Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 4 - the process of an Elefantz design...

Yesterday you saw how and why I choose certain threads and stitches in my designs, and today I'm going to take you through my piecing process.

Number one thing to do at this point is to TAKE LOTS OF NOTES so I can write the pattern correctly when the project is complete!

 I wrote two full pages for this simple design, but it's essential if I'm to keep my sanity when I need to re-write the pattern in an understandable and methodical manner.
When I wrote my very first pattern I was advised to write as though someone who had never sewn would be able to understand it. That's a pretty good rule of thumb if you ever write a pattern yourself. 

Let's begin piecing!
I've chosen striped fabric to border the four feature blocks. It's a nice contrast to the roundness of the applique pieces...
For the background of the table runner I've decided to use all three colours of the 'script' fabrics. Now there's a reason I've put the grey script fabric reading horizontally  and the  turquoise and pink script reading vertically...

This project is a long, narrow table runner, so in all probability there will be people sitting opposite each other at the table, and I didn't want only one to have a 'readable' view of the script fabrics. I've pieced the table runner so that wherever you sit around the table you will be able to read them...

The same applies with the design of the feature blocks. They are 'right side' for viewing from any angle at the table. I made them with no particular facing direction for that purpose.
In a change from the original design layout I showed you on Monday (which had a line of 1" squares down each narrow end of the table runner) I decided to use 2 1/2" strips of the sweet little vignette fabric instead, as it brought some more colour, interest, and movement to the design...

To harmonise with the deep pink in the striped borders of two feature blocks, I chose to make my border using the pretty pink hearts fabric...

I have it running horizontally for a reason, but more about that tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the last day of my 'building an Elefantz design tutorial', and we'll look over the quilting and binding of the table runner.
It's really, really sweet, and I've already posted it away to the lovely Melinda at Patchwork & Stitching magazine, so I have some nice 'finished' pics to share with you too!

Mr E has flown away till the end of the week to another boring exciting business conference, so with just Blossom, Bob-the-dog, and Princess Sophie to look after I decided to experiment with a recipe.
I've made Lasagne with gnocchi instead of sheets of pasta...

It looks good, and smells amazing...

Hopefully it tastes good too!



  2. It's looking great Jen well done.

  3. It's really cool watching the design come to life.

  4. Thank you for sharing the process with us. It is very interesting and informative. The table runner is really pretty.

    That lasagna looks delicious!

  5. so good to be following how you put your wonderful creations together, thanks Jenny. The lasagna looks very tempting too.

  6. Thanks Jenny - so good to go through it step by step - much clearer as I tend to learn more by sight rather than instructions and PS I will be trying the Gnocchi lasagne and the scones.

  7. It looks so lovely all put together - thank you for showing us how it all comes together! You are so talented and creative :)

  8. Isn't it just the sweetest, now that it's all put together?!

  9. You put so much thought into that project and it's obvious you do the same with the projects you offer throughout the years. I really appreciate this.

  10. Your project is gorgeous especially with those fabrics. Dinner looks good too. Hugs...

  11. Your lasagna looks fabulous.

  12. Great job again. Now there is hope for me if I follow these steps. LOL.
    I made a french bread lasagna this week and we loved it. You use fresh tomatoes instead of tomato sauce and made a cheese white sauce on was good!

  13. I'm really enjoying seeing how you think about things. The lasagna looks different but appealing.

  14. Me he aficionado a ver todos tus trabajos y me parecen de un gusto exquisito y a la vez sencillos Eso los hace mas apetecibles de hacer Besos y admiracion


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