Friday, August 23, 2013

things to come...

It's only two weeks until the next issue of Elefantz Home e-zine is published, and I wonder again where the time has gone!
Hmmm...maybe it got lost in my sewing room?
Of course, that's where it went - and hasn't it been fun for me?!

After I pulled my sewing room apart for a deep clean, declutter and re-organising, I finished Block 5 of Shabby Roses Beauty and pieced the quilt top (see yesterday's post); I've done a few tutorials here on the blog for you; shared the 3rd and 4th blocks of "Shabby Roses Home"; shared a free Christian stitchery; made a runner for another magazine; worked on the first block of Leanne's "Mrs Beasley's Quilt"; stitched the first block of a new BOM for my e-zine; finished a third project for that issue; AND today I've begun the fourth project! 
Phew...busy, and fun, all at the same time!

Inspired by my free Shabby Roses Home BOM, one of the projects in this next issue also has a little house. You saw a little of it HERE when I shared my neat machine-quilting tutorial last week...
 ...but now I'd like to show you the whole project!
It's called "Little House in California" because the fabrics I've used are 'California Girl' by Fig Tree Quilts, and the blocks I've used either side of the house block are called 'Road to California'.
So you see this little house really is 'in California'...

Obviously I have a 'thing' about houses at the moment, eh?
But they're so cute!

In this coming issue of Elefantz HOME we'll be looking at French Knots, and as with all the stitch tutorials I share in the e-zine I have a project for readers to practice on.
This one is prepped and ready for me to stitch over the weekend. I call it "Frenched Heart", and it will be a sweet bedside table topper...
Mr E and I are having a couple of days away up on the tablelands where it's lush and cool, so this will be my sewing for the trip.
Blossom will be home looking after Bob-the-dog and Princess Sophie, though at times I wonder who has the upper hand between the two  girls - Bloss or Sophie?
Sophie has taken to drinking direct from the tap these days, snubbing her previously preferred coffee mug of water! It's not my fault either. It was Mr E...she has him wrapped around her paw. 

Before I sign off for the week, I wanted to show you how I framed my "Colour Your Heart" stitchery.
This was in the last issue of Elefantz Home e-zine, and I had it photographed as an unframed project because I hadn't yet found "the" right frame.
I have now, and it's really finished the block off beautifully!
The perfect blue!
The previous issue is HERE in my shop as an instant download if you'd like to stitch it.

If you'd like to subscribe to my e-zine, Elefantz Home, you still have time before the next issue is published!
Just visit the magazine page HERE for all the details, and if you subscribe before September 4th I will email you a free pdf pattern for my pretty 'Country Roses Tea Cosy'....

Have a blessed and refreshing weekend my friends!
I'll be back on Monday with photos of our mini-holiday up the mountain...



  1. Everything is gorgeous, you have been a busy lady!!1 Have a good weekend and enjoy your get-away :)

  2. Princess Spohie is definately in charge Ha! She looks so cute drinking from the tap - Cats have slaves!

  3. Interesting that Princess Sophie used to have a mug of water. My little dogs all drink out of the dog water bowl, but not little Pippi. She has to have a glass of water or she is just not interested. Big hugs.
    PS Gorgeous patterns. Can't wait for the next edition.

  4. enjoy your time away with DH. Another blog full of delights, love the Californian house and looking forward to the next ezine

  5. But my house is Yellow!!

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  8. I just sized up for the E-zine! I can't wait to get my first issue. I have been wanting it for AGES, but had to wait until another subscription ran out before I could afford to sign up. I am SO excited to be getting your wonderful projects monthly! Thank you for all you do!

  9. Enjoy your time in the cool country. I look forward to the next e-zine. I love knowing I have them all tucked away on my computer and on a zip drive backup for when I'm looking for a new project!

  10. So love your little CA house!!! I'm glad you have a thing for houses, Jenny, so do I. Love all your projects, girl. And Miss Sophie - well, I do not dare show Miss Hermione her picture, lol! She'll get ideas! Enjoy your time away!

  11. What loveliness you keep creating. I don't know ho wyou do it all.


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