Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday's Monogram and other stuff...

I'm quite excited that we're so close to the end of the alphabet with Monogram Mondays!
Today I'm sharing ~T~...
We only have six letters left, but these will be shared over the next two weeks so we can finish in the middle of the year.
Next Monday I'll share U, V and W.
On July 1st, we'll stitch the final three, X, Y and Z.
Download today's letter, ~T~ here.
Today I met with some girlfriends at the Tumbetin Tearooms for a luscious morning tea of coffee...
..and cakes!
The Tearooms are part of the beautiful Palmetum Gardens here in Townsville, and one of my favourite cafes. You might remember THIS blog post last year when I took my grandson Cal there for a 'just the two of us' date before Kezzie and Bert's wedding.
As I work from home it's always a lovely treat to get out of the house and not be surrounded by all the business side of things! I relax easily when I am out in nature, and the Palmetum offers that (as well as the delectable food!). It's my second favourite place to be. My first choice is always up the mountain.

Tell me, where is your favourite place to chill out? Are you a nature lover like me, or do you prefer a different atmosphere?
I've been stitching up a storm this weekend, and have now finished Block 3 of Beauty. 
As much as I enjoy stitching my new designs, I also try to take some time out every month or two (depending on how busy I get), and stitch someone else's pattern.
Late Saturday night I decided to make a start on Dawn's pretty set of table-runners. With just one charm square pack, and some solid yardage, I will have two lovely long runners when I finish!
I chose an "Avalon" charm pack...
...and had the pieces cut, pinned, and ready to sew, by the time Mr E called 'lights out' just before midnight.
 On Sunday we went for a long bike ride, and today I met up with the girls, so I didn't get the first runner machine pieced until after dinner tonight. 
I'll sandwich it in the morning, and hopefully have some machine quilting finished by morning tea so I can show you in tomorrow's blog post.
It's rare that I make a project with no embroidery, but this is very relaxing, and I'm enjoying the discipline of machine piecing.

Mr E is calling. I'm turning into such a night owl!


Lida said...

Hallo Jenny,
Love the way you chill out! Well we were out for three nights and four days, we took the dog with us and enjoyed fantastic food and fabulous wines in our favourite retreat! It is a three hour drive but it always gives us enough energy for a few months! We were reading, walking, driving through the country side, looking for old things and found new ones, but most of the time we were just happy to be together, that is my favourite way of chilling out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the alphabet monogram today. =) Those desserts look fabulous, and I wish we had something like a tearoom here! Chilling out - alone, I'm happy on my back deck. My backyard bumps up against the woods. My deck is second floor level, so when it isn't pouring rain in Tennessee. With friends, we often go to Cheddar's for potato soup, spinach/cheese dip, and honey-buttered croissants. Of course there's always stitching!

Unknown said...

Jenny you are so so talented wish I had a quarter of your talent. I love reading your blog Jenny, you are a joy.
Thank you
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hello Jenny! My fav place may just be at the park under the shade tree then again it could be sitting in a beach chair at the beach! My hubby likes to get off work and head down to the beach which is just a short 20 min drive!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I have a new to me page on FB!! Miss Paula in Stitches!! I would be so excited for you to come take a peek! If I already asked you then I blame it on hot flashes and menopause! I am leaning on The Lord to help me through this upcoming hot months in Southern California!!

Wendyb said...

another great sewing day started with gorgeous scenery, foods and friends!! xox
xox big hugs gorgeous girl
Wendy :O)