Thursday, July 18, 2013

An oldie but a goodie...

Friend-Wendy is coming to play today!
We're going to cut all the pieces to make a special project of Leanne Beasley's, and we're using sweet Tilda fabrics...

Our little get-together was very last minute, so late last night I pulled out my favourite CWA (Country Women's Association) cookbook, and baked an orange buttercake for our morning tea...

This recipe was first published by the CWA in 1952, before I was even born...

Don't you love how the orange zest pops out a happy bright orange from the cake and icing?!

I'm sure there would be enough to go around if you dropped by too.

Yesterday was a huge day of organisation in the Elefantz work room. It took much longer than expected because I kept coming up with new design ideas and needed to get them down on paper - which meant they needed to be traced onto fabric and threads chosen as well. 
These are some of the blocks that will make up my free BOM, "Shabby Roses Home" which begins this coming Friday.

I also began stitching my tutorial sample for the next issue of Elefantz HOME e-zine for August 2nd.
This issue we're looking at blanket-stitch and how many ways it can be used in a stitchery...
We'll finish this project as a little notebook cover. Very cute, very pretty, and perfect for gifts.

Enjoy your Thursday, and remember to drop by tomorrow because it's only one more sleep until Blocks 1 and 2 of "Shabby Roses Home" will be up on the blog for you!



  1. I've already fallen in love with this quilt Jenny and we haven't even seen it yet!

  2. Jenny that cake looks amazeing. Way to far for me to drop by for cake as I am in the USA, South Carolina. I am getting super excited about the upcomeing quilt.

  3. so excited about all the projects you are providing to keep us busy. Just love all of your designs.

  4. Oh wow Jenny, I wanna eat my screen that cake looks so good!
    I have that book, so guess what you have inspired in me?!
    Have a great day with my buddy Wendy, so wonderful to spend time with beloved friends x

  5. Totally love it - Another Jenny of Elefantz MUST DO to add to my ever growing list :) xxx

  6. I am still thinking, will I yes or no join you with this lovely quilt! I have so many projects going and so many Ufo´s waiting, but I will save the pattern, it is a cute quilt for a little child and one of my nieces is 4 months now, so I do have time enough....!

  7. Lol! Fee took the words right out of my fingertips!! Definitely another must-do Jenny-design!! ... Bet you enjoyed your get-together with Wendy!! I will be doing this one also!! xx

  8. Sounds like a lovely day with Wendy. I am looking forward to the Mrs Beasleys quilt as well as your home one...oh just need more time...

  9. Another fantabulous day with my fantabulous friend!!!ADORED the orange cake *burp* and every project is absolutely AMAZING....I am in Awe of your talent my love!!!! I'm off to do some more cutting.....we WILL get it finished!!!!! take care with that dreaded migraine my lovely! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo mwah :o)

  10. Jenny,
    Can you tell me where you purchase your Tilda fabrics. I am having a difficult time finding them. I'm going to assume I'm going to need to purchase them off the internet and pay international fees. But I'm willing I so enjoy those prints.

    Thank you.

  11. I am a cookbook collector and its so fun to see others have some great books in their kitchen. The cake looks yummy. How I wish I was there to play and get some embroidery tips from you.

  12. I can hardly wait until tomorrow! I'd love to be able to drop by for a slice of that orange cake, and even bulldoze my way into working on the same project with you and Wendy. =) Love the thread colors, so I know it will be gorgeous! Now I have to wait 3 weeks for the e-zine that has that adorable pattern in it. I love making those little flowers, so I look forward to that one, and no doubt every other thing included!

  13. 1. I love the fabric and looked for Tilda online. I fell in love with her doll/angel. Would love to have a pattern. I'm not sure if these are available in the US.
    2. CWC is an organization I am somewhat familiar with. I belong to a Homemaker's Club on a local, County and State level and we are tied in with ACWW which is the international level. We support both CWC and ACWW in our clubs.
    I hope you and your friend had a lovely day. Looking forward to tomorrow.
    Mama Bear

  14. Bet you had a lovely day and the cake looks delicious....sigh! Wish I could have been there and not just for the cake!

  15. That cake looks yummy! Aren't the Tilda goodies just gorgeous? I've been collecting her lovely books here and her beautiful things keep popping up in the shops - have you seen her new book and the whales? I must make one of those whales, they're such fun!! :) xx


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