Saturday, August 17, 2013

Roses, roses, and being brave!

Remember the beautiful bunch of roses I bought for $5 last week? 
I'm afraid this rather hot 'late winter in the tropics' gave them a little battering, so even after changing the water they were drooping rather sadly. Still, I bought them when they were already passed their prime, yet awfully gorgeous to my eyes...I'm rather grateful I was given a week with them.
But all was not lost!
I trimmed them from their stems yesterday and bedded them in a lovely vintage bowl to dry...
 Is it any wonder I adore roses?
Just out of curiosity I drove back to the market where I'd bought them a week ago to see if they had any more 'past their peak' roses for sale.
$7 later I came home with these lovelies...
 They are keeping my bowl of roses company. I'm blessed.
"Be brave!"

That's what I told myself yesterday when I was putting  blocks together for my free 'Shabby Roses Home' quilt.
Just to refresh your memory, these are blocks 1 & 2, which I shared on the 19th of last month...

Now, I'm going to be really honest here because I may encourage you if you're facing a dilemma like mine!
I don't like the sashing in block 1 that separates a, b, c and d.
It's been bugging me for almost a month, and it wasn't until I was piecing another block yesterday that I decided I had to be brave and take it apart. It just wasn't working in the quilt.
With a deep breath, and not letting a moment of possible doubt have time to thwart me, I started snipping threads!
I unpicked block 1 completely, chose new sashing fabric between the alphabet letters, and sewed it all together again...

I smiled. Contentment with fabric choice is a lovely feeling.
My 'new' blocks 1 & 2...

The first sashing strips I used were just too large and pale for the little alphabet letters.
They are the star you see, and needed a small print in a solid colour to help them shine!
All is well in Shabby Roses Home again.

Don't be scared to pull something apart and re-do it. The satisfaction you'll get once it's done is worth the effort.
Blocks 3 & 4 will be here to greet you on Monday!

Have a rosy, and sweet weekend my friends,



Junebug613 said...

Oh, I like the new sashing much better too! Yes, being brave is hard sometimes when you are worried about taking apart something you've stitched. Thankfully most fabric is forgiving and generally, you are the only one who ever knows it was changed (unless it's posted on a blog). :)

Karen said...

I love the pinkness of those roses - beautiful. I like the new sashing better too. It sure goes round and round in my head if something is just not right and I have to end up changing it to settle my inner thoughts.

quilty stitches said...

The new sashing and roses are lovely!...I usually try to let the fabric tell me what to do, but when I don't listen....I take it apart!! Enjoy your weekend. xx

Christine M said...

I think the new sashing looks nicer too. I can't wait for Monday to see the next blocks! Have a great weekend Jenny.

Teatime Creations said...

Lovely. The second fabric choice is so much gentler and prettier.

Wanda said...

Oh yes, roses in the house always makes the house brighter.

As for the sashing, I'm glad you were brave enough to change it. Most of the time I have to set it aside and look at it awhile before I decide to change something. And then I still wait in indicision.


Joyce Carter said...

Hi Jenny. I also love the new sashing. It is so pretty and feminine and gives the block a softer look. Sometimes it is hard to change something even though our head is telling us to, but if I am not pleased with something, it will bother me until I do change it.
Love the roses! I can almost smell their beautiful fragance.LOL
Looking forward to Monday! Have a peaceful and restful weekend.

Marilyn said...

your new sashing fabric is much better. I didnt like how the other looked - much too bright for the rest of the block. Well worth the time taken to change it. Lovely roses again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
When you bring home your roses re cut the bottom of the stalks and put a teaspoon or two of sugar in the water, it gives them energy to last longer. As they age and the outer petals brown just peel them off and they will keep on keeping on. My friend has the 'Princes Diana' rose, which is just gorgeous but I love them all too.
Peace & Love Nada

Melody said...

I agree, the new sashing lets the blocks shine.

margaret said...

your new pink rose are lovely I can almost smell the scent from here! Like the new sashing, mind you I liked the other one too

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Thank you, Nada! I will do that.

Wendyb said...

Oh hunny...any wonder we get on so well....I bought a bunch of roses today too at a throw away price of $2.....just couldn't resist!!!! Mine are a sunshiny yellow......just like someone(/thing??) we know!!!! Loving the change of're right.....not afraid anymore!!! xoxox big big sugary sweet ones sweetyheart! :o)

Victoria said...

I like both sashings but the new one is a little more "you".
Nice roses!!!

Tammy said...

I like them both. But the new set looks a lot more feminine and lovely.