Friday, July 5, 2013

Tea Cake, show and tell, and the new free BOM...

A couple of weeks ago I shared some wonderful ideas and projects I'd found online, and one of them was Stacey of Bakercourt's  'Irish Tea Cake'. It was on my 'must make very soon' menu plan, but with Mr E away a lot the last few weeks, and then he came down this week with another head cold, it just didn't get made.
Until today.
I followed Stacey's instructions (actually, it's her Granny's recipe so that makes it extra special for me, cause you know how much I loved my Nana) and soaked the fruit overnight in cold tea and brown sugar. I used Twinings Prince of Wales tea because it's Blossom's favourite at the moment.
This morning I added the two other ingredients - flour and egg...
...poured it in my new loaf pan...
...and baked it!
Now to let it cool, and then slice some for our afternoon tea. Can't wait!
If you missed the recipe last time, you can visit Stacey HERE.
Hang around for a bit because it's the sweetest blog. Makes me want to go visit so she can spoil me with her culinary delights. Shame there's a jolly large Pond between us.

The new issue of Elefantz HOME was emailed out about 12 hours ago. If you're a subscriber and missed it, let me know. 
If you're not, but would like a copy, it's up in the Shop today as an instant download!
Go HERE to purchase it.

Block 3 of Shabby Roses "Beauty" is also in the shop HERE as single purchase instant download.

A few very clever ladies have finished some of my free Elefantz projects, so let's have some Show & Tell!

 Carmen in Alaska's "Shabby Roses Monogram Sampler"....

Edith's 'Vase Wrapper' embellishes her gorgeous roses...

Silvia made 20 of my 'autumn' blocks in a friendship swap...

Janice used three of the Wonky Houses blocks in a wedding gift for young friends...

...and Gunn has finished the first two blocks of Shabby Roses "Beauty"!

Ladies, you're amazing. Thank you for making my designs your very own!

Have a relaxing weekend, everyone. Mr E and I will be enjoying the V8 Supercars racing from our armchairs while I do some stitching on the new *free* Elefantz BOM for later in July.
Got your interest did I?




  1. Your new hair style looks great Jenny. It makes you look younger!

  2. the loaf has made my mouth water will add the recipe to my old recipe book my Dad bought for me in 1965! It is falling to pieces but has so much sentimental value I would never part with it.
    Good to see some of the projects worked.
    Love the new hair style.

  3. Such a tease you are Miss Jenny!

  4. Oh that loaf looks so good! No fair showing me photos of great food when I have just waken up...and am hungry!
    Loving the quick photo of the next BOM...can't wait to see more!!

  5. This cake looks so tasty! All the projects are very nice :) I really enjoyed stitching your design :)) Have a great weekend!

  6. mmmm the Tea Cake looks scrumptious, and I so enjoyed the latest e-zine, and now a new BOM !! You are definitely keeping me "in stitches".;) xx

  7. The cake looks yummy;I am going to have to go find the recipe. You have been very busy stitching. It is all so pretty. I am watching NASCAR relaxing. I have to record V8 Supercars since it is on at 3 o'clock in the morning here. I am such a boy sometimes. Have a great weekend.

  8. Can not wait for the new BOM! Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  9. Love the new hair style...just so gorgeous! That tea cake looks so yummy I might have to have a go at making it!


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