Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My day off...

As I have shared before, working from home has it's advantages, and also some disadvantages. 
No matter what time of the day, or what day of the week, *work* is all around me, whispering loudly to come be industrious.
Just recently (yesterday!) I decided it was time to have a designated 'play' day once every couple of weeks; a day where no *work* is allowed, and I can indulge in the hobby side of sewing.
As I showed you in last night's blog post, I had pieces prepared and waiting to sew Dawn's "One, Two Charms" pattern today.
It's such a pretty design, and as our home is in dire need of some fresh table centres it was the perfect project for my play day.
Using an Avalon charm pack I pieced the centre of one table runner and added the cream borders...
Then I machine quilted...
...and added the aqua pindot binding from my stash of Bliss. 
The runner was ready to have the binding sewn down tonight whilst watching Masterchef with Mr E.
...it wasn't even lunch time yet, so I decided to make another!
There was still half the charm square pack cut into 2.5" x 5" rectangles, so I made the little pieced blocks into two rows this time...
 ...and added a strip of Bliss down the centre. This table runner is more of a table topper - nice and square. I added some more Bliss for the binding...
So tonight I have two lots of pretty binding to stitch down...
...and tomorrow my table will look gorgeous!
The whole time I was sewing there were two visitors sitting in the corner...
All round, it's been a really sweet day.
Hope yours was too.



  1. jenny they both look fantastic and what a great idea to have a free work day.xx

  2. I love then Jenny! Your table will look lovely and fresh.

  3. Lovely work Jenny and I am loving that fabric.

  4. GOD!!! I would love to know how to sew just like you...
    Gorgeous work!!!

  5. Jenny that is soo gorgeous, wish I could sew like you, you are just fabulous. Thanks for another great post
    Lots of love

  6. Love your table runner and topper Jenny. Must be nice to have a small break and sew something for your home. Hugs.....

  7. Oh I have to designate a cleaning day! :o) Love you aqua pin dot. So sweet.

  8. I love your table runners. Lovely fabbie.

  9. They both look fabulous Jenny!! I am now, even more than before (after seeing all the other ladies' runners from LGS), keen to make a couple of these runners!! Just don't know yet which range I'll use though, lol! Knowing me, I'll end up making several over the years as it's such a quick and effective pattern!! Love them in Avalon!! ... And what gorgeous visitors you had!!!

  10. Great table dressing! I love seeing the things you do, and knowing that you, too, like piecing as well as stitching. Love the corner picture.

  11. They are both so pretty and fresh looking. Good days work. ;). Hi to your sweet visitors while you were sewing. Hugs

  12. Gorgeous. Dawn's tablerunner is popping up all over blog land,which is fabulous.


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