Thursday, August 29, 2013

French knots...

My stitch tutorial in this coming issue of  Elefantz Home is French Knots.
Sometimes I'll share a small practice stitchery, and other times something larger. 
This time it's a block that features in a bedside table topper, and those French knots steal the show wrapping themselves around the applique heart so beautifully...
I showed a peak of this block on my Facebook page last weekend when I was stitching it in the car during the trip Mr E and I took up north. 
One of the commenters asked if the threads I had used were silk because of the sheen on the stitches, but it's just ordinary DMC stranded cotton. If your threads are looking dull when you stitch, they are probably very old. New skeins have a wonderful lustre to them when stitched.

I really wanted this project to be special as it will be sitting atop my own bedside table, so I've used some 100 year old lace as well as a mother-of-pearl button...
I think you'll agree that the lace finished my table topper perfectly...

The full pattern for 'The Frenched Heart' will be in the magazine, as well as the French knot tutorial.

There is still time to sign up for a subscription to Elefantz Home e-zine before the next issue is published - and if you do so before September 5th you'll receive a pdf free pattern to make my 'Country Roses Tea Cosy'!

All subscription information is HERE.

I think I hear the kitchen calling me...Mr E must be fed!


  1. Gorgeous Jenny - those fabrics are heaven!

  2. Looking just fabulous! Love the hearts and the sweet colors!

  3. Your designs are very pretty!

  4. this is delightful Jenny, I tend to use colonial knots rather than french ones as I find them easier and they seem to all come out exactly the same size.

  5. I love that table topper and the colours are just gorgeous!

  6. So lovely Jenny - love the ideas for different ways to use the stitches. Thankyou, take care xoxo

  7. Hearts and lace are my favorite things... this is beautiful! Your vintage lace is off to did through my lace!!

  8. I love these patterns....I so want to do that tea cozy. I have been looking for a pattern for Christmas gifts and this is it! Can I buy that?
    You are one talented lady!
    Love you!

  9. I like the tea cozy design, too. Oh, who am I kidding? I like ALL your designs! I'm looking forward to the upcoming issue, as always! This looks like a lovely table topper, and the lace is perfect.


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