Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let's check out some clever crafty ideas...

It's Saturday morning.
Mr E is washing cars and mowing the lawn. Blossom is at work. I am descaling the Gaggia machine.
Descaling our coffee machine is an hour long process, and whilst most of my time is spent 'watching' it and refilling the water or adding tablets to the brew group, I always need something else to do while I wait for prompts.
So a'blogging I have gone! Let's check out these fabulous ideas and tutorials from Blogland...

It's no secret I collect pears, and two birthdays ago my friend Wendy gave me a kit to make a small pear quilt. She has one too, and *one day* we're going to make them! One of my blog readers, Edith, sent me this link the other day to a free pear quilt pattern, and you know what? It's the same pattern as our 'yet to be made' quilts. The pattern is free online HERE.
Maybe Wendy and I should host a 'pear-quilt-along'????
At least we'd make our quilts if we did! (thanks for the prompt, Edith)

Do you cross-stitch? I have cross-stitched since I was in my teens, but stopped when I discovered embroidery in 2005. My daughter Kezzie is a keen cross-stitcher and does beautiful work. If you look HERE you'll see the one she gave Mr E and I for our 20th wedding anniversary.
I came across this site the other day, The Snowflower Diaries, and sat drooling over the beauty the cross-stitch designer shares.
This is one of her free designs and can be found HERE. I believe I will be stitching this...

African Aussie has some wonderful recipes and craft ideas on her blog. This week she showed a bag she'd made and will soon have a tutorial, so drop by HERE and watch for it!
I think it would be perfect for fabric scraps, and once made could hold your current project. Love the stripes...

Do you like Bonnie & Camille fabrics as much as I do?
One half of the mother and daughter team, Bonnie Olaveson of Cotton Way, has shared a really pretty table runner design HERE. I'm in the process of making new ones for our home so this will be added to my 'must-make' list...

Do you hate putting in zippers?
THIS sweet little pouch tutorial by Amy from "Lots of Pink Here" will remove those fears!
Prairie Points! Have you made them?
I never knew there was more than one way, but Stephanie has taught me another, and I like it much better!
She has put up a simple to follow tutorial HERE.
Imagine all the prairie points being made this week...

I'm really enjoying Stacey's Bakercourt blog, and THIS teacake recipe is definitely going to be baked this week for Mr E's supper treats...

Have a simply sunny Saturday, and remember to have fun!



  1. What a terrific post to kick off the weekend! I love the variety of projects you've included, I want to try them all! And you are so right - that beautiful cross stitch definitely makes me keen to put down the embroidery WIP for a moment and give those Xs a go! Chrissie x

  2. thanks for cleaning your coffee maker, it has brought us lots of new thin gs to see and want to do! The pear quilt is great, went to the link but there is some problem with download so will try later.Will also try out the prairie points

  3. OOOh sweety....I think a pear quilt-a-long is a fabulous idea....then we actually WOULD get them done!!!! *wink*
    love your links!!!! hope that coffee machine's ready for a visit soon!!! xoxoxoxox

  4. Love the new creations, they make your house so sunny! But now a little present for your cross stitching followers, whom also love pears! Her you find ten free patterns:
    You will recognise pear no.II!!!

  5. Thank you for all of the great new places to visit. I will conquer the zipper! :o) I think I've bookmarked most every tutorial there is.

  6. Thank you Jenny now I have a lot of new bookmarks to explore later.

  7. That little pear quilt is darling Jenny! And there's a link to another right on the same page - it's called Spring Bird Applique, let's see if I can do a link here....

    It's a pear tree with a bird in it. I saved them both, lol. Oh for more time!!!!!

  8. Oh dear, oh dear, shouldn't have clicked on your blog, lol, too much too much! Gorgeous stuff, thank you!

  9. Great way to spend an hour on my computer this semi-sunny Saturday afternoon. Thanks for the ideas. Such a nice variety!

  10. thanks for the nod, Jenny. The more I look at that pear quilt the more I like it. It would make for a beautiful spring topper. You have shared generously, I love being able to share in return. I'm really enjoying all the new projects and motivations I'm finding on your blog and others. Can't wait to check these out. Have a great weekend.

  11. Hey Jenny, thanks for including me in your round-up! Your blog is full of beautiful things, can't wait to get acquainted with all of your posts this weekend :) Hope you loved the tea cake xx Stacey xx

  12. Dear Jenny,

    Before I have done anything else I want to apologize for those who have been so mean. I truly enjoy viewing your post with the freebees and all the rest. Craftsy was a little hard at first but I got it after a couple of times. I know that things change and we sometimes have to adjust just as you did. I appreciate all your effort and hard work. Once again I am sorry for the rude and selfless others.

    Thank You with Love,


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