and put the steering wheel on the wrong side! Names are very important. All our cars have had names and I think Black Beauty might get a bit of bling soon. Congratulations, Blossom..enjoy.

  13. Blossom's car is precious! I would be smiling too. I have tried to sign up for the Friday newsletter but I keep getting an error message. I will try again later. Have a good day. Hugs, Sandi

  14. Hi Jenny, I got signed up for the Friday newsletter now.

  15. Jenny, tell Blossom I'm so in awe of her! I would love to have a pink car. And with bling, no less! Best wishes to her and keep enjoy being chauffeured around!

  16. How wonderful for you Blossom to have your own car. I love it. It looks like a young beautiful looking girls car...Be happy & be safe. Enjoy my dear...

  17. That's a really cute car! I love the pink! I remember my first car - I loved it soooo much - a powder blue Triumph Herald. Hannah and I drive around in a red MX5 now ( mid-life crisis! ha!) called Rosie. Have fun Blossom.

  18. I want a car like Blossom's!! It's so cute. We can't get pink cars here without having a custom paint job done. How fun to be driven around by your daughter.

  19. I want a car like Blossom's!! It's so cute. We can't get pink cars here without having a custom paint job done. How fun to be driven around by your daughter.

  20. Well I hope its Michelle needing to post again!!!
    Love Blossoms car - so cute.

  21. Hi Jenny what a fabulous post as always. You must be very proud of your lovely daughter. Have a lovely day and don't work too hard.
    Lots of love

  22. Blossom,
    I love the colour of your car!!!

  23. I hear those are great cars, and it's rumored they will come to the U.S. this year, but I don't see a recent update on that. It's as cute as can be, and so is Blossom. Love your bet, and how she wrapped the candy. I may have to go explore that pattern, too! She's the type of person I always wish I were with gift wrapping. It looks lovely and elegant! I'm lucky to address the package correctly.

  24. Perfect car for Blossom! So pretty and feminine!

    (Go Blues!)

  25. Love Blossoms car. You will love Michelle alphabet pattern. I have used mine several times in gifts. Thanks for the free pattern. The wonky blocks are great and it is wonderful you have such lovely memories to go with it. Hugs....

  26. I'm sorry hunny but I'm a maroon supporter too!!!! *eek* Does this mean more chocolate??? LOL
    LUV Bloss's's just her to a 't'...especially with the diamantes...and Bob even gives it his stamp of approval, so it has to be good!
    hugs and sugary kisses
    xoxoxoxo Wendy :O)


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