Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wendy, pears, and Blossom...

Do you like wearing a new dress?
So does my blog. 
What do you think of her swishy teal and mustard frock?

My blog and I have been on a two day shopping expedition for 'just the right' attire; a new dress for a new season. She chose well. I commend her. 

Today Blossom had the day off work so we drove down to Wendy's for a visit. We *love* visiting Wendy!
When we arrived she handed me the biggest bunch of pears...
Such pretty shabby pears, and all for me! My collection is rapidly increasing...
But that wasn't the end of the blessings.
She had baked a scrumptious chocolate cake, and a yummy quiche for lunch!
Blossom helped Wendy with the salad...
...and the laughter from the two of them filled the house.
Lunch was WONDERFUL and we didn't stop laughing all day!

The purpose for our visit was to help Wendy shop for a new dress her own blog could show off, and it's sweet as sweet can be - just like Wendy. 
We even made her a new header, because Wendy is now officially a designer with her patterns being published later this year in a few Australian craft magazines! I'll be able to say, "I know her!"...
Why don't you drop over HERE to her blog and congratulate her!?
She'll blush bright pink, and her heart will swell.

I'm stitching a new design using the sweetest Cosmo Seasons threads...

What are you stitching this week?



  1. No stitching here, just a lot of cuddling and playing with Jennie's two little ones! Looks like you had a wonderful time with Wendy and your beautiful Blossom!! Love the new blog and your pears are adorable too!!

  2. Looks like you had a really wonderful day...and those pears, wow, they are gorgeous! I also love the new look of your blog page! It's new "frock" is perfect for you Jenny, cheerful and beautiful and completely organized. Well done sweet friend. Big Hugs...

  3. what a lovely happy post,going to visit Wendy now.xx

  4. Forgot to mention, the sneak peek is so pretty that I can't wait to see what you are stitching with the lovely COSMO threads!!! Your such a tease Jenny, LOL. More Hugs...

  5. Love it, Love it, LOVE IT hunny....both yours and mine!!! *wink* Such fun with great friends....nothing better!!!! So glad you love the pears!!!!
    xoxox sugary hugs sweet one!

  6. Hi, the pears are so pretty. What a nice gift. I am following your friend now, thank you for the link.

  7. Hi Jenny. I really love the new look of your blog. So pretty! And those pears are gorgeous. Glad you and Blossom had a wonderful day with your friend.

  8. Hi Jenny do so love your posts Jenny you are soo talented. As a newcomer to the creative world you are my inspiration, thank you
    Lots of love

  9. Hallo Jenny,
    What a lovely design on your blog and what fantastic foto's of Blossom and your friend!
    What I am stitching? You want believe what I started! A new embroidery measuring 1.40 mtr. x 1.40 mtr! The embroidered version of the Dear Jane!I hope I will finish it too! LOL!!

  10. I'm playing catch-up on a couple of projects, and then I'm thinking next week I get to start the MonDaisy Block! Actually, I think I might do it in lime green, a light turquoise, and ... whatever else I have back there. I think I'm going to use it in place of a star block in my Comfort & Joy Christmas quilt. I already replaced two stars with hearts, so why not with a MonDaisy block? Or maybe something else from your magazine. I'll have to go peruse them all to check for the best one! Good excuse, eh?

  11. Forgot to say - I love that blog redesign! I like the fabric, though I've never found it in the store, only online. I think it's fabric, right? Or else it's very similar to a fabric I love.

  12. Very pretty fresh look Jenny and good job on Wendy's too.

  13. what a lovely day out you had with Blossom. Love the new look to your blog, maybe you could do a blog on how to do a backgroudg for those of us who do not know how?

  14. I love those fabric pears, they are beautiful and I'm loving that stitchery.


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